The phrase’s meaning is quite silly, and men usually use it for fun. However, we have deciphered the meaning of the word and brought you the actual meaning of Rizz. You would be amazed to know that the word means something more than you can imagine. So, let’s not stay within our questions and answers about Rizz on TikTok and get to know its real meaning. We have tried to decipher the word’s meaning as simply as possible for you to understand. 

What Does Rizz Mean on TikTok?

Rizz is the most recent term used in TikTok currently. The term has been in use since the summer of 2021. It is becoming a common term each day. As per the Urban Dictionary, the term refers to a man’s ability to impress women. The term became popular on TikTok due to its creator Kai Cenat. He is a popular guy both on YouTube and Twitch. He used the time only to refer to his skill of impressing women. He introduced the world to help his friends to impress women. Also, read What’s the Healthy Coke TikTok Trend | Try the Recipe Now!

Are There Grades of Rizz on TikTok?

As per Kai, three different grades are underlying the actual meaning of unspoken Rizz. The three grades are L, V, and W, with L being the worst and W being the best. According to Kai, L refers to the person who could not impress the women, and he lost. W refers to the man who could impress the woman and win.

What is Unspoken Rizz Mean on TikTok?

Unspoken Rizz refers to a man’s ability to impress a woman without uttering a word. Here it refers to the looks of the man, which are enough to intrigue a woman to resist falling for the man. Kai has a feeling that unspoken Rizz is quite rare. And very few people have the talent to do so in the real world. Also, read Who is Shiloh Pitt on TikTok & Why Is Her Dance Trending RN!

Use of Unspoken Rizz on TikTok

The word unspoken Rizz is among the many new phases on TikTok. Kai introduced this new phase as he wanted men to come out confident. He does not stress how men should improve on their rizzing ability. The word can grow more confidence in men, but sometimes more can be dangerous for people around you. Also, read Who is seekinginfinite on TikTok? Is it a Juror or a Fraud?

Wrapping Up

The Rizz on TikTok is suitable for men who want to woo women towards them. However, they should also keep track of their ability to impress a woman and never cross the line. I hope all your questions on What Rizz does mean on TikTok were satisfied with the answers provided. We will bring you the meaning of more such intriguing phases on social media, so keep following us.


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