You now have a lot of free gaming apps. We will tell you why we think playing the paid games will ensure more features and fun.  Some of the Top Paid Games for Android are : These games can be played by anyone. Read the article to see what genres these games belong to so that you know which game to choose. We assure you that you will get all the information about these games so that you know what you’re paying for.

Top Paid Games for Android

We checked all these paid games for you. Our team searched for them and tried to provide you with the best options. Find out more about these games here.

1. Stardew Valley

With a lot of farming games on the Google Play store, this one comes with a rating of 4.7/5. It is much loved by children and adults alike. It has also won multiple awards making it worthwhile to spend your money on buying this game. You can turn barren land into a fully grown plantation consisting of plants and animals in this paid game. It saves your progress automatically so you don’t have to go through the struggle of manually saving the game. By 2020, this game had sold more than 10 million copies. 


You are provided with some hand-me-down coins and tools.This game is open-ended so you have the option to take it in any direction.Play with three other people online if you wish to.It is a wholesome game that gives you a real-life experience of farming.Grow crops, rear animals, interact with townspeople, join a co-op, and take part in various activities on the field. Find treasures and monsters in the game deep underground.There are a lot of characters and customization options available in the game. 

2. Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas

This is an RPG action paid game. The Grand Theft Auto series has been well-loved and accepted by users worldwide. Earlier existing as a PC exclusive game, the developers made it available for mobile devices, so that you never have to separate from your favorite game and enjoy it. Also, read Top Paid Games for PC 2021 It offers more than 70 hours of continuous gameplay, so play it without any fear of losing time. You take on the character of Carl who has to hide from the police. Your job is to keep him safe. Any gaming problem that you have, Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas takes care of it all.


With the cloud feature of this game, you can play it on multiple devices.High-resolution graphics with an advanced color palette.The analog stick lets you manage the camera and movements.It comes in more than one language.Strategize well to avoid getting caught in the game.

3. Vectronom

A musical paid game for all android users. The game has an attractive user interface making it addictive for all gamers. It is not a very big payment considering the number of songs you get to play. Some players of this game called it like playing a 3D game along with the sound of music. With the change in song and tempo of it, there is a change in the geometrical figure so you have to be on an alert at all times. 


Intuitive color pop and attractive graphics.It is very easy to maneuver in the game.Make sure you are on an alert. Things change in the game very quickly.There are a total of 31 levels in the game each different.If you do not like tapping, link the app with your keypad and use it to play the game.This is a very challenging single person game.The app brings in regular updates. This makes sure you don’t lose interest in it.

4. Monument Valley

It is a premium paid game for Android devices. It is due to its unique architecture and interesting graphics that make it stand out. Your goal in the game is to guide Ida, a silent princess through various paths and architectural buildings. Also, check out 17 Awesome City Building Games for Mobile and PC The storyline makes it very compelling for the players to buy this paid game for android that takes you around monuments and various illusions. This game has various challenges so you always have some new things to deal with.


This paid game has amazing graphics that are better than similar games.It is not difficult to understand the working of this game.Make use of the cloud-feature in the game to save your progress in the game.Synchronization of the audio assists further in the game. 

5. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

This is one of the best paid games for Android that belongs to the genre of war strategy gaming. You have to battle and take over another kingdom. Use your weapons, strategize well and you will be able to win the game faster. Build your army and stand your ground. It is only when you are in a stronger place with popular people in your battalion that you can win this game. Use the updates and extra features to be the ultimate leader. In Kingdom Rush Vengeance you will get multiple hours of play.


You will have 13 powerful heroes at your disposal.Collect the weapons on the way.Make use of the available 30 upgrades to make your army better.Rush and move fast to capture others’ army and kingdom.There are always new powers and reinforcements to use and defeat your foes.You can build towers to defend your kingdom.After every tower you build, you can get additional abilities and powers.

Final Verdict

The paid games are much more fun and interesting to play than the ones available on the app store for free. These games can be played for as long as you want and we hope that they won’t bore you. Tell us in the comments which of these games you loved the most.


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