According to one of the most celebrated PC building help website PC Part Picker, the trends of graphics card prices are falling steadily. This is happening hugely because of the shattering of the cryptocurrency craze. The crypto bubble was characterized by the relentless demand for graphics cards. But the graphics cards can be found in MSRP now. Furthermore, there are impending launches of next-gen graphics cards by NVIDIA and AMD in late October and November. So the last-gen graphics need to sell.  In this post, I will mention all the probable Black Friday graphics card deals for this year. These mentions are directly coming from our research experts. We will also list out the best places to grab these offers this Black Friday. So, let’s not waste any time.

Best Black Friday Graphics Card Deals 2022

We have not seen graphics card deals in almost three years. Now, we are not even sure if we should expect Black Friday graphics card deals. But because of our experts who have been researching graphics card trends for years, we are being able to predict the deals we should be looking for this Black Friday. As mentioned earlier, the manufacturers are planning to clear last-gen graphics cards to make way for the next-gen graphics cards.  Also, read Best of Verizon Black Friday Deals 2022 | The Black Friday Deals You Cannot Miss

The Best Graphics Card Deals Right Now in 2022

After almost two years, the NVIDIA and AMD graphics card prices are falling. This is all the reason to be ecstatic if you are planning to build a PC around this time of the year. So, these are the best graphics card deals right now: US graphics card deals: UK graphics card deals:

When will the Best Black Friday Graphics card deals start in 2022?

This year Black Friday is on the 25th of December. But we have seen in the past that the Black Friday deals are dropping sooner and sooner. And, we can already see graphics card prices falling steeply.  Now the question is that when can we call a graphics card deal a Black Friday deal? The answer would be that there are already good deals (15% to 20% less than MSRP) going on in the graphics card world right now. These prices may go down in November. But what if the Black Friday graphics card deals are already on? What if the prices only start going upward after November?  Also, read 9 Most Wanted Halloween Gadgets of 2022 | Halloween Props You Cannot Miss What I’d suggest is that if you are getting a rebate of somewhere between 15% to 20% or even more on your favorite graphics card, don’t refrain from buying them away. Because it is better to have the graphics card you want than to miss out on it while waiting for its price to decrease (owing to the fact that with decreased prices, there will come a competition of buying graphics cards before others).

Where Can I Find The Best Black Friday Graphics Card Deals?

If you are looking for the most lucrative Black Friday graphics card deals, Pathofex is your best bet. Here I have enlisted all the online platforms that are most likely to offer graphics card deals on Black Friday. Just keep an eye on these: US: UK:

What Black Friday Graphics Card Deals to Expect in 2022?

Well, it is a tough question for sure. Nevertheless, in spite of all the instability of the graphics card market in the last couple of years, there are some factors that will make retailers put rebates on graphics cards on this year’s Black Friday. The cryptocurrency bubble burst and Ethereum ‘Merge’ event: The crypto-craze has temporarily plummeted, causing GPU demand to go down because crypto mining has become unprofitable. Added to that, Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, has omitted proof-of-work mining. This has put a lock on the graphics card demand. Hence, graphics cards are coming back to a fairly easily available component. AMD RDNA 3 and Nvidia Lovelace: Two new next-generation graphics cards are about to launch before Black Friday. And that is absolutely good news. This has rendered the demand for RTX 3000-series and RX 6000-series graphics cards to go down. Even though these new graphics might not come with big discounts at Verizon but the prices of the last-generation graphics cards are surely under downward pressure.  Also, read 7 High-Tech Gadgets for Apartments in 2022 | Most Essential Items The best part is that the above-mentioned factors are working right when the customers are anticipating Black Friday graphics card deals. This anticipation is helping retailers to push sell last-gen graphics with high incentives.

Graphics Card Specifications to Look For in Black Friday Graphics Card Deals

Before going into specs, you need to identify what you need the graphics for. If you are building a computer for browsing and office work, you don’t really need a high-end graphics card, or any GPU for that matter. An integrated graphics card would suffice. But if you are a game, video editor, animator, or graphic designer, you’d need a dedicated graphics card.  If you have a 1440p monitor, you would be sorted with an RX 6800 or RTX 3070. If you are a gamer, you could be looking for a 1080p graphics card. Well, you should be happy to know that those are the cheapest among all the last-gen GPUs. So, the deals on them would be even thriftier.  You also need to know what the upcoming graphics card launches will replace. The RTX 4090 and the RTX 4080 will appear in the market on October 12 and November, respectively. The launch of AMD RDNA 3 is also imminent. We are expecting to see them before November 25.  It comes down to the deduction that the NVIDIA RTX 3080 and RTX 3090, and AMD’s RX 6800, RX 6800 XT, RX 6900 XT, and RX 6950 XT will go on sale with impressive discounts.  Also, read 15 Best Book Reading Gadgets; Everybody Must Try for Comfort Reading

Wrapping Up

So you have an idea about the most probable Black Friday graphics card deals in 2022. If you are looking to build a PC, you should not miss the Black Friday discount days. From graphics cards to monitors, a whole lot of electronics will go on sale on or before the 25th of November. You should know that every carrier or platform will have different kinds of terms and conditions to avail of these offers. The prices are also subject to change from store to store. With the belief that I could help you in finding answers to your query, I’d bid adieu for today.


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