Snapchat is one of the most loved social media ephemeral messaging apps. Launched in 2011, the app is quite popular among the youth. Snapchat has its in-house acronyms like GNS and GTS. The acronyms of Snapchat encourage user interaction and frequency of usage too.  While the ever-changing slang language or social media lingo makes us feel older than we are, we must learn our way into the Gen-Z’s zone. Don’t worry,  we have got you covered. If you are receiving snaps with GNS, quickly learn what does GNS mean on Snapchat.

What Does GNS Mean on Snapchat?

GNS stands for ‘Good Night Streaks.’ Yes, in a Snapchat world it is a way to say goodnight to your friends. People send a snap at night to their friends to say goodbye or goodnight to them. There was a common misconception that GNS stands for ‘Good Night screenshot,’ which is not true. Also, read What Does WSP Mean On Snapchat and 4 Different Ways You Can Use It!  GNS or Good Night Streaks is a form of Snapstreaks and it helps you maintain the streak with your friends. If you are wondering what a snap streak is, allow us to explain. 

How to Use GNS on Snapchat?

You can send a picture or videos (Snaps) at night to your friends as a way of saying good night. You can also put a story for 24hrs which will mean a goodnight to the Snapchat world. You can also send a personal message in the form of a picture, video, or text at night as a GNS. 

What is Snapstreak?

Snapstreak is a feature that was introduced by Snapchat in 2015. In order to keep its users engaged with the app, Snapstreak was introduced. A streak is a way to keep a tab on how many times you have sent a picture back and forth to your friend.  Also, read How Long Does the Hourglass Last on Snapchat | 3 Ways to Avoid the Hourglass If you send or receive Snaps with a specific friend for 3 consecutive days, a flame emoji appears next to their name. The flame emoji indicates the beginning of a Snapstreak.  If a Snapstreak is about to expire, users will see the hourglass emoji next to their friend’s name. 

Wrapping Up

Acronyms are most commonly used on the Snapchat platform. So, what does GNS mean on Snapchat? It stands for ‘Good Night Streak.’ It is a way of saying good night or goodbye to your friends in the Snapchat world. 


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