This in-game, real-time Valorant tracker will boost you strategically by assembling your stats and keeping you one step ahead. It’s perfect for every Valorant player, even if you’re just curious or an ambitious professional. So let’s read on to find out everything about Valorant trackers, how to use them, and most importantly, the best Valorant Trackers online. And comment with your thoughts on Valorant for us to see!

What is a Valorant Tracker?

A Valorant tracker does exactly what you might be guessing: it tracks your game stats and analyzes what parts of your gameplay need development. The stats include everything from win rate and headshot rate to advanced stats like gaming style in your recent matches. The Valorant tracker stats greatly help in enhancing your gameplay since you will have a better idea of what you are up against ahead of time. This also gives you an edge from a strategic standpoint and helps you plan your approach.  Also, read How Valorant Ranking System Works: Regional Leaderboards | Relation Between MMR & RR

Which are The Best Valorant Trackers | Valorant Tracker gg

Since there are many trackers out there, it can be hard to find the one for you. So based on their features, I’ve listed and ranked the best 5 Valorant trackers out there. 

5. is a Valorant tracker app that draws attention to unique playstyles and helps you hone your skills to achieve your goals in Valorant.  What you get with

 Performance on maps with certain agents, teams, and weapons. Things to focus on to enhance gameplay.  Insights after every match you play. Comparison to prior games, with what you did right and wrong.

So why’s it at number five on our list? Because it has occasionally been known to show wrong data and has arbitrary bugs and glitches.

4. is a decent Valorant tracker, hence fourth on our list. However, it lacks some good features.  What you get with

Gives you a deep insight into your recent match performances.  Gives you the win rates, average damages, average kills, and other useful stats.  Shows global statistics like agent pick rates, win rates, etc. Provides thorough data on the best agent compositions in any patch. All of its data refreshes every 24 hours, which gives you the latest meta picks.

Currently, does have a rather small database, but hopefully, that will change in time.  Also, read How To Fix Error Code 46 In Valorant | 5 Easy Fixes You Must Know

3.  Valorant tracker Overwolf

The best part about Overwolf’s Valorant Tracker, which takes other trackers out of competition, is the real time stats it shows of your team members. As soon as you enter the agent select screen, you’ll see each player’s win percentage, W L track record, and more data about their recent matches! What you get with the Overwolf Valorant tracker:

Real-time stats of your teammates, including K/D ratio, win percentage, and W-L track record. Displays the rank of each player in the game.

It is necessary for players on your team to give permission to the Valorant Tracker before they can view their detailed stats and vice versa. Despite all its amazing features, it is not at the top of the list because its setup is a bit tricky.

2. is another brilliant Valorant tracker that I absolutely love. If you just want to learn more about Valorant while playing, this is the perfect tracker for you. What you get with

Has public guides where you can post guides and earn special rewards. Comes with its own reliable mobile app. Features your strengths and weaknesses. 

The only drawback is that the free version of has ads. If you want to remove these ads, you’ll have to buy the pro version, which is something that might affect your decision.  Also, read How to Record and Edit Gameplay on PC


The Valorant tracker Blitz has been one of the most even Valorant trackers out there, with a crazy number of users. It has been created in such a way that even an amateur Valorant player has access to all the necessary stats in a simplified manner.  What you get with

The Blitz database has full stats for maps, agents, and weapons.  Global stats. Constant info about the most picked agents in different ranks, their win rate, best team compositions, and more. A dashboard for match history, percentage accuracy, and performance comparison of your recent matches. AI-driven data to show your mistakes using post-game analyses.

To use, download their app, and have it running while you play. 

Why Every Player Needs a Valorant Tracker?

You must be wondering why you need a Valorant tracker at all. If you’re playing to have fun or to improve your performance, it’s important to know where you stand. So here are a few things that might convince you to use a Valorant tracker:

Teammate And Opponent Stats

You can see which agents suit you best, which play to your strengths and explore the extensive Valorant database. What’s more, is that with a Valorant tracker, you can find the latest Valorant items and upgrades.  As you progress between games, you can enhance your knowledge of the game and explore factors like body-part-specific damage stats and weapon accuracy. 

Statistics and Community

Keeping track of global player averages is easy with a Valorant tracker, which provides specific statistics for you. In some trackers, you can also share your best ideas and find guides to sharpen your skills.  It’s also completely free and lets you make your own profile to share your guides, results, and ideas with anyone.

Safe and sound

The Valorant trackers we’ve listed for you will be safe from bans and data misuse, and you won’t face the threat of downloading a rubbish app. This is because each of the supported trackers goes through detailed testing.  Also, read Shoutout To Best Shooting Games for PC in 2022 | Top 5 Shooting Games!!

How To Fix Valorant Tracker Not Working

There could be a few reasons your Valorant tracker might not work. There could be a bug in the tracker that would be resolved, or there could be an issue from your side.  Here’s how to solve the Valorant tracker not working:

Make Your Valorant Tracker Private Profile

It might have crossed your mind to keep your Valorant tracker profile private to keep your information hidden.  Here’s how you make your Valorant tracker profile private: OR Click on this official link to make your Valorant tracker profile private.  Also, read 3 Best Multiplayer Games for PC in 2022 For Multiple Craziness!!

Wrapping Up

We at Path of EX recommend you experiment with different trackers to pick which one suits you best. I hope I have covered everything you need to know, and I look forward to your comments!


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