Twilight Domain Cleric Feat DnD 5e is held by the clerics. Clerics are one of the classes that have multiple shades than any other class. They have their very own strength earned from the gods of the universe. To add on, Twilight Domain Cleric Feat DnD 5e also has a whole defined spell list for the subclass and the abilities which makes the character a powerful one on the floor.  From making some bonus actions to experiencing a whole lot of comfort, DnD 5e Twilight Domain Cleric Feat DnD is the one you can not afford to ignore. Dig in further and learn more about the feat in detail. 

What is Twilight Domain Cleric Feat in 5e DnD?

To undertake the power of rest and relaxation among the player characters, Twilight Domain Cleric is a place of transitions between darkness and light in 5e DnD. This is a domain that considers the value of comfort and recovery in the night full of darkness and terrors.  The clerics of Twilight Domain protect the twilight hours and provide asylum to the ones who seek escape from the terrors.  To earn the strength of defensive weapons, the clerics also harness the power of darkness with them. Clerics are also known for serving some gods like:

Gods of Healing or treatment (such as Boldrei, Hestia, Mishakal, or Pelor)Protection or Bravery (such as Dol Arrah, Hajama, Helm or Ilmater)Transition or travel (such as Fharlanghn, Hermes, the Raven Queen, and the traveler) 

These gods are served by clerics who are brave and daring.  Also, read 5e Burning Hands Cone| Saving Throw and Damage in DnD Spells

Advantages of Twilight Domain Cleric Feat in 5e DnD

There are many advantages that a player is made to experience. Starting from Bonus Proficiencies to Midnight Shroud, about which we will talk ahead in this article, so head on 

1. Bonus Proficiencies

A player gets an advantage to ace martial weapons and heavy armor applications at the initial stage.  

2. Eyes of Night

At the first stage, a player gets the benefit of eying the creatures, even in the dark places within a range of 300 feet. Darkness can be in reference to seeing the faded light like a vivid one and dark vision in dim light.  With this action, a player has the power to share the dark vision, as granted to him, with the creature he is willing to, through to the creatures as equal to the Wisdom Modifier. Additionally, A creature must be within 10 feet of the player. The vision so shared continues for a straight 1 hour.  The shared vision cannot be done again until the player gets a rest. 

3. Vigilant Blessing,

A player is blessed with a sense of being vigilant at the first stage. With this, a creature so touched gets an advantage on his next turn. This benefit lasts for the time being when he either uses his turn or if the player reuses this benefit. 

4. Channel Divinity: Twilight Sanctuary

Channel Divinity has a great amount of influence on the allies with the soothing twilight. It is accessible to the PCs at the 2nd level. While making an action, a PC introduces a holy symbol that emits a sphere of twilight from you. The sphere of a 30-foot radius is formed around you, covered with a dim light. It revolves around, and its movement goes along with you.  This lasts for either 1 minute or until the PC dies.  At the end of the creature’s turn, a PC is ought to benefit the creature with:

Hitpoints of 1d6 for temporary basis and cleric level.Cease one effect resulting in it being charmed or frightening. 

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5. Steps of Brave

Steps of Brave begin at the 6h level. A player character gains an opportunity to connect with the darkness at an ultimate level and sense in the dark twilight. A PC also has the benefit to:

Saving the throws and protecting them from fright.Use an additional action in either flying at the walking speed till the next turn in case a PC is surviving in a dim light. 

6. Divine Strike

In order to apply the weapon attack with massive divine energy, Dive Strike is the one you need. This becomes accessible at the 8th level. At every turn made to strike a creature with a weapon, a creature has to tackle the additional psychic damage of 1d8. The damage rises up to 2d8 after reaching the 14th level. 

7. Midnight Shroud

Starting at the 17th level. A PC can shroud the night and protect its teammates or even rivals. The darkness can be chosen at any spell slot, depending upon the need.  And then a visible creature (or your own self) is opted, which can be spotted in the sheer darkness, according to the wisdom modifier.  Also, read Gloom Stalker Conclave 5e DnD | Spells, Advantages, Disadvantages

DnD 5e Twilight Cleric Domain Spells 

There are 5 kinds of spells under Twilight Domain Cleric Feat 5e DnD, depending upon different levels. The spells are:

1st Level- Faerie Fire, Sleep

Faerie Fire is a 1st level spell that throws a ray of light within a 20-foot cube, in order to outline the monsters that make a failed saving dexterity throw. The outlined creatures cannot earn the advantage of invisibility, and therefore sleep is their only way to sneak out from the attack.  Sleep permits the characters to roll 5d8 and the rolled amount of hit points are used to put the monsters off to sleep. The monsters, then, are made to sleep in ascending order.  For Instance: In a range where 6 creatures are present and- four of them have hit points of 6, two have 8, and two have 10. A PC is made to roll 28. The three creatures with 6 hit points will be made to sleep first; then it goes onto the next two players with 8 hit points. There can only be 1 more hit point so the next two creatures with 10 hit points will stay awake.  Pro Tip- This sleep referred to above lasts for 1 minute.  Also, read Can You Increase Spell Save DC 5e | Calculate Spell Save DC DnD

3rd Level- Moonbeam, See Invisibility

Moonbeam, a 3rd level spell, forms a 5-foot radius, 40 feet height cylinder with the dim light that allows you to move the action when the spell is cast. The creature so entered or is about to start with its turn, deals with a radiant light damage of 2d10 when a failed Con save is made. The damage reduces to half when the Con save succeeds.  Radiant damage ought to rise by 1d10 with each higher-level spell slot.  With See Invisibility, the PCs are able to see invisible creatures and ethereal planes for a full one hour. 

5th Level- Aura of Vitality, Leomund’s Tiny Hut

Aura of Vitality is a 3rd level spell slot that allows you to cast a level 1 healing word for one minute. With this spell, the caster can use it for the whole battle and expose bonus actions. Amazing! This generates a 30-foot aura around you, and you are allowed to make bonus actions with 2d6 hit points.  Leomund’s Tiny Hut is nonetheless a ritual which creates a 10-foot radius of force. This entraps approx 9 creatures of small to medium size. This spell is mostly used for long naps and stakeouts.  Also, read Could Scorching Ray 5e & Guiding Bolt be Your Next Best Dnd Spells? 

7th Level- Aura of Life, Greater Invisibility

With 30 feet of aura, the hospitable creatures are made to deal with subsequent necrotic damage. This nullifies those end results, which decreases the hit points. Hospitable creatures who have 0 hit points revamp to 1 hit point when they start with their turn.  With Greater Invisibility, a monster is turned up for 60 seconds. This includes anything they are wearing or holding. 

9th Level- Circle of Power, Mislead

Circle of Power is a 9th level spell which allows those non-hostile creatures to make saving throws against spells and magical effects. This creates an aura of approximately 30 feet, and the creatures are required to deal with half of the damage when they make a successful saving throw. With Mislead, you can become invisible when an illusionary double fills up your space. The illusionary double can move, speak, behave, and act as per your instructions. 

Drawbacks of DnD Twilight Domain Cleric 5e 

Twilight Domain Cleric 5e is no less than a Paladin. It has a low healing aura and a drive to be on the frontlines of combat. Though rest is bearable, the main problem lies in the absence of martial capabilities.

DnD Twilight Domain Cleric 5e & Martial Capabilities

With Twilight Domain Cleric 5e DnD, indeed, a player has the power to put their faith in strong, powerful cantrips like Toll the Dead and Sacred Flame in order to deal with the damage. But, on the negative side, this leads to a total disrespect of martial weapons and their skills.  If a player is using all of its bonus actions in using big weapons lying in the weapon department, this is not its total use.  Paladins, for instance, have full access to these weapons because they ace the actions with these weapons. They make a total use of it and play it according to the way they are meant to be.  But this subclass doesn’t own any additional or bonus attacks or any action that defines the worth of these weapons.  Also, read Best DnD Board Games of 2022 | Top 10 Picks By DnD King! However, in order to rectify it, there can be a use of the capabilities and powers during feats or attacks which respects the action economy. The weapons have to be played in full swing like they are meant to be. Either it is about swinging the hammer or playing with the longsword.  

 Wrapping Up

DnD Twilight Domain Cleric 5e allows the players to have a heavy armoire, martial weapons to use within 300 ft of darkvision, and free of cost advantage in the beginning stage. This works best for the players to make an attack in those dark, horrifying places. Although, I love the fact that it allows the transition between darkness and light.  I have always had the best of my experiences with this one, and I never heard anyone saying that they didn’t. So give your best and drop your take on this one in the comment section below. PathofEx stands by you 24/7   Have a Good Game! Ta-Da!!


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