This Focus feature of the iPhone assists other iPhone users that are using the “Do Not Disturb” mode on the device. It is a very functional feature and is available on all iPhone and iPad devices. It permits you to fabricate several customized modes, directing you to organize your applications and notifications on your iPhone. Everyone is curious to know, What does Notify Anyway Mean feature can do on your Apple devices? Let’s find out!

What Does Notify Anyway Mean?

In simple terms, Notify Anyway is the latest and revamped feature of the conventional Do Not Disturb mode. If you are an iPhone user, you must have observed the notification under the iMessage affirming “The person has notifications silenced” with a link besides giving you the option “Notify Anyway.” The Notify Anyway helps you to surpass the “Focus” mode and collect your urgent messages to deliver to the person. The Focus Mode will work as per your requirements. You can always choose the schedule when you dont want to get disturbed. The Notify Anyway feature will anyhow bypass the users’ notification settings, and Notify Anyway will nudge you through. Also, read How to Hide Photos in iOS 16 in 7 Easy Steps?

When Should You Use Notify Anyway Feature?

In other words, It is basically an SOS feature that will give you the option to reach out to the person in case of an urgency or emergency only. It should be noted that this feature should be used rightly because there can be many reasons why that person is using focus mode. He can be in the office during working hours or involved in a personal event. Hence, this feature can be used only in emergency cases only. Nevertheless, If you want to reach out to the person with the “Focus” Mode turned off, then you will not be able to see the “Notify Anyway” feature on the phone. With this thought-provoking feature introduced by Apple, Both Focus and Notify Anyway look quite intricate and have redesigned the DND and the SOS emergency with lots of improvement over the years. Also, read How to Use the NFC Tag Reader on an iPhone: Explained in 3 Easy Steps

Will Your Focus Name be Shared?

It is a big NO. The Focus name will not be allocated to anyone in your contacts. There will be no hassle given by the application or the contacts in your list. The notification is only shown to your contacts when your notifications are disabled. This will not tell any of your contacts which focus mode you are currently using and what you named the mode. The user should not worry about sharing or leaking sensitive data via the feature. Apple has a dedicated message below the Share Focus Status option in the Workspace option. The message says, “App only know that you have notifications silenced. Apps dont know which Focus you have on, so the name is never shared, but they can control how Focus status is shown.” Also, read iOS 16 Bugs & How to Fix it

iOS 15 Notifications and Focus Mode Explained

Wrapping Up

Thanks to Apple, who always impresses us with the never seen smartphone features. This “Notify Anyway” feature is a bonus for users who can’t reach out to their contacts at the right time. The company introduced many other features at the launch of iOS 15. You should check them out too. Thanks for reading the article What Does Notify Anyway mean in iOS 15. Comment below to let us know how useful this feature is to you. 


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