You can buy anything you want with bitcoin. To buy items with bitcoins, you must first know which businesses accept bitcoin as a mode of payment. I would be making a list of items and services you can pay for using bitcoins and also where to buy them from, as not all companies or stores that sell these items will accept bitcoin. Electronics and Accessories: Electronics and other devices can be bought with bitcoin via third-party websites, and Crypto Emporium is one of those. The Crypto Emporium offers a wide range of video games, gaming laptops, and computers for sale in bitcoin. When you go through their websites, the prices are already in bitcoins, so that’s the primary mode of payment on that website. Furniture: Julitte Interiors is a leading high-end luxury furniture retailer based in the UK, and they provide an option for customers to make payments using cryptocurrency. Grocery & food: Fast food chains like Domino’s and Burger King have now facilitated cryptocurrency payment. Customers can simply place their order through the website and make payments using bitcoin.  Tuition: The University of Pennsylvania Wharton School recently started accepting cryptocurrencies for its online executive education program.  Cars: Post-Oak Motor Cars is owned by Tilman Firtetta and is the first Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Bugatti dealership based in the US, working in hand with crypto service provider Bitpay, customers now have an option to pay with bitcoin when they purchase a car from them. Car manufacturing companies, Tesla and BMW have also introduced bitcoins as a mode of payment for their cars. CheapAir: CheapAir started accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment as far back as 2013. Customers can pay for flights and hotels using cryptocurrency. Also in this line are the Latvian airline, AirBaltic, and the Japanese budget airline, Peach Aviation.  Landed Properties: There’s more you can buy with bitcoin aside from the luxury we want to enjoy, and there are real estate companies that offer properties for sale and accept bitcoin as a mode of payment. One of which is Glen Oaks Escrow; this California-based company, through bitpay, now accepts bitcoin as a means of payment for properties. Brookliv brokerage, with an office in New York, also started accepting bitcoin payments in early 2018. Insurance Cover: Insurance companies in the United States have been slow to adopt Bitcoin as a means of payment for premiums, but recently, a Detriot-based insurance company, Universal Fire & Casualty Insurance Company (UFCIC), became the first U.S. insurer to offer cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange to pay for premiums. The company says that crypto payments were introduced to facilitate payment for their new web-based direct surety bond portal. Their drive for innovation is really benefiting the bitcoin community, and we are grateful. Movie Tickets: Spending bitcoins come down to our everyday lives. You can now purchase movie tickets at and pay in bitcoins. On their website, they offer tickets to a wide range of movie theatres in the US. All you need is an internet connection and, of course, bitcoin.  Artworks: A lot of US galleries accept bitcoins as a means of payment, and this makes it easier for art lovers to go home with their favorite art pieces. In 2015, Verisart set up an NFT minting and certification platform. They certify and verify artworks using the bitcoin blockchain, and, for the part that concerns us the most, you can buy art with bitcoin at apps like the Immediate Edge platform. Most businesses that use bitcoin as a medium of an exchange deal in luxury goods, which is because the bitcoin community is made up of high-end users, but some standout companies, such as Dominos and Burger King, have shown us that bitcoin is for everyone. Use bitcoin as a direct payment method to save on processing fees.


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