Riot Games is extremely famous for its competitive 5v5 first-person shooter since its release.  And the latest update to valorant Patch 4.10 is all set to welcome progress bar consistency to a comprehensive roaster of agents. This new release of Valorant Patch Notes is surely expected to provide a handful of pixel collision improvements to Haven and fresh and exciting gameplay for the players.  So before I spill the beans here, Run! Below mentioned are the newly added Valorant Patch Notes 4.10 which are all about the exciting updates and thrilling gameplay. Go on and do drop your query in the comment if you have so. box underneath.

Valorant Patch Notes 4.10 | Updates & Changes

Consistent updates and changes in Valorant, speak for its live-service title that intends to make this platform a fair and competitive one, perfect for esports. Check out the fresh updates in reference to Valorant Patch Notes 4.10 and make the most of this treasure.  Also, read Apex Legends Patch Notes: Season 13 (1.96 Update) | Out Now!

Valorant Patch Notes 4.10: Agent Progress/Charge Bars 

Moved to a consistent location and made a consistent size on the following Agents:


Valorant Patch Notes 4.10: Omen

Updated 3P model to increase detail and fidelity.

Valorant Patch Notes 4.10: Map Updates

Haven Removed some pixel collision in the following areas:

Can no longer walk up the front of A site coverCan no longer jump onto the top of C site cover without a boost ability

Valorant Patch Notes 4.10 – Gameplay Systems

Added a new Performance graph to display Shooting Error values for recent shots on the Client. This is the same information visible in the crosshair error settings but should help players better diagnose their performance after an engagement.

Valorant Patch Notes 4.10: Gameplay Consistency Updates

Go on further for the fresh Gameplay consistency updates in reference to Valorant Patch Notes 4.10:

Fixed an issue where ping or framerate spikes could cause an excessive move processing buffer to develop and persist for multiple seconds. While this was happening, you may have been experienced:Increased Server-side input latency could make inputs take longer to be applied than expected based on your ping.Additional delay in viewing other players could give you less time to react.In both cases, the additional latencies were not reflected in the current “Network RTT Avg/Max” graph or in-game scoreboard ping values.Added a new Performance graph showing “Network RTT Jitter” to help you understand if you’re experiencing network issues not reflected in the Network RTT Avg/Max valuesAdded new Performance graph “Network RTT + Processing Delays,” which captures the effective latency you experience due to Network Round Trip Time, Server move processing, and Client move processing delays

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Valorant Patch Notes 4.10 – Bugs

Below is the detailed information on bug fixes that are expected to be encountered in this latest release of Valorant Patch Notes 4.10, Check out further:


“Destroyed” Voice lines for deployable abilities will now be heard globally by allies. This includes:

Chamber: Trademark and RendezvousKilljoy: Turret and AlarmbotCypher: Trapwire and SpycamYoru: Gatecrash

Fixed a bug where Neon’s High Gear would automatically stop after using Fast Lane or Relay BoltFixed issue where observers would see Viper’s enemies glow red when they were near but outside Viper’s Pit.Fixed Chamber’s Rendezvous radius not showing for spectators and observersFixed Brimstone’s Incendiary (Q) feeling damage in chunks of 15 instead of 1 like the other zone damage abilities in the gameOverall, DPS should be unchanged


Bug fix for some minor flickering that was occurring on Protocol weapon’s transparent line VFX when inspecting, ADSing, reloading, etc.

Gameplay Systems

Fixed a bug where agent specific keybinds would sometimes not work properly even though the settings menu showed them as appliedThis fix actually went out in 4.09, but we wanted to make sure users on the live game weren’t experiencing issues in this area before calling it “fixed.”

Fixed a bug where the combat report would rarely not show up for the entirety of the game.

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Known Issues

Spike plant and defuse bar are not shown for Observers with Minimal HUD enabled, even when spectating the Agent who is planting or defusing. Valorant Patch Notes 4.10 are full of surprises, indeed! Who knew a bundle of patch notes released in episode 3 will embark upon such a huge change in regard to Agents, bugs, and Map updates, Incredible. Go through such updates dropped above in reference to Valorant Patch Notes 4.10 and play with every bit of that. 

Watch Valorant Patch Notes 4.10 Video Play

Wrapping Up

Well, that is all there really is to the latest Valorant Patch Notes 4,10. We would suggest that you keep checking our article because we will definitely be updating it with any mid-season updates. I hope all your questions regarding Valorant Pach Notes 4.10 are answered well. It is always a pleasure to serve you with the best. Patch of EX is open to any suggestions or opinions. Do drop below if you have any.  Adios!


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