Axie Infinity Axie Infinity has been launched very recently in 2020. It is one of the best crypto coins of Metaverse for play-to-earn games. It has been built on top of the blockchain of Ether. For anyone unaware of such a concept, this game let users generate rewards when some tasks get completed like reaching a certain level in the games. This will incentivize users to get engaged with the broader ecosystem of Axie Infinity. Once it is minted, it can get represented in the form of one unique NFT. It in turn can get sold on the open marketplace. RedFox The Metaverse company built the RFOX VALT. It is one immersive experience that is focused on media, retail, rewards, and gaming. The RFOX VALT is the focal point. RFOX token built one solutions ecosystem for NFTs, e-games, DeFi, digital, and so on. All of these have been integrated into the Metaverse. This project’s token RFOX serves as the primary exchange medium in the ecosystem. Holders of VFOX token rewards have a share of the earnings from the Metaverse RFOX VALT. This token is one of the highly in-demand cryptos of Metaverse in 2022. The Sandbox It stands as one strong investment in this year’s March. This is because it applied blockchain tech to a huge worldwide market such as the industry of gaming. It is focused entirely on decentralization. With one VR aspect, the project is realizing the Metaverse’s vision. The Sandbox is known to be a game essentially. It comes with all backing of gaming brands such as Atari. HSBC currently bought virtual real estate in its Metaverse. Yet it is based heavily on the creation and trading of NFTs. Players will be capable of creating NFTs making use of the SAND tokens of the Metaverse. Gala Games As per the reports, it plans in investing US dollar 2 billion into gaming and US dollar 1 billion into movies. Apart from these Gala Games wishes to invest US dollar 1 billion into the music along with the rest of the US dollar 1 billion into one theme park that is NFT-specific. Only one game has been released on this platform till now. Thus due to this, the project’s upside prospect is great. If they succeed in implementing the strategy laid out by them, then this network may become one of the household names in Metaverse’s future. Enjin Coin It is one ERC-20 token. Enjin Coin has been built on the blockchain of Ether. It has been designed to become one in-game currency for buying items in the game. It too includes value to in-game assets. The coin can be used as one medium currency for buying and selling any items in-game. The platform of Enjin comes with another function, Marketplace. Such a function lets game players along with developers start trading the items they created on one marketplace without any intermediary fees. Conclusion Bitcoin has initialized the revolution called Metaverse. Without it, there will be no existence of Blockchain, cryptos, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web3. Yet should one be investing in Bitcoin? Bitcoin has been successful and less volatile compared to other emerging crypto projects. But other than the name it has nothing more to offer. Now there are many more interesting projects of Metaverse with their native crypto. Metaverse projects always are created with a certain aim regardless of whether it is a Metaverse video game such as Battle Infinity or it is a Metaverse art gallery such as Wilder World. Crypto develops along with the Metaverse. It is because for instance the top 5 Metaverse cryptos interact, buy, and sell in the respective marketplace from purchasing digital assets to merchandise in real life. Always remember to invest or diversify all holdings in the Metaverse with funds you may be prepared to lose. 


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