On Snapchat, you can add anyone by two methods; the first one is the QR code method, and the second is through searching their username. So without further ado, let’s dig in to know what does ‘Added You Back’ mean on Snapchat.

What Does ‘Added You Back’ Mean on Snapchat?

Sometimes a notification by Snapchat can be hard to decipher. In case you receive a notification that someone has added you back on Snapchat, it means that the said user has accepted your friend request and has added you to the platform. In simple language, “added you back” on Snapchat means that your friend request has been accepted, and you are now friends with the username at the top of the notification. If your friend request on Snapchat has either been denied or ignored, you won’t receive the “added you back” notification. Sometimes you may receive the notification and won’t recognize the username; it means the request was sent just now gotten around to accepting your request. Once you receive the “added you back” notification on Snapchat, you can exchange messages, snaps, and videos with each other. Also, read What Does the Red Heart Mean on Snapchat : Update Your Snapchat Lingo [2022]

How to Add Someone on Snapchat?

You can add someone on Snapchat, either through the QR code or you can add it directly by searching the username. To do so, follow the given steps. Also, read What Does Grey Arrow Check Mean on Snapchat? Everything You Need to Know

Wrapping Up

I hope all your doubts about, What Does ‘Added You Back’ mean on Snapchat are cleared. We will keep coming up with more such trending stuff on Snapchat. Till then, follow us. And keep visiting Path of EX!


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