You can download the Waze application either from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store. There are some concerns about Google Play Security that needs to be addressed. There are many interesting things about Waze, one of which is that it uses symbols for different types of traffic situations, such as Waze Moods. This feature will help the nearby drivers to identify your expressions or feeling at the time. In this article, I will explain the Waze icon meanings in a detailed manner. Let’s rule them out.

What Are The Different Waze Icon Meanings?

There are many Waze icons, and each icon has a different meaning, shape, and color. It is hard to find the meanings of some Waze icons as they possess less information. If you are watching an icon over the location of your driver, then he might have used the Waze icon to represent him. If there is nothing, it is pt as default with no Waze icon. The Waze icons are based on their default size and shape. You may find 2 option on the display which shows the gender stereotypes. However, you will find only one in most cases. Also, read Pepega Emoticon Meaning | What Does Pepega Mean on Twitch There are some definitive activities that will enable the users to unlock specific moods, and it should be noted that only the map editor will be able to access three of them. There are certain conditions, like you can not make use of the changing moods until you have crossed the Waze app for one hundred miles. The following are some of the Waze icons and their respective meanings in a brief manner. Also, read Sadge Emoticon Meaning | When & How to Use Sadge on Twitch

Who Can See The Waze Icons You Use?

It entirely depends upon your settings on who you want to see the Waze icon. In case you select Go Invisible, the nearby drivers will not be able to see your icon on the map. There are many other features that will not be available in the invisible mode. Those who are friends with you on the Waze application can see the personal information you provide. Moreover, as you provide reports on the traffic conditions, people who watch your reports will also be able to see your name.

Special Waze Icons

There are some special Waze icons that are available in the Waze application. These are as follows.

Powerful Zesty Bright Hopeful Aware Com Jega Cupid Sweet Magical Strong Fiesty Red Doozer Skye Marshall Dog Fancy Quirky Master Chief Cat Savvy

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How to Change the Waze Icon?

The following are some of the steps to change the Waze Icon in a comprehensive manner. This is how you can change the Waze icon by following the simple steps correctly.

How to Use the Waze App?

Wrapping Up

This article is focused on the Waze and Waze icon meanings, and we have discussed all the Waze icon meanings in a brief manner. Waze is a very advanced version of Google Maps, and people really like its built-in features. Comment down if you find the article insightful, and share your thoughts on the Waze app and the features it is offering to the users.


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