That’ll take some effort, but don’t you sweat. We are here to make your life easier. You no longer have to scroll through thousands of pages to get your information. Here we present to you Instagram reel trends you don’t wanna miss in 2022 (Updated Weekly). After all, we won’t let you go out of style..!!

Wondering what is trending on Instagram Reels? Well, here are the Latest 7 viral trends of THIS WEEK that you would love to be a part of-“7 Instagram Trends for Your 7-day package”. Here we go… Must Check Out- Trending TikTok Trends 2022 | 7-Day Package: Weekly Update !!

The way you move….the way you feel

We are back with the latest trends on Instagram, where there is a new trend on Ian Asher’s the way you move, the way you feel. So, have you noticed the latest trend on Instagram going around this song? I request you to go around and listen to it; I bet you will not get bored. Audio perfect for gram reels. And people love to groove to the tune, and some showcase their skills. It has become viral in a few hours, and people are getting into the vibes. This song has videos regarding fashion trends, food decor, fitness, and more. I am sure the tune would get you on your feet when you hear it. So let’s groove into it.

I can swear … I can joke

This audio by Cheesetosong is breathtaking. Instagrammers are creating reels on this song all over. There are reels for travel. fashion, expressions, pets, and so much more. You have got to listen to it to believe how soothing it is for the ears. Now make a reel of things you are passionate about and share it on Instagram.

What it takes to come alive

Instagram is trending to the tunes of Ian Asher again. This guy gets the Instagrammers groove to his tunes again and again. The tune has been in use on this platform for flaunting dresses, food, destination, and even new makeup trends… So what are you waiting for???? So, do you like the trend ???? If the answer is YES then make your own reel on Instagram now.

Maybe you just need to

This is one the latest tune by Lenkaul. She is seen showcasing her makeup skills through this video. The tune got viral on the social platform and many influencers used it to show their skills and or make a fashion statement. So, get to the tune and show your passion right now.

1. Got My Mind on Your Body | Day-1 Trend: 06 May

Hello, Instagrammers!! There’s a new trend on Instagram on Demi Lovato’s Cool for the Summer. Have you seen this latest fascinating Instagram trend going around? No, then you must. Trust me; It is perfect for reels. It starts in the middle of the song and says, ‘ Got my mind on your body and your body on my mind.’ Instagram is drooling over this sound with how-to-do videos. Trust me; you will be surprised by the number of fashion hacks on these. It will soon be one of the best trending reels on Instagram. Instagram Content creators have gone crazy with different concepts and ideas exploring this trending reel trend. Using it to show a break from the hectic, chaotic daily schedules, they are seen performing different activities that they don’t get to enjoy because of this fast-paced world. Also, read 26 Most Viewed Instagram Reels In 2022 | Nobody Beats Khaby! Though you can use this vibrant audio to create whatever Instagram reel you have in your mind, let’s take a look at how influencers are taking this new Reel Trend- Ways to take this Reel trend- 

Fashion hacks- you can make a crop top with a scarf. Did you know that? This audio mainly shows off all the hacks you never knew existed before. Checkout- You might save time on the way to party this weekend!It’s food time! – A huge amount of creators use this to enhance the recipe on reels. Good food is more exotic than Versace sometimes.Dance videos on this song is going to be epic.

2. We were so toxic but… | Day-2 Trend: 07 May

Recently another Instagram reel trend has been going viral on Instagram. It is the sound of two people laughing and talking; soft background music enhances the flavor of the mood. Instagrammers say this is what a memory sounds like. Also, read 11 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps & Sites | Free and Legit Everyone uses this sound to remember their exes, loved ones, and deceased ones. Videos on this Instagram reel trend are worth watching. This sound gives chills to anyone even if you don’t have a core memory to share. If you are someone who likes trying new Instagram trending reels you should try this one right now without thinking.

3. My Money don’t jiggle jiggle | Day-3 Trend: 08 May

Another notable Reel trend that would be perfect for fun. Many use it to show off their skills; some records themselves lip-syncing to this. Some put memories to this audio Everything works. The song gives you a dancing and chilling mode. It cheers you up. See for yourself. Also, read 500+ Popular Instagram Names For Girls In 2022 | Best Usernames To Gain Followers Ways To Take This Reel Trend- Creators are experimenting with this latest Instagram reel trend.

4. 10 Things I Hate About You | Day-4 Trend: 09 May

This is one of the funniest Instagram reel trends of this week, portraying the heartbreak of being single. The full audio says the 10 things a girl hate about his ex. she describes her 10 worst issues in song form. Creators are recreating this in different scenarios- Brother eavesdropping his sister singing, girl exploring her life after break up and the girl singing about her ex to her friends.

5. I am Taking a Chance- La di da di da | Day-5 Trend: 10 May

This audio is trending as a confession of love. People are coming with unbelievably creative thoughts with it. Many creators show off their art and crafts, and some people lip-sync. Several ‘mini Bella porch with expressions are also siding with this Instagram reel trend. Also, read 300+ Trending Instagram: Ask Me Anything Questions To Make A Good Impression

6. I Found A Boy… | Day-6 Trend: 11 May

Instagram trending reels on this sound are so heart-melting! Creators use this sound to make videos of cute kids and pets mostly. Lovely couples take over second place using this trending Instagram reel audio. Watch yourself and have a ‘baby fever.’ The audio says ‘ I found a boy, beautiful and sweet. I never knew you were the someone waiting for me.’

7. First Class by Jack Harlow | Day-7 Trend: 12 May

This is the perfect sound to show off your outfit or accessories. Creators are using this sound for various concepts like travel videos and GRWM ideas. Also, read Best Instagram Alternatives in 2022 | Apps You Must Use After IG Also, read How to Repost a Story on Instagram | 2 Ways To Reshare IG Story 

Just as you are incomplete without your phone, a list of reel trends is incomplete without the mention of Trending Dancing Reels. When we hear the word Reel, dance comes to our mind first, as it should be especially because– These content creators and their tantalizing dance moves have taken Instagram by storm.  There is no way you can close your phone after watching these dance reels; once you are caught in the web of these Instagram reels, you have successfully lost 3-4 hours to scrolling. I am still not sure if it’s a good habit or a bad one… But who cares?  Also, read How To Use Instagram Quick Replies | Increase Engagement RN! There are many trending Dance Instagram Reel trends going around, but This week’s Trending Dancing reels on which the influencers are grooving at are–

1. Audio- Wait a Minute

You need to make a short cute TikTok with your Best friend. TikTok audience loves this adorable little happy dance TikToks of friends on about damn time. On the complimentary, it’s so fun making this cute little happy trending TikTok video of 2022. Especially after a tiring week, this joyful boost with your friend is precisely what will recharge you. Have fun !!

2. Audio- Rover

And look Who’s back? Though this TikTok song is old but has still not gone out of style.These super cool beats are so crazy..!! Trust me, you won’t be able to resist. Well, if you are looking for a dance TikTok audio this song is the best to channel your energy and show those crazzyyyyy moves of yours to the world!! Don’t think. Just go for it. Also, read How To Write Instagram Captions | 5 Tips From An Influencer in 2022

3. Audio- Hey Ladies, Drop it Down Remix (by_tov)

Another song that has made creators mad is- remix of ‘Hey ladies, drop it down’. Due to his rhythm, this dance reel has stormed Instagram exploring with thousands of creators from the world trying on this trending reel trend 2022.

4. Audio- Love in this Club

Another song that has made creators mad is- In this Club. The audio is widely used for dance compilation and stormed TikTok explore with thousands creators from the world trying on this trending TikTok trend 2022. Well, these Dance Reel makes me want to try them all. So, what are you waiting for? Go, work those secret moves to send them a secret hidden message with your happy Lit reel.

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Wrapping Up

Well, I guess these are all the new trending Instagram Reel trends recently. So, take your pick and choose which Reel trend you want to join and be a part of a fascinating journey.  After all, you get one chance to live; why waste it? Enjoy all you want, create whatever is in your mind, and show everyone what they miss. And don’t worry, you won’t be lacking behind because as promised, we will update you weekly with all the ongoing latest Instagram Reel trends you want to know.  Now go, make me proud, and do not forget to share your thoughts. Keep visiting Path of Ex for weekly updates.


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