I can’t help but notice how closely it resembles Google’s ideas of a recently launched pinball game. Google introduced browser-based pinball games ahead of its I/O conference this year. Google said, “a great choice for building games driven by user interaction, such as puzzles and word games.” Twitter, are you stealing now? I guess Twitter Data Dash has a problem with cats. One cat is walking with a billboard or something on it, and another one has swallowed a hot air balloon and is flying. I’m as confused as you are about this game. Scroll down and understand more about Twitter Data Dash, a Twitter privacy policy game.

What’s the New Twitter Game to Explain Privacy Policy?

To promote its updated privacy policy and security features, Twitter has developed a free game called Twitter Data Dash. It isn’t perfect, but it is more intriguing than practically any other topic related to privacy policies. I doubt this game’s capacity to clarify the platform’s unique privacy policies regarding hate speech and harassment. The game appears to be more of a Twitter beginner’s instruction than a game explaining privacy policy. Also, read How to Send Private Tweets | How New Twitter Circle Feature Works! Even while the outcome is not particularly outstanding, the launch caption was quite appealing. According to Twitter,” Your privacy isn’t a game. But we did make one help you understand the more complex parts of our privacy policy and how you can take control of your experience on Twitter”. The company’s intention to take a different way to deliver revised policies is a pretty appealing marketing strategy but miserably failed to make it to the finest. Elon Musk being the new CEO, the platform’s future appears to be dubious. Musk hasn’t said what he plans to do about Twitter privacy restrictions, but he does have other ideas. Let things settle down a bit. Until then, play Twitter Data Dash! Also, read How to Delete Twitter Account | Deactivate and Permanently Delete Twitter

What is Twitter Data Dash Game?

It is a Pixel art platformer by Momo Pixel with four levels. You are walking your dog called Data and collecting bones avoiding obstructions along the way. The control tabs are forward, backward, and jumping. Whenever you complete, one of Twitter’s Security Feature details pops up. The clock is ticking from the moment you start playing. So there is also a link to tweet how long it took you to complete that level. The game’s color combination is ocean blue, which matches the blue of the Twitter bird. The game is not particularly user-friendly, and the movement is clumsy. The good news is that you can try as many times as you want because you will not die if you touch your enemy—you will only blink for a second, and everything will return to normal! Twitter also made sure that users can access new updates of terms and policies via Twitter app settings, saying, ‘Beginning today, you can see the updates to our privacy policy and terms of service in the app via settings and our redesigned privacy policy site.’ One of the most impressive aspects of Twitter’s updated Privacy Policy is that it divides the complicated phrases of terms and conditions into three categories: data collection, data use, and data sharing. Also, read 11 Things Elon Musk Wants to Change on Twitter | An Era of Free Speech?

How to Play Twitter Data Dash Game?

Have you played Mario? Expect Twitter Data Dash as a low-grade imposter of Mario. Twitter deserves credit for introducing something like this but forgot to do the homework on how much the gaming industry has developed nowadays. But, understandably, you don’t have to form a clan and battle to understand privacy policies- a 2D game would be a much better option. Users can play Data Dash on the official Twitter Data Dash website. The game starts by saying, ‘Twitterverse can be tricky to navigate if you don’t know your way around. So we made a game to help you understand our privacy policy a little better.’ You walk your dog, Data in Privacy, safely to the park. You have to collect 5 bones along the way to complete every level, and the spam messages, trolls, and ads are the obstructions in your path. Battle with enemies and keep your dog safe. 

Twitter Data Dash Game Guide

The Twitter Data Dash game gives a nostalgia of early 2000s games. When you click on ‘Start,’ you will have to choose a language to proceed. Click on start again, and you will get a welcome note to ‘Twitterverse!’ You can choose from avatars to play-Sky, Liem, Dee, and Meme Meow. The instruction is unclear when you are new to the game, but your perspective will improve with further playing. The key responsibility of the gamer for the first level is explained as “Data wants NO parts of the cat ads in your way. Dodge them and grab the bones to cross the bridge.‘  Also, read Twitter Could Soon Add A Podcast Tab To The App The controlling keys are limited and straightforward- You can go forward and backward or jump high. You will have no idea where the bone is or where you are supposed to go. All you have to do is roam around and find an escape. The second level is waiting with a ‘sea of DMs,’ Finding the messages that are not spam will be your key responsibility. The third level is on how to turn on your location on Twitter. The last level concentrates on protecting your tweets from trolls and unwanted replies. 

Is Data Dash worth a Hype?

Twitter Data Dash, a guide to simplifying a complex process, has done the job nicely- it is far better than reading the traditional ‘Terms and Conditions’ format. The attempt to engage users with the app’s privacy policy deserves applause, but the game is a failure in its user interface and logic. If you are not worried about knowing what the bone you are collecting represents, Twitter Data Dash is worth trying, but only one try! As far as I was concerned, the concept was good, but it was not worth the hype.

Wrapping Up

Twitter has launched a Twitter Data Dash game to familiarize users with its revamped privacy policy. The game made news due to its close resemblance to Google’s pinball games in concept. Since reading the long list of privacy terms of an application can be dreadful, Twitter has done a great job introducing Twitter Data Dash. But the user experience of the game is throbbing on Twitter now. Here I have covered every aspect of the Twitter game to explain the privacy policy. Share the article with a friend who is still searching for bones in Twitter Data Dash. Meanwhile, I am going to walk my dog now!


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