Sometimes the need for increased security measures is related to licensing requirements or the importance of protecting personal data. Even when implementing a startup idea, data security issues should be taken responsibly. This article will cover some measures and tips to help keep your data safe.

The Importance of Protecting Information in Corporate Systems

The integrity and confidentiality of information in business structures suffer from hackers or insiders. Violation of the integrity of the protection of the information perimeter can lead to more severe problems. For this reason, most entrepreneurs use board meeting software to store and share important information. The tool allows you to make notes and edits to documents in real-time – for example, during a directors’ meeting. Possible information leakage scenarios are as follows:

violation of confidentiality of information. This refers to data leakage caused by various reasons – from the actions of hackers to the use of third parties to steal data;violation of the integrity of information;hardware failure or sabotage, obstruction of access to resources due to intentional or unintentional actions of users.

For each company, the degree of materiality of the damage caused due to the implementation of information security threats will be different. Accordingly, when developing a comprehensive information protection and security policies system, it is necessary to define a pyramid of values, considering which to classify threats according to the degree of significance, financial, and social. Then, use the board portal software comparison to find the best option for your company. Keep in mind that some providers provide a trial period to get acquainted with the portal options.

Best Ways to Prevent Data Breaches

If a company does not use enough methods to protect the information, its reputation can suffer. In addition, the leakage of data falling into the hands of a similar organization gives them a competitive advantage and additional development opportunities. To keep the sensitive information of employees, customers, and suppliers safe, companies need to invest in new solutions such as antivirus and board room software. Below we will talk about five relevant ways to protect corporate information.

Create a Hierarchy of Strong Passwords

This is perhaps the easiest tip to implement, but we don’t think it makes it any less effective. On the contrary, creating a firm password policy increases information security and makes it difficult for third parties to access data. As a rule, most companies follow the recommendations regarding the Google password policy. To create a complex password, you need to combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols and have from 8 to 12 characters. Moreover, it works. Another way to help protect data is to change passwords frequently. Most corporations have a 90-day renewal policy. Use this experience to protect your company’s data.

Invest in Team Training

Educate your employees on managing data security and identifying potential breaches. The entire team must understand the importance of protecting the company’s personal information and what measures they can take in their daily work to ensure this protection. We also recommend switching to board document management during board meetings. The point of attention is when the employee leaves. First, remove all access options used by the former employee, and change the passwords and security codes that the person used. This is a simple solution, but it ensures that the ex-employee no longer has access to your business’ strategic and commercial documents.

Manage and Restrict Access to Data

Restrict your employees’ access according to the work areas. For example, those responsible for the marketing department do not need to know accounting data. During board meetings, also set access for each member. You can do this with the virtual boardroom. Review the roles of each employee and give them access to only the information they need to do their jobs. This type of control limits the amount of data that each employee can access. It also reduces the possibility of leakage and use of information for non-commercial purposes. In addition, this process also minimizes the risks of phishing or malware attacks, as access to data systems will be restricted.

Select Automatic Software Settings

Hackers often use vulnerabilities in board portal software to steal personal information. Therefore, it is important to update these programs to the new version to protect them from cyber-attacks. To ensure you always have the latest software, set these programs to update automatically.

Don’t Forget to Back up Your Files

One of the most important steps to ensure data security is its proper storage. Therefore, a company should invest in regular backups of its files. By the way, this tool is integrated into the board portal software. Specialist organizations recommend performing a full backup every week and a regular backup every night. Good advice is to follow the 3-2-1 rule:

Three copies of your data;Two types of storage of this information;One backup copy from the server.

Also, remember to save your files in the cloud to guarantee 100% no data loss. It’s worth noting that this type of storage also requires some care, such as a strong password, logging out every time you leave the system, access for crucial personnel only, and a strong antivirus.

Email Security

Doubling down on corporate email is also a way to protect your business from data breaches. As with corporate systems, you must have a strong password to access your email. This simple relationship is enough to reduce the risks of leaking sensitive information and messages. Besides, nbe sure to invest in a spam filter. This system will ensure the reliability of all messages entering your mailbox. The filter can track and filter messages with questionable content and unauthorized advertising. In addition, don’t forget to use the board of directors portal to share data during virtual meetings. There are many threats to systems and the IT environment today. Hackers and criminals are using ever more sophisticated methods. Thus, one should invest in information security, including hiring a company or employees to take care of this aspect of IT. An IT department that ensures data security prevents the loss of important data and loss of time and money.


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