YouTube has been used for educational purposes and has been integrated into the schooling experience in some countries. Youtube is an educational technology that has made education easier. With just an internet connection, you can access educational content, and through Youtube videos, you can easily learn complex concepts in simple ways.  You can learn various skills on Youtube for free, as there are millions of content available as users upload videos every day, from cat videos to press releases. Integrating technology in the classroom is essential in this modern generation. Why should Youtube be integrated in classrooms? Here are 5 crucial reasons why Youtube should be integrated in learning 

Smooth Integration 

Integrating Youtube videos into your education scheme is easier than any other social media platform; simple steps can bring Youtube material into the class. A Youtube video can introduce a topic and presents a clearer view of the topic. Activity can best be shown using videos that can make student work easy.  The information presented in Youtube videos can motivate students. Teaching with video resources is simple to integrate. the authoring tools and learning management scheme that permits the addition of various video materials helps spark interest in students

Convenience, Accessibility and Comfort 

Students on the go can easily use videos to learn and develop a lesson plan. This luxury is not available on platforms like khan academy, where everything is structured. You can create or be part of a network that will notify you of new content. This is great for students who are not stable but have an active mobile phone. Years ago, this luxury was unavailable globally, but through free videos, students are on the go.  The accessibility of materials helps students stay connected. If you share a video, everyone on the network gets it, and if your network members share videos, you get it effortlessly. This will make students feel more convenient, and it is very suitable for visual learners.  You are also allowed to learn at your pace, microlearning is manifested appropriately on Youtube. It ensures that complicated methods and demonstrations of certain skills are exposed in a manner that improves and further solidifies the students’ foundation.  Since you can watch a long video or a short video, your attention span can be taken personally into account to ensure that you absorb whatever has been learned.

Build Note Making Skills 

It is pivotal to analyze any learned material, and what better way to do that than to take notes? Digital material is kept on the internet. Thus it is necessary to take notes of key points while streaming the Youtube material. As some users share their notes, you can introduce this to the class to ensure that students learn to take notes. You can encourage learners to develop note-taking skills by viewing, replaying, and rewinding the Youtube material.  Since the videos can be watched countlessly, this will foster recollection. Learners can be on the lookout for particular knowledge and so on. 

Fostering Comprehension of Complex Subjects

Video editing has made it possible for complex ideas to be conveyed fun and easy. The Youtube library ensures that your course is supported by allowing you to learn at your own pace, present ideas step by step, and ensure complete assimilation.  What is seen is better heeded to. Thus students can acquire and retain knowledge more adequately. This helps in growing and fostering skills that would have been too complicated to be taught using the conventional process. Videos demonstrate practical knowledge more adequately.  You can learn skills like writing effortlessly on Youtube, you can also learn other skills like music and engineering, and all these complex skills are made easy by that.

It Helps Learners Become Creators As Well 

As you watch and are a part of a community or network of creators, the need to be a creator as well will be developed. Students involved with Youtube will gradually need to help add nuances to the network; thus, they will learn to create their videos. This will further enhance their knowledge on whatsoever subject matter. The teacher can encourage this skill by assigning them assignments that require them to produce videotapes, ensuring that they are provided with the necessary resources. 


There are numerous benefits of incorporating Youtube into classrooms. The list is relatively long as the importance of technology cannot be exaggerated. If well incorporated, it can drastically change the course of pedagogy as we know. About the author  Bertha Graham is a blogger and an education expert in using digital platforms and tools for learning, Youtube including. Bertha works at PapersOwl as a writer and has contributed immensely to the subject matter. She has a lot of publications in initial journals. 


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