Since Apple has stopped shipping the power adaptor in their “i” devices, it has created a large market for third-party manufacturers to sell the Adapter as well as other accessories. But should you really buy from third-party manufacturers if they were to be cheap? In this article, I will be answering the question of what Apple certified means, along with the question that whether or not you should buy a non-MFi-certified accessory for your Apple device. Follow the article till the end to save your Apple device from damage.

What Does Apple MFi Certified Mean?

Apple MFi certification means that Apple has given the authority to third-party manufacturers to make peripherals for Apple devices, including iPods, iPhones, and iPads. The peripherals include a charging cable, earphones, or simply a Lightning to Type C Jack. Also, read What Does Notifications Silenced Mean On iPhone in 2022

How to Identify Does Apple MFi Certified Mean?

Apple has created a stiff process for third-party manufacturers to clear a process in order to be called an MFi-certified manufacturer. It is done to ensure that the third-party manufacturer follows the same safety and standards and provides good quality accessories for Apple products to maintain the long life of your Apple devices. Those third-party manufacturers who get MFi certification have to mention it on their packaging in the same way I have shown in the image. Apple has also instructed third-party manufacturers not to alter the sticker’s design or text. So you will find it in a streamlined form on all the MFi-certified products’ packaging. Also, read What Does Privacy Warning Mean on Wi-Fi | Read Why You Must Fix it Now

Should You Buy a Non-MFi-Certified Accessory

The whole purpose behind buying MFi-certified accessories from a third-party manufacturer is to save a few bucks. However, after getting MFi-certification from Apple, third-party manufacturers also increased the price of their accessories, so much so that it comes almost equal to Apple’s accessories. In this scenario, you may wonder whether or not you can buy Non-MFi-certified accessories. You can certainly do that, but I do not recommend buying a non-MFi-certified accessory because it might work in the short run, but in the long run, it may reduce the lifespan of your Apple device or may cause a short circuit at any time. So it is better to rely on MFi-certified accessories or Apple accessories only. Also, read What Does No Location Found Mean On iPhone | We Found the Fix and it’s Super Easy

What about non-MFi-certified Wireless Chargers?

Apple does not include wireless chargers in its MFi-certification program. Just like any other wireless device, the wireless charging on an iPhone is done through Qi standard. So you can simply buy any charger that has Qi standard certification and it will work just fine with the Apple device.  However, Apple does sell Magsafe Chargers and Magsafe-compatible accessories that you can only buy from their website, which can be a better deal in terms of quality as compared to an unbranded Qi-compatible charger. Also, read What Does Emergency Override Mean | Does Emergency Override Warning Void the Warranty? 

Wrapping Up

This completes my article on What Does Apple MFi Certified Mean. I hope that you were able to figure out that you should only buy MFi-certified accessories if you can save a few bucks. If you have any queries, drop a comment and I will be happy to help.  For more information on such topics related to Apple devices, follow Path of EX. 


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