In this article, I will solve the problem and guide you through each step. But before that, you should check this setting from your side to ensure that everything is in place. The first thing that you should check is that you have set a preferred SIM card for calling and iMessage in the settings. Even after setting the preferred SIM card, if you’re trying to make a call and you’re getting the error, Last Line not Available. Then you should follow the article till the end because I have mentioned detailed steps through which you can solve this problem in just two minutes.

What Does Last Line Unavailable Mean

Last Line Unavailable means you are using Dual-sim updated option on your iPhone and updated the software. After the update, the system may not be able to recognize which sim is your preferred sim for calling. Alternatively, it may also mean that the sim you wish to use for making the call has weak or no network strength. Also, read What Does Notifications Silenced Mean On iPhone in 2022

How to Solve Last Line Unavailable on iPhone

Just like other Apple users, if you are also annoyed with the Last Line not Available error, then the following steps will remove your worry.

Through Airplane Mode

Through Call Logs

In case the first method did not work, you should try this one. In this method, you must clear All recents from the Phone App. After opening the Phone App, go to edit in the top right corner and clear recents. The logic behind this method is to remove all the cache saved with the previously dialed number.  After clearing recents, you must restart your iPhone and check if the problem is solved. Also, read What Does Privacy Warning Mean on Wi-Fi | Read Why You Must Fix it Now

Disable Wi-Fi calling

In case the first two methods did not work, you should try and disable Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi calling allows you to make or receive calls when the network strength is low, but sometimes, your calls may not connect, and an error Last Line Unavailable may occur.  Thus, disabling Wi-Fi calling will ensure that you are making calls via the cellular network itself. Also, read What Does No Location Found Mean On iPhone | We Found the Fix and it’s Super Easy

Update Network Carrier Settings

Sometimes random issues may occur with the cellular network itself. Therefore, in order to perform this step, go to Settings, then General, then open About and check if there is any update appearing from the network provider. If not, then you should reset the settings in the next step.

Reset Network Settings

If none of the above options work out, then, in the end, you should try to reset your network settings which will clear all the cache as well as the previously saved data, such as your preferred SIM. To perform this action, you should go to Settings, then go to General, then open Transfer or Reset iPhone.Then click on Reset Network Settings. Also, read What Does Emergency Override Mean | Does Emergency Override Warning Void the Warranty? 

What Does Last Line Unavailable Mean on iPhone?

Wrapping Up

This completes my article on What Does Last Line Unavailable Mean? I hope that you were able to solve this problem using the steps mentioned above. If not, then drop a comment and specify if you faced any issues while performing the steps to solve this problem.  For more information on such topics related to Apple devices, follow Path of EX. 


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