After so many years of being in the race of the most popular social media apps, Snapchat is still evolving. However, sometimes its users stumble upon asking what emojis mean on Snapchat. It got our attention when they asked what does ‘Other Snapchatters’ mean because there are still a lot of things about the snapping app that people are unaware of. But worry not! We are here to tell you everything.  Many users have found another section on Snapchat’s story viewer page with the name “Other Snapchatters.” Now, these people can either be random unknown people or someone you know. We have given all the explanations right below.   Let’s find all the answers. Quickly go through everything, and you’ll know everything about the “Other Snapchatters” on your fav snapping app. 

What Does Other Snapchatters Mean on Snapchat Story? 

“Other Snapchatters” are users who may or may not have added you, but you definitely haven’t added them. You may wonder how someone who’s not on your friend list viewed your Snapchat story. This means you have kept your account public.  Also, read How to Get Dark Mode on Snapchat in 2022 | Use Dark Mode on All Devices If you want to make your Snapchat account private, then do the following steps- 3. Tap on the Settings icon (top right corner). 4. Under the section “WHO Can …” click on “View My Story.” 5. Choose “Friends Only”. You can also select the “Custom” option to personalize your story viewers. This option can be used to hide your Snapchat story from users that are on your friend list.  Also, read What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat? 6 Reasons & 6 Solutions Snapchat didn’t provide enough information on “Other Snapchatters” in the beginning, but in 2017 a user tweeted asked, “What does “other Snapchatters ” mean on story views @snapchatsupport thx.” To which Snapchat Support replied, “Hi! These are Snapchatters who you haven’t added.” So does this mean only those people who you haven’t added are on this list? Umm…No! 

The “Other Snapchatters” are-

Mutual Friends or People You Haven’t Added.

If your account is public and you see “Other Snapchatters” in your story viewers, then that means there are people whom you haven’t added, but they still view your stories.  Most probably, they are mutual friends or just random unknown people on Snapchat. It can also mean they have added you, they have sent you a request on Snapchat, but you haven’t responded. 

Friends Who Removed You

This scenario can happen in both cases of private and public accounts. Suppose a friend of yours views your story and then removes you from Snapchat, then s/he will show your story viewers on the “Other Snapchatters” section.  Since that friend is no longer a ‘friend,’ it won’t be under your normal story viewers list. It will be under the “Other Snapchatters” list. 

Friends Who Blocked You

The third case is that your friend has blocked you after viewing your story. That is also when this friend cannot be kept under your story viewers list; its name will be displayed under the “Other Snapchatters” section.  Know that the person (who has blocked you) will only show up in your “Other Snapchatters” list if s/he views your story before blocking you. Otherwise, their name won’t show up.  In both B and C cases, you can verify whether the person is your friend or not. After clicking on the profile icon on Snapchat, click on “My Friends” and look for that name in your friend list. If that person was your friend earlier, then in the chat’s section, open their chat; if you see “Pending” there, then that means the person has removed you from its friend list. 

What Does it Mean When it Says Other Snapchatters” But Still Friends 2022

If your Snapchat says that you are friends with a person, however, they name still appears under Other Snapchatters on stories, then that might be a confusion. I mean, what does it mean when it says Other Snapchatters” but still friends 2022? To answer precisely, it could be a glitch. Time and again, everybody has encountered a thousand problems with the app, including the recent Snapchat Stories not loading error. So, don’t worry, it could be a mistake. If it says you are friends, then you are friends. Just send streak to the person, or drop a text and see what happens. I am sure it would clear all your confusion about what does it mean when it says Other Snapchatters” but still friends 2022.

How To Delete “Other Snapchatters”?

If you simply don’t want any names in your “Other Snapchatters” section, then you can block them, and their name won’t show up anymore. 

Why Can’t I Click on the “Other Snapchatters” Profile?

The people showing up in your “Other Snapchatters” section have probably blocked you after viewing your story. That’s why you cannot open their profile. 

How to See Other Snapchatters?

When you upload a story on Snapchat, click on the eye icon. There you will see the list of friends that have viewed your Snapchat story. If someone outside of your friends’ list have viewed your story, or a friend that viewed your story and then blocked you, then an option of Other Snapchatters will appear.

Wrapping Up

There are only three possible explanations. Firstly they can be unknown people who have added you, but you haven’t added them back on Snapchat. Secondly, they could be your friends who removed you after viewing your stories. Thirdly, they could be your friends or random people who blocked you after viewing your stories.  I hope you got all your answers regarding your query “What Does ‘Other Snapchatters’ Mean On Snapchat?”  Comment below if you want to know anything more on this subject, and we will get back to you with more answers. Share this article with fellow Snapchatters, and Have a Great Day!


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