Knowing one language is not enough for using social media. It has its own language. You need to be up to date with all the slang and emojis. Otherwise, you will either not understand what someone is saying or you’ll end up making a fool of yourself. So, if you have been searching for the meaning of the skull emoji scroll down to find the answer.

What Does Skull Emoji Mean on the Internet?

There are many jokes and memes about people who use an emoji or slang in the wrong way. I remember one where someone sends LOL to a dead person’s family thinking it means Lots of Love. Awkward! Well if you want to steer clear of such embarrassment, you should know what all the emojis mean. So, let us check what does skull emoji mean.  Also, read What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean on Snapchat? Throughout history, a skull has represented everything related to death. A skull has been the symbol of something deadly. It has been printed over toxic materials and poison. It has always been used as a warning. But behold the Gen Z! They aren’t afraid of this symbol. In fact, they find it funny!  The Skull emoji 💀 represents laughter on the internet. Yes! You read that right. A skull emoji is used by someone when they find something extremely funny. So funny that they might die laughing!

How to Use Skull Emoji While Texting?

The internet language has evolved over the years. There were simpler times when LOL represented that someone was actually laughing. It was then replaced by ROFL and LMAO. We have moved on from these abbreviations as well. Now, we customize emojis in order to show our feelings. “I’m Dead” is the new “LOL”. The Skull emoji is the new “LMAO and ROFL”. It can also be used in many different situations. Also, read What is the Meaning of GLHF | How to Use It? Here is how you can use the skull emoji in different ways:

1. When Something is Very Funny

That was so funny! 💀HAHAHAHA! 💀 I died laughing! 😂Did you see the funny video I sent you? 💀😂

2. When Something is Very Beautiful

OMG! So gorgeous! ❤️ I just died! 💀 Loved your dress. Died looking at it! ❤️💀Completely DEAD! 💀 You are so gorgeous! ❤️

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3. When You are Frustrated

So much syllabus left, I am DEAD! 💀Dying because of the cold. 💀So Dead after the workout. 💀

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What Does the Skull Emoji Mean With Crossbones Behind It?☠️

While the meaning of a skull symbol has evolved, some things are left unchanged. The skull with crossbones is one of those emojis. The skull with crossbones represents death, danger, and something spooky. So, this is one of the few emojis that has the literal same meaning.

How to Use Skull With Crossbones Emoji?

The skull with crossbones emoji is used quite literally. You can use it if you are talking about something spooky or dangerous. Here is how you can use the skull with crossbones emoji while texting.

That Halloween costume is going to be spooky! ☠️Did you hear about that bridge incident?😥 It was kind of scary. ☠️That movie scared me at the end.☠️

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Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! In this article, I have given you the answer to ‘what does skull emoji mean?’ If you were a little hesitant about using this emoji, now you should not. Speak your heart out and express yourself with 💀 and ☠️ emojis. Add a little oomph factor to your online presence. Know the latest slang and emojis and stay up to date. I hope you found what you were looking for. For more such content, keep visiting Path of EX!


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