Have you been searching for the ideal platform to provide you with an inclusive market overview? You might like to pick Vexxsel. It has an amazing app that sets it apart from the rest of the brokerage platforms.  On top of that, it has a plethora of features that overseas and local traders would extremely value. However, is it worth the hype?  To answer your concern, have a look at this Vexxsel review to completely know what this platform is really about. 

Vexxsel Overview: What Is It? 

Vexxsel is a trading app established many years ago and is specially designed for active options, ETF, and stock traders, not to mention provides a dependable platform within which you can make all your trades. A fantastic aspect of this platform is that a trader can view real-time data like trades and bids as they’re being done. On top of that, the platform calls itself a commission-free trading app, and it helps in driving up a trader’s overall profits.

What Are the Important Features of Vexxsel? 

What will a trader get when they sign up with Vexxsel? Lucky for you, we have narrowed down its important features in detail.

1. Charting 

Another aspect where Vexxsel outshines the competitors is the advanced charting function that it provides as an alternative to line plots that are more likely to be less detailed. Also, the charts employ candlesticks, not to mention a trader has the option of seeing either one-minute price data or tick-by-tick.  We loved how versatile the platform is, and a trader can compare different stocks on the same chart, add numerous technical indicators, and plot trendlines. 

2. Custom portfolios

We’re shocked that this app enables you to make several portfolios and stocks each. All a trader must do is designate percentage weight to every stock in your portfolio, and the app monitors the performance throughout the process. 

3. Custom alerts

With this special function, a trader will be on top of the trading market as it will guarantee they are aware of what is going on with various stocks at separate times of the day. An appealing aspect of such notifications is that one can personalize them by either price levels or percentage changes. 

4. Market analysis

There’s a comprehensive analysis of the stock markets in several countries. A few of the details the software will show you involve the gain or loss of the major indices and the decliners and advancers’ distribution.  On top of that, the app does a comprehensive analysis of the standard gain or loss across the various market sectors. We loved that Vexxsel enables a trader to see the pre-market activity where one can find the stocks which moved before the current day’s market opens.

Who is Vexxsel Ideal For?

You will find different types of traders who would benefit from using Vexxsel. They include:

Budget-conscious tradersAdvanced tradersBeginner or new investors 

Pros & Cons 

Before we wrap this Vexxsel review, it will help if you also look at the pros and cons that we have discovered with this brokerage platform. 


It’s free to useBoasts comprehensive technical chartsThe app is easy to use 


Beginners may encounter information overload 

Is Vexxsel Good for Traders?

From what we have collected, we can conclude that Vexxsel is an excellent brokerage platform that makes up for some of the shortcomings of competing platforms. It’s a simple-to-use platform that offers a trader the opportunity to trade in the more advanced market. Overall, we recommend that any trader should try out Vexxsel, as we think there are many things you can get from it.  Contact Vexxsel now to start trading! Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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