It often happens prior to the Alpha or Beta stages but is also used throughout the delivery cycle. Testing can be done by developers, manually by people who are not familiar with the code, or automatically by the software. One of the main aims of software testing is to find bugs before the code is released to users. An alternative view sees testing as a qualification procedure that establishes the presence of bugs rather than their absence. Software is a big part of every business nowadays. From e-commerce and restaurants to banking and streaming devices, the software helps most businesses run smoothly. In this new era, the software is the backbone of every business. To make sure that software isn’t causing glitches in customer experience, companies should integrate robust testing into their workflow. Not only does testing software make sure that it functions seamlessly, but it also makes sure that the end-user has an excellent customer experience. Many software testing companies exist in the world. In our research, we looked at many of them, and we found that [company name] was the best. 

1. LambdaTest

LambdaTest is an online cross-browser testing platform. LambdaTest is designed to help developers, testers, and quality assurance engineers to test their web applications on the cloud using popular frameworks like Selenium, Cypress, etc. The online remote testing platform lets you test directly in your browser, on your device, without any downloads or plugins. With Automated cross-browser testing using Selenium on LambdaTest’s grid of real browsers you can set up the environment in minutes, perform test runs in parallel in the cloud, run your tests across popular browsers, collaborate with teammates on open source, and much more. This saves you a whole lot of time and effort. LambdaTest is built to enable you to execute Selenium tests in cross-browser and cross-device configurations, run tests in parallel, test your locally hosted website, perform responsive & screenshot testing and do much more. With LambdaTest, you can easily test complex sites across various browsers or devices, including mobile ones.

2. QualityLogic

QualityLogic takes pride in being an innovator in providing QA Software Testing services. Our expertise includes testing QA methodologies, web services, application interfaces, mobile applications, and legacy systems. They offer Web Accessibility testing services to ensure that the inclusive design of accessibility is added to the development lifecycle. QualityLogic, Inc., is an industry leader in software testing and provides software testing services for companies developing applications ranging from consumer internet applications to sophisticated enterprise line-of-business applications. They are a comprehensive QA testing service, provider of web accessibility resources and resources for people with disabilities, and developer of QA testing tools including Testing Center. QualityLogic has a legacy spanning several decades in the IT industry. Their established quality management system, QualityLogic Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), allows us to execute projects of any size with efficiency and competence, including the following: Test Automation, Manual Testing, API Testing, Functional Testing, Usability Testing and much more. 

3. DeviQA

DeviQA is a software testing company providing test automation for mobile and web apps as well as QA audits and consulting. Our clients are located all around the globe − on 5 continents, in almost 70 countries on 4 different continents. Our dedicated QA team is highly competent and ready to provide the best service on an international level with wide experience in building professional software teams globally. They apply the latest testing methods in practice and guarantee outstanding software product quality. They are open to new challenges and provide top-notch solutions in the area of software testing, including automated testing, API testing, web/mobile testing, load/performance tests. Quality assurance is the cornerstone of our business. DeviQA is a quality assurance company partnering with clients to deliver outstanding software product quality. They apply the most effective test automation strategies for all mobile and web applications. It’s our goal to bring together remarkable people across the globe, each with unique experience and perspectives, to focus on delivering world-class products, covering the entire lifecycle starting with Requirements up to Quality Assurance. They are ready to help our clients achieve their own quality goals and to be sure your project is released on time, within budget, and with no bugs. 

4. Cigniti

Cigniti builds on its more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry and its full-spectrum range of IT Solutions, with its Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). Here, they offer quality engineering and a range of software testing services for enterprises and ISVs. Our TCoE is a fully-equipped and fully-staffed facility. It’s an ideal hub where you can define your software testing needs and gather feedback from your customers on the results. And it’s strategically located near business hubs in India and the USA, so they can readily serve customers on both sides of the globe. Certified, compliant, connected. The Cigniti Quality Engineering & Testing Services experience blends independent expertise with insight into your entire technology stack. They help you build quality into your product from the ground up, test your code against future standards, and build compliance into your processes. Cigniti is a world-class software testing services company that offers independent QA consulting and QA frameworks, training, coaching, and certification. Based out of Madison, our global clientele consistently maintains that they are one of the best QA firms in the World with a reputation for creating efficient solutions for clients.

5. A1QA

A1QA is a technology company specializing in the delivery of full-cycle QA and application testing services. Based in Colorado (U.S.), London (U.K.), Lelystad (Netherlands), and Minsk (Belarus), A1QA employs more than 300 professionals around the world, working with global clients in four core areas: Systems Integration Testing, Application Release/Subsystem Testing, Mobile Testing, and Performance Testing.A1QA is the best provider of back-end software testing services. Their clients include Apple, Google, BMW, Ford Motors, United States Marine Corps, National Security Agency, Staples, AOL, and eBay.A1QA is a software testing company that has been around for over a decade. They are a global leader in software testing and have helped businesses of all sizes achieve success.A1QA delivers quality results that inspire customer confidence.

6. QAlified

QAlified is a professional software testing company that has the expertise to solve quality problems. They make sure your business grows by creating fault-free code. They help their clients deliver superior software at every stage of development. Their team of certification experts has been working with different technologies to test and validate software for different kinds of projects. They have extensive experience in a number of technologies and methodologies, including Agile, Testing Pyramid, Sashimi, and many others. Partnering with QAlified allows you to remove risks, maximize efficiency, and strengthen your organization. We’re an independent software testing company with the right experience for all types of software. They are focused on developing cutting-edge solutions that uncover risks and prevent failures. They help their clients deliver the highest quality products and services and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

7. Aspire Systems

Aspire Systems is a leading testing services provider delivering innovative practices, techniques, and tools that help firms grow faster and compete with ease. Aspire shares a global vision with a customer-focused model that offers a comprehensive suite of services, including solutions and consultancy in content management, digital workflows, analytics, and e-forms. Today, over 4500 enterprises around the globe trust Aspire Systems to spearhead their Agile Transformation and accelerate their application delivery process. Aspire has gained extensive industry experience since its establishment in 1999, and has grown into a team of professionals dedicated to making technology work for businesses.

8. Oxagile

Oxagile is an innovative company with testing services in different areas of software development. Oxagile – a global IT consulting and software development company – provides a range of services including agile methodology implementation, software development, and testing to help clients deliver all their software projects faster. It has the enterprise-grade quality assurance expertise to help you build quality into your software for all processes, projects, and products—without slowing you down. Their sophisticated automated testing framework gives them precise control over your testing cycles, reducing costs and accelerating your time to market. You can always rely on Oxagile, a diversified QA company with experience in both testing and consulting. They employ the latest technology in automated testing, which allows them to outperform in quality in terms of time and costs.

9. Mindful QA

An industry leader for 20 years, Mindful is dedicated to helping you succeed. At the forefront of testing technology, They’re committed to providing exceptional value-with quick turnaround, and great price. They are human-centered in their approach, which means they work closely with clients to ensure that they become true partners in solving clients’ business problems. They are a specialist software testing company based in the US, with staff strategically located at different time zones. Their core services include Web Testing, Mobile App Testing, Software Testing, Automated Testing, and Performance Testing. They can also provide you with QA Recruiting, User Experience Consulting, Backup Coverage, Regression Testing. Mindful offers QA consulting services to boost the User Experience. They also provide the best software QA testers who are skilled and trained professionals. Mindful’s services are outsourced by more than 200 customers including Google, Dell, Philips, Sony, etc.


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