Tower of Fantasy is really revamping itself as its popularity is increasing globally. After adding Frigg, it’s Claudia & and new version 1.5 now! These new updates keep the players excited just like you and I are. In this article, we will discuss everything regarding the new Tower Of Fantasy Claudia. So scroll on to find out Tower Of Fantasy Claudia’s best weapons, skins & official release date. Tower Of Fantasy Claudia is an SSR-rank character who will soon be made available worldwide as a Special Order Simulacra. Claudia is referred to as a “righteous, dominant, and ferocious lady” in Tower of Fantasy. Though Claudia is exclusive currently in China alone but you don’t worry we can fill you in with the details of everything about our new simulacrum Tower Of Fantasy Claudia below.

Tower Of Fantasy Claudia’s Release Date | Claudia TOF Launch

On September 15, 2022, Tower of Fantasy Claudia will be launched as the following Limited Banner & as an SSR-rank character. The announcement came from the TOF’s Official Twitter. Claudia will be a potential addition to the 1.5 Tower of Fantasy update. Let’s learn more about Tower of Fantasy Claudia below. Also, read Tower Of Fantasy Cheating Ban Announced (Sept 2022) | Suspending Hackers With Anti-Cheat

Who Is Tower Of Fantasy Claudia | TOF Claudia Bio?

BIO: Tower of Fantasy Claudia is a strong, courageous combatant who shouldn’t be taken lightly. She fights with a one-handed sword and has little trouble dispatching foes. She is an SSR character, thus contacting her could be challenging. 

Height: 170cmBirthplace: HagargeHoroscope: CapricornBirthday: January 16Grade: SSRJP Voice Actor: Mikaku Komatsu

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Claudia’s Weapons & Gifts In Tower Of Fantasy

Let’s learn some of the best weapons of Tower Of Fantasy Claudia. Her best weapon is Guren Blade. Which is made of an element Grievous with DPS resonance. Guren Blade is a sword type of weapon which has the ability of A shatter at 7.5 & S charge of 12 range. With the Grievous-Type Effect of Claudia’s subsequent strike, fully charged weapons will deal damage equal to 100.00% of ATK and render the victim painful for 7 seconds, dealing 20% more damage. Tower of Fantasy Claudia offers gift tags such as Everyday Items, Rare Items & some special Decoration options as gifts. Also, read Fifis Location In Tower Of Fantasy | TOF Fifis Monster

How To Get Claudia In Tower Of Fantasy?

Although we will be able to purchase weapons from Claudia using the game’s gacha system from Sep 15, 2022. Once you grab the Guren Blade (Grievous Sword), she will be accessible for equipping. Tower of Fantasy Claudia doesn’t always bring her weapon with her, as is the case with any Tower of Fantasy character who isn’t an NPC in the real world. Tower of Fantasy Claudia is a new simulacrum SSR-ranked character with one hand Guren Blade weapon, who will be released officially on Sep 15, 2022, with the Tower of Fantasy Version 1.5 update.

Wrapping Up

So this was everything you should be knowing about Tower Of Fantasy Claudia. Claudia’s release date is near so make sure you know everything about her using this article before you use her as your weapon. Hope you got all your answers to the questions you had about Claudia before you started reading this article. Visit Path of EX on any query. Happy Gaming!


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