TikTok is a platform where you find incredible features, uses, and many interactive things to help you engage with your followers or audiences. I am always filled with surprises whenever I log into TikTok. The platform has so much to give. Anyhow there are certain features that are directly not available on the platform but are possible to find. You can use apps and templates to help you complete the task. So, read the article now and know all the detailed information related to speeding up pictures on TikTok. Please share your feedback with us as well!

How to Speed up Pictures on TikTok?

It is not easy to make a slide show on TikTok. There are certain limitations in TikTok regarding the slide show. The standard speed of each of the slides is a fixed length of 2.5 seconds. This happens when you use the traditional method from the gallery. There is no direct option in TikTok to speed up time on the TikTok slideshow. But there are options to speed up the pictures; you will learn about them in detail below. So, read ahead to know more. Also, read How To Get Sponsored on TikTok: Here are the 5 Best Hacks (2022)

How to Speed up Pictures on TikTok Using Templates?

When you try to speed up a photo slideshow on TikTok, you will not find an option to adjust the slideshow’s speed. Here the TikTok slideshow templates will help you make a fast-paced slideshow of the images on TikTok. We can use the TikTok templates to create fast photo slideshows on TikTok. It will help us to speed up the inserted photos and create a fast photo slideshow on TikTok. So, refer to the detailed process below:

  1. Launch the TikTok app.
  2. Click on the Plus icon.
  3. Go to the TikTok camera and click on the Templates above the navigation bar.
  4. Go to Templates, swipe left, and explore all templates. Note: Here, you get to see the TikTok templates, which work as the demo, and pick a slideshow template you need.
  5. Look for the fast slideshow template.
  6. Click on the Select photos button and upload the pictures. Note: Here, you can see the minimum and the maximum number of photos.
  7. Add to the templates before selecting the pictures.
  8. You will be redirected to your device’s gallery.
  9. Click the Radio button to choose the photos you want for the TikTok slideshow.
  10. Select the pictures from the gallery.
  11. Go to the OK (number*) button.
  12. Click on it to proceed.
  13. Here, you will see the pictures displayed as the template you choose. Note: You can edit the slideshow video with effects, sounds, text, stickers, and more.
  14. Edit the slideshow video.
  15. Click on the Next button.
  16. Post the fast-paced photo slideshow on TikTok. Also, read Top 10 Trending TikTok Trends to Get More Views! [Updated November 2022]

How to Speed Up Pictures on TikTok Using Third-Party Apps?

A third-party app will help you alter the pace of the photo slide show on TikTok in a better fashion. This method helps you to make a fast slideshow, and your TikTok pictures also get faster. The third-party apps are generally free and powerful online tools that help to make a TikTok photo slideshow faster. You can edit the duration of each picture and speed up any TikTok slideshow video. You can also include creative text, funny animations, sound effects, and special effects in The TikTok slide show video. So, refer below to the simple steps to make the TikTok photo slideshow faster with third-party apps. Also, read How to Delete a TikTok Video, Saved Video, Shared Video & More?

How to Speed Up Pictures on TikTok Using Cap Cut?

The first app that I would suggest to speed up pictures on TikTok is CapCut. With the help of this third-party app, you can speed up pictures on TikTok and add many interesting effects to them. Before starting with the steps, remember to install the app on your phone. You can easily install it from the PlayStore and App Store. Once you have installed the app, you can follow these steps to speed up pictures on TikTok using CapCut:

  1. Click on the icon of CapCut and launch the app.
  2. In the app, click on the New Project option. 3. From the Gallery, select the photos or videos for the project.
  3. Create a photo slideshow by clicking on the Photos category and selecting the images.
  4. After selecting, click on the Add option.
  5. Go to the Video Editing page, and check the transition, speed, and effects of the photo’s slide show.
  6. Here, you can Add audio to the photo slideshow.
  7. To make the TikTok photo slideshow faster, click on the Edit option. 9. In the Edit menu, click on Speed option to adjust the speed time of the photo slideshow. Note: When the Speed option is not available to use, then you can go back to the slideshow reel.
  8. Click on the photo in the slideshow reel and minimize the size of the photo. (This helps to adjust the time with which the photo appears on the slideshow, with the illusion of speed.)
  9. After adjusting the transitioning of the images on the slideshow, add audio, filters, and more if you like.
  10. When you are done with the editing portion, go to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the Share button.
  11. Then click on Share to TikTok.
  12. You will be redirected to the Create a Post page on TikTok. 15. On that page, go to the right-side panel and click on the Adjust clips option. 16. On that page, choose the speed for your photo slideshow.
  13. Select higher numbers to make your photo slide show faster.
  14. You can watch a preview of your photo slideshow by pressing Play.
  15. After completing, click on Save. 20. Click on the option Next to create a new post on the TikTok account.

How to Speed Up Pictures on TikTok Using Video Speed?

The next app that you can use to speed up the pictures on TikTok is VideoSpeed. This is an incredible app that lets you play with the speed of your TikTok slideshow. Before starting with the steps, remember to install the app on your phone. You can easily install it from the PlayStore and App Store. Once you have installed the app, you can follow these steps to speed up pictures on TikTok using VideoSpeed. You have to download the photo slideshow you created on TikTok to your phone before using the “Video Speed” editing app. 1. Click on the Video Speed app icon and launch it. 4. On the Home page of the Video Speed app, click on the Select Video option. 5. Select the folder of videos from which the images for your photo slideshow can be chosen.  6. Go to the video editing page. There, you get various video editing tools.  7. When you want to speed up your photo slideshow, choose the speed of the slideshow you want to.  8. After changing the speed of the slideshow, click on the Save option and click on the Play icon on the video editing page. 9. You get to see a preview of the photo slideshow you created.  10. When you are done with the editing part, click on the Share icon. 11. Click on the TikTok option from the social media app choices. 12. You will be redirected to the Create a Story page on TikTok.  13. Here, you can edit the photo slideshow and add effects, filters, and sounds. 14. Click on the Adjust clips option and go to the Edit icon. 15. Click on the Speed option from the edit functions.  16. Select the speed of the photo slideshow and click on the video speed you want. 17. When you are satisfied with the photo slide show, then click on Save. 20. Then click on the Next option to post the photo slideshow.

How to Create Picture Slideshow on TikTok?

You can also share your pictures from the photo album on TikTok in the form of a video. So, if you wish to know how to make a slideshow on TikTok, refer to the steps below:

  1. Launch the TikTok app.
  2. Go to the record video page.
  3. From the bottom right corner of the screen, choose the option of Upload.
  4. Choose the Images.
  5. Choose the pictures you want to add to the slideshow.
  6. Click on the option Next.
  7. Add the filters, and your slide show will be ready.

Watch How to Speed Up pictures on TikTok

Wrapping Up

Making TikTok slide shows is not easy, and you do not get any direct option on the platform to make it faster as well. Hence, I have come up with the best methods to help you out. I hope they will be helpful and you will benefit from them. For more information on TikTok, refer to our other articles on the website of Path of EX.


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