Gaming fans frequently use Twitch to view the streaming of their favorite players. Twitch’s popularity has soared after the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic. Particularly considering how many people confined within during the shutdown have turned to games for fun. More than 26 million people now utilize it every day (DAUs).  Thus, Twitch chat logs have given viewers a way to express their opinions to the broadcaster while also responding to them in real time. However, if you’re a Twitch streamer, it becomes crucial to make sure that your chat is free of offensive remarks, foul language, and hate speech. In this article, you will learn how to check Twitch logs in different ways.

What Are Twitch Logs or Twitch Chat Logs?

Twitch logs or Twitch chat logs enable viewers and streamers to interact while watching streams. The whole chat history of a single show is contained in the chat logs.  Checking the Twitch logs and taking the necessary action are two ways Twitch streamers may keep an eye on and manage their communities. Streamers or moderators can use Twitch chat logs to remove offensive or improper comments and to suspend offenders. Also, read 10 Best DMCA Royalty-Free Music For Twitch | Copyright-Free Twitch Music

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs?

The Twitch logs for your streams can be viewed in a variety of ways. Each one is described below:

1. Using The User Search Command

You can look up specific viewers on Twitch by entering their usernames in the user search field. Additionally, you can type it as a straightforward command in your chatbox to see Twitch logs.

Type “/user” and their username in the chat box of your channel, then hit Enter.  That’s it; Twitch will now show every comment that person has made in the chat during your stream.

Also visible are the user’s account age, the duration of their follower relationship with you, and their history of bans. The user search query does not, however, show the comments that moderators have deleted. Also, read 6 Best Twitch Ad Blockers Of 2022 | Top Twitch AdBlockers

2. Via 3rd-party Chatbots

You can manage your Twitch logs using a third-party chatbot like Chatty (Chatty – Twitch Chat Client). An open-source, Java-based programme called Chatty provides a variety of capabilities, including automatic chat moderation and chat history downloads.  It is really easy to set up and use and offers a wealth of information about the discussions in your stream. Install Chatty on your computer, then activate the bot to utilise it. The bot will begin observing the chat after connecting to your Twitch account.

3. Using Chat Moderator View

You can browse the stream’s chat as a moderator if you have access to that feature. To access the Twitch logs as a moderator on Twitch, simply switch to the moderator view.  Click on the sword icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen to access the mod view. To examine a viewer’s whole chat history on your channel, click on their username. Also, read Twitch Partnership Requirements Of 2022 | Twitch Partnership Qualifications

4. Via Your Streams’ VOD Playback

A specific stream’s remnants are kept on your channel as VODs (video-on-demand). As a result, you can watch the complete stream as well as the associated live chat by using the VOD. Consequently, you may watch your full show and keep an eye on the live Twitch logs if you wish to thoroughly review the chat logs for your stream.  Due to the lack of filters in this method, you must watch the entire stream, which takes a lot of time. However, it is really effective because it allows you to see the comments that viewers are leaving while watching your life. You can examine any comments that moderators eventually removed by watching the VOD replay. Also, read How To Add Chat To OBS In Twitch | Pop Out Chat While Live

Benefits Of Checking Twitch Chat logs

Your Twitch logs should be checked for a number of reasons. Read further to know the reasons. If you take streaming seriously, you must always be aware of your audience’s demographics, preferences, tastes, and expectations. You will understand this by reading the viewers’ comments on the Twitch logs.  You can deliver better streams by gauging the real-time responses from your viewers through Twitch logs. You can learn what’s working and what isn’t by observing how people respond to your chats because they usually don’t hold back when expressing their opinions due to the anonymity of the medium. Also, read How to Set Up PayPal For Twitch in 2022 | Connect Paypal to Twitch You can watch their feedback, elicit specific questions from your viewers about the stream, and bounce ideas off of them through Twitch logs. This will frequently provide you with some excellent insights into what your audience desires. As was already noted, using the Twitch logs gives you the ability to go through the conversation history of a stream, filter out unwanted remarks, and flag users who break the rules. Additionally, Twitch may potentially ban your channel if you permit aggressive behaviour from your viewers. Despite their best efforts, chat moderators occasionally make poor choices. In order to assess if any action taken against a person was appropriate or not, you can evaluate their activities using the Twitch chat logs. Giving thanks to your devoted followers will show them that you appreciate them and care about them. You can identify the most interested and active streamers by looking at the Twitch logs. Also, read 20+ Twitch Bots to Identify Fake Viewers | Top Twitch Bot List 2022

How To Download Twitch Chat Logs?

Downloading Twitch chat logs is not a big deal. An application created by the community called TwitchDownloader allows users to download whole Twitch VODs, clips, and even user discussions from live streams. It’s not overly difficult to use, just a little bothersome. Let’s see how to download Twitch logs. Steps to Download Twitch Chat Logs – Sadly, this approach does not save emojis. However, it does save the entire chat log, including usernames and a timestamp. Also, read 10 Best & Free Twitch Alert Sounds For Your Stream 2022 | By Streamers

How To Check Twitch Chat logs As A Viewer?

There are two ways for viewers to access the Twitch conversation logs. Websites like justlog can be used to check Twitch chat logs for viewers. Follow these instructions to do that.

You will get two options after opening Justlog in your browser (Channel and Username).  In the Channel box, enter the name of the streamer’s channel where you want to retrieve the desired Twitch chat logs.  In the Username box below, enter the particular user’s Twitch username.  To complete the procedure, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

In accordance with Twitch’s privacy policy, you are entitled to obtain a copy of the data that has been saved there. Fill out a form with the necessary data to accomplish that. Make sure the request is legitimate and appropriate for the season by selecting Chat in the Information type area. Also, read How Much do Twitch Streamers Make in 2022 | Who Earns the Most?

How To View Twitch Chat Logs For Other Channels?

The only way to view the Twitch chat logs of other channels is from their VODs unless the owner of that channel voluntarily provides you with access to their chat logs. Notably, the broadcaster must have permitted other users to access their streamed VODs. Also, read How to Activate Twitch on Xbox, PS, Roku & Other Devices? 

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about Twitch logs. I will update the article if anything new updates comes up. Till then, stay tuned to Path of EX and keep sharing this article with your friends and family. Happy Gaming!


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