There are many situations when you are at work or at home, attending some function, or at a place that needs silence. So, to maintain decorum and respect the situation and circumstances you are surrounded by, you feel apprehensive and awkward about taking the call. So, in this case, RTT is a great help. Not only for the purpose, but also for specially-abled friends with speech difficulties can use this feature. Now, you might be curious to know what does RTT mean on iPhone.

What Does RTT Mean on iPhone?

RTT Means Real-Time Text

RTT is a feature that permits the caller and the receiver to communicate through text messages while on their call. RTT can be used with TTY- Telephone Using Typewriter. It means the text is transmitted, and the person on the other end can read it with immediate effect. RTT is an advanced protocol crafted to transmit audio as the person types the text. Also, read What Does Live Mean on Find My iPhone? How to Turn It Off?

RTT service or facility is confined to the US and Canada periphery, and the carriers charge standard voice call rates for both Software and hardware.

RTT Is Designed for People With Speech Hearing Difficulties

RTT is a boon for people with speech difficulties. They can communicate by RTT protocol; an advanced system that transmits audio as the text is typed. 2. This special feature on iPhone empowers people with speech impairments to undertake conversational text with a phone call. If, both the devices are used with RTT feature, audio is not heard. So, it is basically replacing the conversation to chat, so that if people are not in position to speak or hear, they can read the text. 3. Clearly, RTT replaces the voice with textual messages on iPhone; the only criteria here is that both the caller and the receiver, have RTT enabled on their devices. 4. Interestingly, RTT can transcribe voice to text, and vice-versa. These transcriptions are archived and can be read afterwards. Also, read What Does the Arrow Mean on iPhone | Is Your iPhone Tracked?

How Does RTT Works?

Now you know what does RTT mean on iPhone. It is equally crucial to understand how it works. If RTT is turned while placing or making a call, the caller gets an option to make a regular call or RTT call; it depends if the carrier supports it or not. With RTT calls, texting takes place of audio, and no voice can be heard. So, if you are in a meeting, or with family, you can enable RTT feature on your iPhone. A wireless handset like iPhone or Android with IP technology is used for the networks that support RTT. Specially-abled users need not purchase specialized devices. Also, read What Does Security Lockout Mean On iPhone? Is It A New Feature?

How to Disable RTT On Your iPhone?

So, RTT is an accessibility feature on iPhone, and it can not be removed; only disabled. if you want to disable or enable RTT calls, here are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select accessibility while you scroll down.
  3. Now, tap on RTT/TTY (Tele Typewriter).
  4. There is a RTT/TTY toggle, tap on it.
  5. You have successfully disabled RTT on your iPhone. Also, read What Does 5G UW Mean on Your Android and iPhone?

How to Disable RTT On Your Android?

Even an Android phone has an RTT option, and you can disable it. Here are the steps.

  1. No additional device is required to use RTT on Android.
  2. Go to the Settings from the Home Screen.
  3. Navigate to the Menu; select Settings.
  4. Now, select Real Time Text (RTT) Call, and select Turn Off/ Turn On. Also, read What Does No Caller ID Mean On iPhone? 3 Smart Tips To Evade Such Calls

Wrapping Up

RTT is a great feature! Isn’t it? Even though, it is specially designed to aid people with speech disabilities, it can benefit all. The software is working for an upgrade and enhanced features for RTT. It is working towards its development so that more and more businesses can benefit from audio to text transcription feature. So, now it is clear what does RTT mean on iPhone. The same feature is available for Android also.


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