On the one hand, developers are en route to producing brand-new Halloween goods, and on the other players are ready to acquire brand-new Halloween unlockables. Halloween wouldn’t be the same without our Avatars dressed in spooky Halloween colors. So I am here to help you obtain your favorite Warframe Halloween Color Palette of 2022. During the Halloween festival month, players have access to Headless Heads, Pumpkin heads, and many exciting Halloween unlockables, including Warframe Color Palette. Therefore let’s explore what is new with the Warframe Halloween Color Palette in 2022.

What Are Warframe Color Palettes?

Color Picker Extensions are products that increase the palette of colors that players can use to customize their Warframes, Weapons, Companions, and other objects. Most of them are sold for Platinum64.png 75 apiece and are available for purchase in the market’s Equipment area. The player’s account is linked to the colors upon purchase, enabling unlimited use of the chosen color scheme. Now I will help you get to know what Warframe Halloween Color Palette offers you. Also, read Best Halloween Roblox Outfits For your Avatar In 2022 | Avatar Halloween Outfit Ideas

Warframe Halloween Color Palettes In 2022

Warframe Halloween Color Palettes this year are updated with spooky colors. All the new palettes have something different and mysterious for you. So scroll down and choose your color palette and enjoy gaming.

1. Hallow’s Eve

Hallow’s Eve unlocked a horrifying selection of colors for you to use to decorate your Warframe Halloween Color palettes. During the Nights of Naberus Event, the Daughter will sell this color scheme for 125 Mother Tokens.

2. Halloween Special

Halloween lets you customize your Warframe with various colors, including Ghastly Greens, Pumpkin Orange, and Blood Red. This Warframe color palette scheme has several colors red, orange, yellow, and green tones. On the market, it is available for Credits64.png 1 Halloween. It was distributed as a “Gift from the Lotus” to all players for free on Halloween 2014

3. Halloween Jade

Jade opens up more color combinations for customizing Warframes. This Warframe color palette was given out to console users in honor of Warframe’s second anniversary on the Xbox One. Also, read When is The Halloween Update in PK XD 2022 | PK XD Halloween Event

Other Amazing Warframe Color Palette You Should Try

Other than Warframe Halloween Color Palettes, you can also try different color combinations. So just scroll down, pick your favorite color, Platte, and give it a shot. 


The user can purchase two bundles to save some platinum. Choice B offers three color sets: Grineer, Infested, and Smoke, whereas Choice A offers five color sets: Classic, Saturated Classic, Storm, Ice, and Fire. This color scheme gives most to Warframe Halloween Color Palettes

Legacy Color Palettes

All the colors (except “real” black from the smoke color palette) were a few shades lighter than intended up until Hotfix 14.0.9 (2014-07-26). An issue resulted in higher gamma values in all the Warframe Halloween color palettes. This problem was resolved with the update, as mentioned earlier. Tennos, who checked in within the next two weeks, received the Gamma color palette for free. The Legacy Color Palettes option was added to the Gameplay tab of the Settings menu in Hotfix 14.1.2 (2014-08-01). When this toggle is selected, the Warframe Halloween color palettes are returned to their pre-Hotfix 14.0.9 (2014-07-26) color schemes. Note: Only Smoke Colors and Obsidian Warframe Halloween Color Palette contain True Black (#000000). It does not have True White (#FFFFFF). Even though Halloween Celebration includes a near-true black color (#010101), it is not an actual black color. True White can be found in the following color palettes:

BeachClassicClassic SaturatedDiscordGammaJadeRed/White/BlueTennoPride Celebration

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Wrapping Up

So, this was everything you were peeking for about the Warframe Halloween Color Palette. I hope I was able to resolve your query on the same. You can also enjoy reading about other Halloween updates on Path of EX. So go and get to know everything from skins to an event to all the updates and share with your friends. Happy Halloween!


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