You can now change your username on Reddit. You can change your username to stay anonymous if you have registered using your real name. Reddit has been around for a really long time. With all the changes, who owns Reddit? From what I know, it’s a mine for anything you want to learn about. You can now listen to the videos on Reddit. You can do this using the app on iOS & Android. Coming back to the topic of this article, what does OP mean on the social forum? Here is your answer for what does OP mean on Reddit.

What Does OP Mean on Reddit?

OP on Reddit refers to the Original poster of the thread. Many times the discussions on the website get stretched out and go out of context. In such cases, OP is used to refer to the original user that posted the question. This is helpful, especially if the discussion is an important one. It can help to give credit to the user who made the post. OP on Reddit also means original post. Just as it is used to acknowledge the user who posted the thread, OP also means original post. OP on Reddit can be used to mean original poster or original post. The term is used loosely in both contexts. Also, read Unable To Upload Photo On Reddit | 8 Fixes To Solve The Error

When to Use OP on Reddit?

Now, you know what does OP mean on Reddit. Let’s see how you can use it on the social forum. The acronym is used so that you don’t have to search for the username on the social site. Reddit is literally like a deep well. You can find a number of opinions for and against a topic on this social site. If there is any new topic that you would like to know about, Reddit is your best bet. So, when there are a ton of opinion threads, OP is used to refer to the original poster or original post. Just to keep things in context. Also, read Why is Reddit Blurry in 2022 | How to View NSFW Content

What Does OP Mean in Gaming?

OP can have a different meaning when it is used in a gaming context. OP, when used in a gaming context, can mean overpowered. This is used to refer to a tool or instrument or the player in the game. This usually means the player has an unfair advantage over the other players in the game. Also, read How To Delete Reddit History in 2022 | 4 Best Ways To Erase History From Reddit

When was OP First Used?

OP was defined officially as an Original poster back in 2003 by Urban Dictionary. However, the use of the slang OP dates back to 1990 and the beginning of the 2000s when online messaging was new. In today’s time, OP is used on Reddit as regular slang. Not just on Reddit, OP is used in many social sites in similar contexts. It is largely used by the gaming community and by the users on Reddit. Also, read How To Advertise On Reddit | 6 Simple Steps

Wrapping Up

So, now you know what does OP mean on Reddit. The acronym has two meanings, even on Reddit. Whereas it is used in an entirely different context in Online Gaming. Dating back to 1990, OP is definitely not a new term. But neither is it as old as time. We will be back with more such updates. Follow us so you don’t miss out. Keep visiting Path of EX!


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