In Minecraft, the quick charge enchantment increases your weapon and armor damage and gives you access to extra tools and weapons. The crossbow, which was added in Java 1.14 and Bedrock 1.8.0 has a maximum of five separate effects. If you’re interested in learning more about this enchantment in Minecraft, keep reading to get a detailed explanation of what does Quick Charge do in Minecraft and enjoy in your game.

What Is Quick Charge Enchantment?

In Minecraft, crossbows can be quickly reloaded using the Quick Charge enchantment. Quick charge is a crossbow enchantment that reloads in 1.25 seconds by default. This enchantment has three levels and cuts the reload times by 0.25 seconds. This indicates that at its greatest level, the enchantment can reload a crossbow in just 0.5 seconds. If you use the enchant command to raise the enchantments to level five, the crossbow will load instantaneously. Beyond that level (or level four on the Bedrock edition), the crossbow won’t load at all since the charge time will turn negative. So this is everything about quick charge enchantment in Minecraft. Now let’s learn what does quick charge do in Minecraft. Also, read How To Play Multiplayer On Minecraft | Play With Friends On Splitscreeen

What Does Quick Charge Do In Minecraft?

Quick Charge is an enchantment that speeds up crossbow reloading in Minecraft. There are three levels of Quick Charge in Minecraft.  The three levels to speed up the crossbow reloading using quick charge are

Enchanting Trade  Looting 

This can be fished up, but so can all other books, making it much harder to locate one of the three Quick Charge books. Also, read How to Find Emeralds in Minecraft | Complete Guide of 2022

Where To Find Quick Charge In Minecraft?

Quick charge enchantment in Minecraft can be found in different places. Some of the top places to find the quick charge are mentioned below. Places to find quick charge chest in Minecraft

The library inside a fortress  Forest Temple  Chest in a stronghold’s storage room  Powerful altar chest

Even so, it’s much easier to use it to enchant a book or locate a villager who will exchange for it. Players can use a Quick Charge book on a crossbow with an anvil once they have one.  This will cost a few XP levels, but it can significantly impact gamers. The reload time is drastically altered by Quick Charge. An unenchanted crossbow has a standard of 1.25 seconds.  Wooh! You got to know what does quick charge do in Minecraft. Now let’s move on and learn more level alter in quick charge enchantment in Minecraft. Also, read How To Fix Exit Code 0 Minecraft: 6 Easy Ways | Glitch Fix

How Does Each Level Alter In Quick Charge Enchantment In Minecraft?

Quick charge is an amazing crossbow enchantment with multiple benefits for the players. This enchantment has the ability to alter its level to a different level. So scroll down and learn how you can alter the levels of your quick charge in Minecraft.

I Quick Charge only takes a second to change II Quick Charge takes 0.75 seconds to get alter  III Quick Charge takes 0.5 seconds to get to a different level.

In the end, it only has an impact on that feature of the crossbow. Crossbows, however, shoot further and inflict more harm than bows. The only disadvantage is a significantly slower release, although Quick Charge virtually eliminates that. Note: Crossbows can also shoot any kind of arrow as well as fireworks, which are significantly more destructive. A crossbow may discharge a firework at a target considerably more quickly and powerfully than a bow and arrow, thanks to Quick Charge. You learned everything about what quick charge does in Minecraft and how to altar different levels. Now let’s learn how to use this enchantment in Minecraft. Also, read Minecraft Avatar Legends 2022 Launched | Minecraft x Avatar: Everything To Know

How To Use Quick Charge Enchantment?

You can enchant any item you choose with the Quick Charge and can utilize it. With this enchantment, reloading your crossbow will no longer be a time-consuming operation and instead only take a few seconds each time.  It is especially helpful for individuals who, when participating in a tournament setting, must rely on ingenuity and quick reloading speeds. In the entire game, the enchantment has the fastest reload speed.  Although it may be used on a bow, this particular enchantment works better on a crossbow because it will help you save time. Also, read How To Keep Inventory When You Die In Minecraft | PS, Xbox, Mobile, PC & Chromebook

Wrapping Up 

This is everything about what does quick charge do in Minecraft. Now start using this power pack enchantment while gaming and enjoy it with your friends. You can also check out other Minecraft enchantment packs on Path of EX and use them while playing. Do mention your favorite enchantment and where you used it in Minecraft.  Happy Gaming!


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