Yes..!! You heard it right, Tower of Fantasy developers have finally taken a major step by updating the TOF game server and making new alterations to the game. By announcing Tower of Fantasy Cheating ban and suspension, they finally gave response to all the game hackers that have been interfering with the TOF game system. Recently, Tower Of Fantasy’s official Twitter account has uploaded a tweet announcing how they have caught the game thousands of hackers and cheaters; and how they have to face certain consequences. Wanna know where it all went down? Stay connected and read all the gossipy updates on the Tower of Fantasy Cheating Ban update.

Tower Of Fantasy Cheating Ban | Suspension of Hackers

Tower Of Fantasy, a game that has become the new obsession of gamers nowadays, has somehow got caught in the Hackers’ net. Being only released in August, it had managed to attract a number of Cheaters and hackers. As revealed earlier by the developer Hotta Studio, the game server has been found corrupted due to multiple hackers’ attack. The cheaters have been hacking the game to “obtain in-game resources illegally” thereby impacting the TOF game balance. As a result, many honest Tower of Fantasy players are facing problems and disturbances while the hackers have been enjoying the in-game rewards and making their name by climbing the game ranking system. To prevent this, the Hotta Studio have announced a new Tower Of Fantasy Cheating Ban update, according to which the cheaters will be heavily punished. On 7 September 2022, TOF’s official Twitter account uploaded a picture declaring the suspension of the hackers and a 10- year ban on all the cheating accounts for the illegal hacking practise. Also, read Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe in Tower of Fantasy | TOF Burger Recipe

Tower Of Fantasy Rules & Updates After Cheating Ban

Hacking is not a new term for gamers. We have constantly seen how the viral games get caught in the malicious hacking black hole. The same happened for our favorite game Tower of Fantasy. Recently, there have been many complaints how certain cheaters are using hacking skills to attain Best Tower of Fantasy Characters and claiming in-game rewards. On August 16, the TOF devs go on to confirm that “we have permanently banned 1706 accounts involved in severe rule violations” while also providing a public list of banned accounts. And now, on September 7, the Tower Of Fantasy creators have announced the new rules and updates featuring the safety of the game from game hackers and cheaters. Let’s take a look at what new updates and rules Tower of Fantasy has initiated- Also, read Tower Of Fantasy Deconstruction Device PDC1 Password | Grab The Pin

10 Year Suspension

Tower Of Fantasy developers have announced a 10 yr suspension of all Hacker’s accounts who use cheating tricks to claim in-game rewards. This TOF Cheating Ban update will suspend 2 main offences-

Banning Hacked accounts

Another major step taken by Tower of fantasy developers under the cheating ban is the removal of all cheating accounts. Yes, finally, a piece of good news for all the honest TOF players. The game has removed all the dishonest accounts, thereby giving the Tower of Fantasy game server a clean slate. According to the creators, the game server has banned 1,000 players and accounts for the violation of cheating.

Southeast Asia- 470,Europe- 442North America- 343

Also, read Tower Of Fantasy Deconstruction Device PDC2 Password | Grab The Pin The devs have also named every account caught up in the sweep, adding in asterisks to protect players’ identities.

Removal of Hackers from Ranking System

Another amazing update that has made the Tower of Fantasy fans happy is the removal of dishonest players from the game ranking system. TOF players were relieved to hear that Tower of Fantasy will also be removing all of the currently suspended accounts from Ranked after the 1.5 version update. Adding to the compliment, they would also distribute compensation to players once the solution is complete.

Updating the Server with Tower Of Fantasy 1.5 Update

The Hotta Studio has announced the 1.5 version update of the Tower of Fantasy game that would modify its game system to a higher security system preventing the breach of hackers and cheaters. This advanced game version will now have a more secured server prone to previous cheating loopholes.

Introducing In-Game reports / Customer Service Forms

Still questioning the authenticity of Tower of Fantasy? Well, this new feature update might help! The Hotta Studio has imbibed a new feature that will help them from future hacking attacks. While they think that the anti-cheat software isn’t quite sophisticated enough to cover its “blind spots”, Hotta wants gamers to use in-game reports or customer service contact forms to point out where Tower of Fantasy cheating is going on. This will help them to make alterations before any damaged could be caused. Also, read Tower Of Fantasy World Exploration Astra | All 114 Points! How much this will help in preventing Tower of Fantasy from future attacks is still a mystery, but one thing is sure the developers are taking strict measures to prevent the authenticity and credibility of Tower of Fantasy game. They have also displayed the Suspension List on their official page for in-detail information.

How To Check If Your Account Is Banned By Tower Of Fantasy?

To check if your account in banned by TOF, you need to visit Tower of Fantasy official website. The game developers have displayed the Suspension List on their official page for in-detail information. Check your account name under the suspended account list to verify why your TOF account is not working.

Wrapping Up

Well, Wonderers, now you can finally continue your journey to your dreamland without stressing about the vicious hackers. With this new Tower of Fantasy Suspension & Cheating Ban, all the hacked TOF accounts have to face major consequences. So, what are you waiting for? Go pick up your avatar and complete your pending quests. Seen you soon! Adiós jugadores


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