Other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram do not track the number of likes or dislikes you receive on the platform. However, you can see some of your activity histories there. How other users respond influences your account when you add a new post or comment on Reddit. Your reputation on the platform majorly depends on the karma score on Reddit. Hence, I would suggest you read my article in detail and learn more about what does Karma mean on Reddit. I am sure you would be surprised to know what karma has in store for you.

What Does Karma Mean on Reddit?

The reputation score of your Reddit account is referred to as Karma. According to your posts, comments, and awards, you can add or lose your Karma points. On Reddit, you receive upvotes and downvotes on your posts and comments. You will not find any hidden or any other reactions like happiness, anger, or sadness as they are on other social media platforms. Reddit always keeps track of the upvotes and downvotes on the posts and comments. There is no direct correlation between the Upvotes and downvotes. As karma on the ratio of a 1:1 scale. One upvote is not equal to +1 karma, and one downvote does not equate to -1 karma. Reddit has an algorithm that plugs in your upvotes and downvotes, which results in the karma you see on the profile. But, the awards are a major factor in your karma. The total karma score of your account also depends on the awards you receive or come into your account. Although this is new in the karma section, and according to Reddit, it is still an experiment. Also, read Why is Reddit Blurry in 2022 | How to View NSFW Content

How to Increase Karma Score on Reddit?

Reddit karma is divided into four categories; they are post karma, comment karma, awardee karma, and awarded karma. They all help to increase the karma score on your account. Also, read How to See Saved Posts On Reddit App & Website in 2022 (Solved)

1. Post Karma

Post karma Reddit is the actual representation of the posts’ upvotes and downvotes. The Upvotes count for your score, while downvotes are against your score. Post karma is quite impactful in this category due to the size of the Reddit user. Your Karma score is calculated by how quickly people react to posts. When you post anything on Reddit, it will be seen by a large audience globally, it depends on the size of the subreddit, and in that manner, your post gets promoted on the other users’ feeds as well. You add or lose post karma according to how you understand it. Do not post irrelevant, outdated, annoying, or offensive for the users. Hence, always take some time to create an engaging post, and keep in mind to make sure that a similar post has not been posted late. It is always helpful when you research any topic on which you wish to post on Reddit. Then you create a post on the same and post it on the platform. Always keep in mind what others wish to see or know regarding you? Your score will also increase when you are selfless and helpful on Reddit. Also, read Unable To Upload Photo On Reddit | 8 Fixes To Solve The Error

2. Comment Karma

Another karma point is comment karma. The upvotes and downvotes on your comments decide the karma score of your Reddit platform. Be careful of what you want to express through your comments on Reddit. And always be mindful of what you post and think twice before you post. After posting, if you find something about the post that has not been pointed out that may not appeal to the people on the platform that others may find worthy of talking about. Hence, you may take the initiative of bringing it up. Try to praise any post or speak nicely about it. Humor is something that generally appeals to a larger audience. Although there are different topics that people find humourous, you should try to initiate things in a manner that people start a conversation regarding it. Try to get along with like-minded person’s opinions before commenting on them. Also, read How to See Hidden Posts on Reddit? An Easy Guide

3. Awardee and Awarded Karma

Reddit is currently experimenting with awarded and awardee karmas, which may change how they affect the overall karma score. If you wish to gain more karma in this manner, you need to receive awards on your posts or reward other users’ posts. There are different awards that you give and get karma. This is still in the experimental stage and may not be a reliable way to add to your karma score. Also, read How To Change Reddit Username On iPhone, Android, & Browser (2022)

Wrapping Up

I hope the article gave you the clarity to understand What Does Karma Mean on Reddit and ways to increase your Karma score on Reddit. Although I find the karma score quite interesting, I feel it is an important factor on the platform. Hence, always work hard to increase your score on the platform. If you want more guidance regarding the platform of Reddit, then please feel free to refer to our website; you will get loads of information regarding the platform.


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