I am sure you must be curious to know the phrase’s actual meaning and what it implies. So, the article speaks in detail about it. The entire back story and how it emerged on a social media platform like Twitter. You will find all the required details below. So, do not rack your brains, and let’s see what does ratio mean on Twitter. I know it will help you. Till then, read the article ahead and keep Twitting!

What Does Ratio Mean on Twitter?

While scrolling through Twitter, you may have come across people tweeting “ratio” and you are curious to know what does the ratio mean on Twitter. So let us dig in deep and learn about the background and usage of this new Twitter trend.

Background of Ratio Meaning on Twitter

The term “ratio” means the relation of the two quantities between the values. Every tweet has three values; they are replies, likes, and retweets. Hence, a Twitter ratio is assumed when the number of responses to a tweet unexpectedly exceeds the number of retweets and likes. Hence, the tweet is considered unpopular. But have you ever thought why people would reply to a tweet without liking it, do they want to express their dislike? To explain the theory of the Twitter ratio better, let us go back to 2017. When United Airlines replied to a viral video of a passenger removed from their plane. The tweet gained almost 50,700 replies compared to 6,200 likes. Hence, almost eight people replied as they did not like the tweet for every person who liked it. Twitter then took efforts to let users to hide the number of responses to a tweet. As it will help to reduce negative feedback. Since then, the meaning of ratio has transitioned into a verb. “To ratio” in a tweet generally refers to making a quote, retweet, or reply which gets more likes and retweets than the original post. Also, read How to Change Privacy Settings on Twitter App & Browser RN!

Present Meaning of Ratio on Twitter

Instead of comparing replies to retweets, a ratio currently relates to competitiveness for likes. It is more like voting, where Twitter users see two tweets, express their viewpoints, and vote with a like on the one they prefer. A large ratio is more like a poll to attract public opinion than a measure of truth. Wrong information and emotionally driven topics generate more engagement. According to the studies, each word of moral outrage added to a tweet increases the rate of retweets by 17%. As you know, anger spreads fastest and stays on social media for longer, and fake news goes viral six times faster than real news. Also, read How to Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter on Android & iPhone 2022

How to Spot a Ratio on Twitter?

When you wish to spot ratios, it involves analyzing the statistics on a tweet. A ratio happens when a tweet has extensively more replies than likes or retweets or when a reply or quote-tweet has more likes than the original one. People are more concerned with status, popularity, and holding a trusted circle of friends than holding the truth. The key motivator for somebody liking or sharing your content is not its truth or content, but, the reality that it comes from a friend or celebrity with whom you would like to be connected. As a result, famous or verified accounts have greater ratios. Ratios are involved in online disputes, where fans of a celebrity or brand will comment “ratio” as a call to action; it may instigate others to leave their negative replies. With controversial topics, a certain group of people will attempt to ratio tweets from supporters to what they may know as “opposing” fans. Also, read How to Use Twitter Circle | Get The New Roll-Out Feature on Twitter

How to Avoid a Ratio on Twitter?

Being on the receiving end of a ratio can be stressful and frightening. When it happens on a larger scale, you may receive thousands of notifications or direct messages from people you have never met earlier. You must think before you tweet on a topic you are not ready to handle. There are many various perspectives on the internet, which is normal, and the kinds of tweets that get ratioed are deliberately insulting or offensive. Try not to insult others, and you should not have any problems. You can also protect your tweets and keep them private. Also, read How to View Private Twitter Account in 2022 | Get The 3 Hacks Now!

Wrapping Up

Now you have clarity regarding what does ratio mean on Twitter. Earlier, Twitter opened certain features of its platform for its users but slowly, with time, they hid them as it was affecting the experience of the other users on the platform. So, the meaning of the ratio on the platform kept changing. hence, please let us know if you have any other perspective on the scenario. We would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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