Toby Fox’s Undertale has got this epic RPG that brings in a lot of confusion about who’s who and the lore of characters. Undertale’s Chara is a true contender present in the game that strives to break the boundary between monsters and humans throughout the gaming session.  Further is an extended version of the ultimate character guide of Undertale’s Chara that includes the Lore of Undertale’s Chara, the age of Undertale’s Chara, and a lot more. Go along further!

Who Is Undertale’s Chara | Lore of Death & Vengeance

Revealing the mystery, Chara of Undertale is the only other human character in the game, other than Frisk the protagonist, who is also said to be the fallen human. Being the first of the race to fall into the underground, Chara was carried off by Asgore and Toriel as a brother of Asriel. But soon he/she was taken by death after some time, along with new family members.  The main instigator of the game is Chara’s death. After Chara dies, their spirit gets intertwined with Asriel and both go on the search for the surface to break the boundary between humans and monsters. Having said that, after they arrive in Chara’s village, humans leave Asriel wounded, and when they return to die in the underground, their father swears an act of revenge.  As the Undertale begins, the tale of Chara takes a fresh start when Frisk lands down below. This whole plot of gameplay gets a lot more fascinating as many believe that Chara’s spirit is behind Frisk’s actions and is trying to force the player character to end the job they started with. However, the job is to break the hurdle between the world below and the human world with a sense of determination.  Also, read Who is the Strongest Anime Character in Naruto Universe | Know the Top 5 Powerful Ninjas

Is Undertale’s Chara Male Or Female?

The gender of Chara of Undertale has always been a matter open to debate throughout the gameplay. Many players believe that Frisk or Chara should not be entitled to a specific gender so that any player can link themselves with the human features in their RPG but it is not official yet. Therefore, Chara of Undertale is neither a Male nor a Female.  Also, read How To Sign Up Honkai Impact Star Rail Beta: 11 Easy-Steps | Register For Second Beta

What Is The Age Of Undertale’s Chara 

Determining the age of Chara of Undertale is as tricky as it seems to be. As per the Frisk guide, Frisk is around pre-teenage and as there is a lot of similarity in design in Frisk and Undertale’s Chara, it can be guessed that when Chara was alive, they were still in their childhood.  Spilling the fact, calculating the exact amount of time between Chara’s death and Frisk’s arrival is a tough task. So summing up the exact age of them during Undertale is next to impossible. However, there have been a lot of estimates from two to 20 years older but we might get the exact answer in the coming future, considering the relationship between Undertale and Delatarune.   Putting the age of Undertale’s Chara in exact numbers is a tough spot, however, it can be estimated from the rough calculation that the Chara of Undertale and Frisk might be in their pre-teenage.  Also, read 150+ Popular Kahoot Names For Boys & Girls In 2022 | Funny, Dirty, Unique, Creative Kahoot Names

Relationship Between Undertale’s Chara & Frisk

The relationship between Undertale’s Chara and Frisk can be compiled with a common theory that Chara’s spirit is using Frisk as a medium to complete their strategy of breaking the barrier between monsters and humans. However, many fans have noticed their difference in expressions and nature throughout the game.  Chara of Undertale is another antagonist human character in the game that leads the gaming session with a vengeance to break the barrier between humans and monsters. After Chara of undertale dies, it takes the reference of Frisk’s existence to complete its job and treats Frisk as a vessel for its spirit.  Also, read 10 Best Games Like Little Nightmares: Working In 2022 | Little Nightmares Alternative Games

Wrapping Up

Chara of Undertale is a powerful human character in the game that is allowing its spirit to break the barrier between humans and monsters even after being killed in real gaming life. The age and gender of Undertale’s Chara are still an arguable concern here but there are high chances that this mystery will also be resolved in the future years.  I hope all of your questions regarding Chara of Undertale are answered well. Path of EX welcomes any kind of opinions or suggestions with pen arms, Do write one to us underneath.  Adios!


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