You may refer to the article below, which has the latest information regarding what does Cheugy mean. So, when you hear the term on the internet, do not get surprised, as it is not slang! Just referring you to a different era. Read ahead and share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

What Does Cheugy Mean?

Cheugy is used to describe someone who is out of date or pushing too hard. Although millennial women are often linked with cheesy behavior, individuals of any gender or age can use the word. As per the New York Times, the word was first used by 24-year-old Hallie Cain, who posted a video on TikTok on March 30, 2022. The word describes someone who is not trendy, trying too hard, or out of date. It’s just another way of saying “basic,” yet some people on social media contend that cheugy’ness has a considerably more true sense of oneself. Although many members of Gen Z relate the word with the millennial generation, a few of them think that anyone can be rich, regardless of age. Also, read What Does BBL Mean On TikTok | New Acronym Alert!

How People Use the Word Cheugy?

Though cheugy has some negative connotations, people who use the term say they identify as cheugy themselves. Some people believe everyone can be cheugy and have something in their closet. It is not meant to be a mean thing. It is just for fun; the word is used as a group of friends that resonated with a group of people by chance.” The women also do not claim to be the arbiters of the term. Anyone is free to choose their own interpretation of the word. People interpret things in their way and hence can come up with different variations of the same word. So, people use the word in a suitable and comfortable context. Also, read What Does ‘Ate’ Mean on TikTok & How to Use It?

How is Cheugy Used on Internet?

Cheugy is just the latest in a long line of terminologies that have gained immense potential on the internet, where people relentlessly use particular archetypes in their memes and videos. Hence, it was obvious that the term cheugy became hugely popular on TikTok. No wonder TikTok is a platform that has functioned as an escape from Instagram’s once dominant aesthetic and is at the pinnacle of cheugy. So, being a millennial, are you worried about being behind the trends? There are certain things we used to consider cheugy are coming back in style and are no more considered cheugy. This term was first introduced to a dictionary in 2015 like low-rise jeans were considered cheugy. Now some things which were considered chegue earlier are now back in vogue, so they are no more chegue. Also, read What Does GYAT Mean on TikTok | New Slang Alert!

Wrapping Up

The Cheugy is not new on the internet. The term was introduced long back. It was introduced in TikTok in March 2022. Now I believe you have clarity regarding the word’s meaning on the internet. So, use the term wisely. If you wish to know more about similar terms in TikTok, you may subscribe to our website, Path of EX.


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