This epic RPG Undertale of Toby Fox is flooded by a bundle of spooky characters throughout the game. We all have drooled upon the antagonist and protagonist characters of Undertale: Chara, Frisk, and Papyrus. Now, this is your time to learn a lot more about the leader of Chara and Frisk.  Read along further to encounter the ultimate guide of Undertale’s Toriel and look at how to fight the Undertale’s Toriel using different routes. Toriel of Undertale is assumed to be a wholesome love, care, intelligence, and playful character in Undertale. 

Who Is Toriel In Undertale?

Undertale’s Toriel is the most important character in the world of Undertale who is the wife of the ruler- Asgore and is the mourning mother of Asriel. Asriel is the one who was killed by the humans before the Undertale. Undertale’s Toriel and Asgore also adopted a human who had unfortunately fallen into the underground before Undertale’s protagonist. This fallen human, further, pretends to be the sick one and further merges the spirits with Asriel, to return back to the human world. This is the reason why Asriel is anti-harming the humans, unlike Undertale’s Chara who is always in the plan to kill the humans, likewise it was killed by them.  The reason for such a protective side of Toriel of Undertale is because she is quite familiar with the fact that if her husband Asgore bumps into any human, he will do his every bit to kill that human, in order to take revenge for his fallen son.  Torielf of Undertale is the grieving, protective mother in the world of Undertale who is always looking forward to saving the protagonist from Flowey and guiding them through the Ruins.  Also, read Apex Legends Patch Notes: Season 13 (1.96 Update) | Out Now!

Appearance Of Undertale’s Toriel

Torielf of Undertale is said to be a Boss Monster who owns a head resembling a white-furred Nubian Goat, along with droopy ears and short horns. Her irises are bright-red tinted and have comparatively long lashes. She usually drapes her anthropomorphic body in a long purple skirt with a popping Delta Rune on her chest. Undertale’s Tories wear large-sized reading glasses, used while reading a book on snail facts.  Torielf of Undertale is the epitome of grace and divinity with paws at the end of her limbs and carries a powerful character on her sleeves. 

Personality Of Undertale’s Toriel

Toriel of Undertale is a protective mother for the protagonist who exhibits strong emotions toward the protagonist and Asgore, her husband. She was all excited to be the most caring mother for her children but unfortunately, circumstances turned her dreams into grief and mourning.  Undertale’s Toriel is found to be extremely fond of cooking and baking butterscotch-cinnamon pie and snail pie. The overall character of Torielf of Undertale is referred to as cheerful and playful who loves throwing bad jokes and a lot of puns from her journal of puns. Apart from being a vigilant lady, Toriel of Undertale is spotted to be highly smart and intelligent and wishes to be a teacher.  Toriel of Undertale holds a multi-shaded personality that makes her a dreamy woman, protective wife, caring mother, and a jolly being. 

Age Of Undertale’s Toriel

Toriel of Undertale is one of those characters in the world of Undertale who still hasn’t got a particular age assigned to it yet. And considering the fact that she is a non-human character, assuming her round-off age is not that easy. However, many of Undertale’s Toriel fans depict her as a middle-aged woman, belonging to the age group of 40-50 but Toby Fox’s Undertale has still not given any verdict on the age of Undertale’s Toriel yet.  Therefore, one can assume Toriel of Undertale to be one of the middle-aged women for a while but must not bet on the same.   Also, read How To Get Guide To Ballad Genshin Impact: Forsaken Rift Location (2022) | Guide To Ballad Location

How To Beat Undertale’s Toriel In Fight?

Let’s begin the battle! TBH Undertale’s Toriel battle shows up quite early in the game so one must always be ready with its beast mode on. Nevertheless, the presence of mind of the player plays the major role here, in regards to which route he/she ought to take.  Check out further for the mini-guide on How to beat Toriel of Undertale in a fight using different routes:

1. Toriel Neutral Route

Undertale’s Toriel Neutral Route is the most carefree route for a player as it doesn’t really matter whether you kill the Toriel or spare the Toriel. Some changes are possible to witness at the end of the Neutral Route if the Toriel of Undertale is killed to death, however, if you are expecting a grand change in the end then that is not happening.  Players using Undertale’s Toriel Neutral Route can happen to be at the most relaxing stage because there is no compulsion on them yet in regard to whether they should spare the Torielf of Undertale or kill her. 

2. Toriel Pacifist Route

In Undertale’s Toriel Pacifist Route, the players ought to continue with their efforts of sparing the Toriel of Undertale until or unless she gives in. This process may take four to five attempts but is much less challenging than some of the other sparing ways from later in the game.  Hence, Undertale’s Toriel Pacifist Route allows players to spare the Toreil of Undertale until she finally gives in. 

3. Toriel Genocide Route

After you, the player, completes the Undertale’s Toriel Neutral Route and Pacifist Route, you must head on to the Genocide Route that takes you along to the cold blood of Toriel of Undertale.  This possible moment in Genocide Route is one of the overwhelming moments in Undertale that you must never forget.  Neutral Route, Pacifist Route, and Genocide Route are three different routes present for Undertale’s Toriel where the outcome of the game fully lies in the hands of the player.  Toriel of Undertale is the most important middle-aged character in Undertale who is known for her vibrant appearance and poise aura. She is a protective wife and mother who dreams to be a teacher and bake one of her favorite cookies throughout her life.  Also, read 10 Best Games Like Little Nightmares: Working In 2022 | Little Nightmares Alternative Games

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Wrapping Up

Toriel of Undertale is my favorite character in the list of Undertale’s characters who exhibits sheer beauty and grace throughout her presence. I just love her wide range of personalities present in the gameplay that tries to safeguard the protagonist as the course of her main objective.  I hope all of your questions regarding Toriel of Undertale are answered well. Path of EX welcomes any kind of opinions or suggestions with pen arms, Do write one to us underneath.  Adios!


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