These features are quite new to the platform, and users are still unaware of them. So, I have designed an article that has all the latest information on all the features introduced or shall be introduced to the platform. I hope it will give you some clarity as to what you can expect from Twitter in the days to come. I know you are excited to know in detail about them. So, read ahead and let me know your feedback in the comments below.

Mixed Media Tweets: A New Twitter Feature

With the introduction of the latest features on Twitter, you can now find many new features. Among them, a notable one is the Mixed Media tweets. The feature is incredible as you can attach four pictures or one video in the same tweet. But if reports are to be believed, photos and videos can not be included in one tweet. Although Twitter has officially not announced anything about the comments made by the users, they are introducing many new features on their platforms. You will get to know about them below. Also read, The Best Elon Musk Copypastas That Go Viral Instantly

Other Speculated Twitter Features

Users have also found an option in the platform where you can award tweets. You would find an award feature as a gift icon below each tweet, like and share buttons, and beside retweets.
It is still unclear whether the feature is a way of monetization for the users or is exclusively available for subscription holders. Reports even claim to introduce a feature where users can list their pronouns. But this feature is in the making and still not introduced on the platform. Although many Twitter users list their pronouns in their profile’s display name, bio, or other fields, it is believed the feature is in testing mode on the platform and not for public use. Another new feature is the option of ‘discovering’ and ‘joining,’ which is noticed below the images in some accounts. But there is still no clarity about this feature from Twitter yet. Also read, Amtrak’s Viral One-Word Tweet Inspires the New Trend on Twitter!

Wrapping Up

Twitter is joining the bandwagon with other social media platforms. They have also introduced new features to their platforms. Users still are not aware of the introduction of the new features as there has been no official announcement about it. But if reports are to be believed, the features are not one and two but many. I hope the above article helped you to get some clarity to get to know about some of the features.


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