At face value, TikTok may seem like it can only be used for funny lip-syncing videos, but it is a great place for small businesses to promote products and services. Even the more obscure kinds of content, like that from companies who provide IT Support and Service Solutions, have had an impact and helped small businesses looking to achieve rapid growth. It is a great platform for small businesses to reach their audience in a fun and creative way.  No matter the demographic you are looking to attract you can find them on TikTok. The biggest attraction for small businesses is the number of active users on the platform. Gaining attraction has never been this easy for businesses as the algorithm makes video content go viral very quickly. We spoke to TechQuarters, a top IT managed service provider in the UK and they noted that their customers are asking more and more about the kind of tech they should be used to create viral content. If your small business is ready to give TikTok a try, then below are a few ways to help you get started.  Create YOUR Own Content  Being authentic with your content is the best move you can make for your small business. As a new business, you may not have expensive equipment or a production budget, but you can still shoot quality content with your phone. Something that professionals and tech-heads in the London IT services Industry advise is that the right tools can help bring about the message you are trying to create. Small businesses should only reveal their brand’s true personality that users can relate to. This ultimately builds up trust between the business and consumer.  Use of Music and Effects  TikTok has a number of effects and features that can be use in your videos which includes music. They provide you with almost every popular song on the radio without copyright infringements. This is a great way to get creative, users commonly create lip-sync videos with popular songs to gain attraction. When making a video try to find a song that can match with your product or service as it could gain even more attention.  Sharing Your Video Once you have concluded with music effects and have finished recording your video you need to upload it. The process of uploading videos is important, you always need to remember to add hashtags, @friends, add links, save the video to an album, and decide who can see the video. These are all factors that can be used when sharing the video on other platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook. Share it whereever you can and watch your followers grow!


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