Different slang terms, phrases, and acronyms used by people to make their communication quicker or to make references to a joke are all used on this platform. Some are exclusive to the platform, whereas others are used widely across different platforms. You must have seen the phrase on Snapchat or other platforms but never noticed it. Anyhow now that you are here, please read the article. And you would get all the information on what does AMOS mean Snapchat.

What Does AMOS Mean Snapchat?

Earlier, we used to write on social media platforms and request users on the platform to add them on the platform as well. Now you have to type “Add me on Snap,” this is for Snapchat only, and your username will be added. Currently, social media users have found ways to bring in new friends on Snapchat through unique messages and phrases. “AMOS” means Add me on Snapchat. On TikTok, this messaging feature is limited and implies and different meaning on the platform. There, users sometimes write “AMOS” to one another when they want to know someone more deeply and take the conversation on another app. Snapchat is an instant messaging app that helps users send pictures and messages to one another. But they are not visible after some time. Also, read What Does FS Mean on Snapchat: Know the Different Meanings!

What is the Usage of AMOS on Snapchat

When the platform was first introduced, many users used the platform to send derogatory messages to one another. But now the scenario has changed, and it has become a much more popular platform where friends can watch their stories, message or call each other, and subscribe to channels. The platform has unique original programming that can not be accessed anywhere globally. Some users may feel that adding someone on Snapchat is a unique and modern way of asking someone for their contact number. This is a unique way of keeping in touch with one another through the platform. And hence can be developed over time. So, use the term AMOS and get big friends list on Snapchat. But just sending someone messages on the platform is not the only way you can keep in touch now. On Snapchat, there is a feature called a streak which users take their streaks very seriously. Also, read What Does IG Mean On Snapchat & How To Use It (2022)

AMOS Helps to Increase Streaks on Snapchat

Streaks reward the users with imaginary points who maintain a daily conversation with friends. To keep the streaks increasing daily, you must message your friends at least once every 24 hours. And when someone likes you more than a friend, they will want to stretch the conversation long. So, If you write “AMOS,” think about whether or not you are looking for any kind of relationship with someone and want to take things further. If you have any such intention on this platform, you must use Snapchat. I am sure you would love it. But if not, then you might not use the platform. You may use Snapchat only for keeping in touch with friends. Also, read Snapchat Charms List & Their Meanings! [Updated 2022]

Wrapping Up

There are many acronyms and abbreviations used on Snapchat. It makes the platform much more interesting to the users and helps better communication. Hence, people use abbreviations. And each day, you would find new abbreviations are being generated on the platform. So, if you want to know more and join the bandwagon of Snapchat, then you have to refer to Path of EX, for trending stuff.


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