Well, TikTok is quite unpredictable. Especially in 2021, it has experienced many changes in the trends and the type of content being delivered on these platforms. Be it a comedy video, a makeup tutorial, a dance video, or a singing video. All reached skies by trending songs that attracted the audience. No matter how many celebrities are there on TikTok, the most followed account among the top 15 TikTokers in the UK doesn’t belong to any one of them. Instead, a 16-year old kid has left all of them far away in the race to be the most followed TikTokers with 30.4 Million followers.  But, what does he do on TikTok? And what about the other positions? Who is at number 2? Hang on!! There is a lot to talk about. Dive below to know about these interesting latest stats, along with the explanation about their videos. 

Top 15 TikTokers In The UK | Ranked By Fans

No matter how many controversies arose for TikTok, people still love TikTok. And why not? After all, TikTok provides you a perfect platform to show your talent to people.But no one knows when the popularity hit them. It can be your 1ooth video or the 1st video. All you need is to go with a good strategy. But what we know is which are the Top 15 TikTokers In the UK.Dive below to learn about them interestingly. The top 15 TikTokers in the UK are:

1. Kyle Thomas ✌️ @kylethomas: 30.4 Million Followers

Do you believe in Astrology? How often do you wish that you knew how your day was going to be?  You might have heard it from so many people. Oh! Do you believe in astrology?? Why? It’s not even true! Come on! But, if it’s not the thing, how could Kyle Thomas become so popular that he rules the 1st position among the Top 15 TikTokers in the UK? Kyle Thomas is an astrologist who has been featured on Cosmopolitan, ABC Network, Hulu, Bustle, Elite Daily, and Refinery29. Do you how old he is by far? Just 16! Yes, you read it right. This 16-year-old astrologist has been trending on Tiktok with 1.4 Billion likes and 30.4 Million followers. Net Worth: $1,25,000 USD Followers: 30.4 Million Also, read 10 Most Liked Videos On TikTok 2021

2. Gordon Ramsay @gordonramsayofficial | 27M Followers

Who doesn’t know the celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay? The master chef who was super entertaining on TV came to TikTok to explore the platform. Before TikTok, Gordon Ramsay tried his hands on YouTube, but it clearly didn’t work out. Since the day Gordon Ramsay has joined TikTok, he has been roasting people on the app for making awful food. It’s not like you haven’t seen his videos, but he directly went viral with those roasting videos. Gordon Ramsay has 7 Michelin stars and his food speaks for itself. He is clearly one of the best chefs in the world. Even the Tiktokers who mimic and roast him go viral. Now, you can understand the impact of Gordon Ramsay on TikTok. Being among the top TikTokers in the UK, Gordon Ramsay has more than 27M followers and 419M likes. Net Worth: $63 Million Followers: 27M

3. Abby Roberts @abbyroberts | 16.7 Million Followers 

With the uplift in the beauty industry, people are getting popular quickly. How? By doing Short Makeup tutorials. After all, everyone loves to look beautiful, and the short video tutorials are bang on for this. Among so many available Tik Tok videos, do you know which TikToker is the UK’s favorite? Simple it’s Abby Roberts. Abby Roberts is an incredibly talented makeup artist known for her talent for creating such phenomenal looks. Again, to everyone’s surprise, she is a mere 19! Oh Gosh! What was I doing at this age? Probably sleeping! At 19, she is already widespread. She has been an influential Tiktoker because of her makeup skills, with a net worth of $300,000 as per the internet. So what gave skies to her career at such an early age? It’s her dedication. She started at a very young age and got a big break after she recreated a James Charles Makeup look. This made her gain more than 100,000 followers overnight. She has 16.7 Million followers and 1.3 Billion likes (The highest on the list). Net worth: $300,000 Followers: 16.7 Million

4. Holly H @hollyh | 16.2M Followers

Ahh! Again an influencer on the list of the top Tiktokers in the UK. Holly H is a British Tiktok celebrity who is known for her makeup Tutorial video on the platform. Wait! Holly H is not only famous for her makeup videos instead, but she is also popular among followers because of her lip-synced and funny videos. But, do you know Tik Tok was not her first choice? In fact, in her initial days, she chose to be a star on Vine. She became the third-most top TikTokers in the UK with 16.2 Million followers and 394.3 Million Likes. That’s huge! Damn! Net worth: $3.3 Million Followers: 16.2 Million

5. Jamil Jamel Neffati @neffatibrothers | 13.8M Followers 

Next on the list of the Top 15 Tiktokers in the UK is a brother duo who make everyone laugh and bring on the excitement with their creative ideas. They have earned the official TikTok badge for being excellent comedians. Not only this, the duo performs lip-syncs on TikTok. AWWW! Just look at them. Jamil and Jamel are so cute. Their style speaks for them, and no wonder why they are the chocolate boys. Jamil Jamel Neffati, a twin duo from India is quite popular, and this is evident from the news. They have made music for hardcore musicians like Akon and DJ Snake. Ah-Haan! That’s incredible. Isn’t it? Jamil Jamel Neffati secures his place to be among the top 15 TikTokers in the UK with 16.2 Million followers and 391.5 Million Likes by far. Net worth: $95-100million Followers: 16.2 Million

6. Shauni ???? @itzshauni | 16M Followers

The next one is a fun-loving girl, Shauni. She is the next among the most followed TikTokers in the UK with 16.2 Million Followers and 391 Million likes. Why is Shauni so popular? Shauni has become the internet sensation for her videos based on on-point lip-sync, transitions, trending challenges, adorable duets, and comedy. Being a TikTok queen with the crown of the top transition badge, Shauni is living the dream life of millions. Oh! Not to forget, she has an unmatched personality that keeps her videos different from others. Net worth: $1.5 Million Followers: 16 Million

7. Guinness World Records @guinnessworldrecords | 16.9M Followers

Do you need any introduction to Guinness World Records? It is not a matter of surprise to see this name on the top 15 TikTokers in the UK. Ok! I agree that is not a person, but this globally authorized TikTok page is filled with videos of enthusiastic people trying to break the records. From seeing a person eating for hours to breaking several walnuts with an elbow, you will get to see all on this incredible page. I mean fun with knowledge. Great! Followers: 15.9 Million Also, read 10 Most Popular Funny Videos of Khaby Lame That Made Him Go Viral

8. Joel M @joelmagician | 15.3 Million Followers

How about a little bit of magic? OUUUU!!! Magic!! Yes, on the list of the most followed TikTokers in the UK, next we have is a magician Joel. OMG! Joel is such a fluent magician on TikTok. It is sure that after seeing his videos it’s sure that you will go mouth struck! Yes! That is why he has got 15.3 Million followers with 349 Million likes. Net worth: $1-$5 Million Followers: 15.3 Million

9. JeremyLynch @jeremylynch | 14.8M Followers

Calling himself a content creator, Jeremy Lynch is a social media personality on every social media handle that you can ever use in your life. His hilarious videos are super relatable and you’ll definitely go ROFL after watching those. From making funny videos to voiceovers, Jeremy Lynch really makes you addicted to his videos. He is on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and God knows where gaining millions of followers every day. Thus, being among the top TikTokers in the UK.
Net worth: $1.5 Million Followers: 12.4 Million

10. evie meg🌙 @thistrippyhippie | 13.5 M Followers

The list of the Top 15 Tiktokers in the UK is filled with the bliss of cuteness. Why? I mean, look at eviemeg. Dude! How could anyone not fall for such a cute face? Why I can’t be like this! Do you know? Evie Meg is known to millions apart from her cuteness because of her trippy hippie videos of her life with spasms, seizures, and tics. Yup! You read this right. She wants to bring the dangerous side of tics and seizures that left her sweating and, worse, caused bruises. Evie Meg is a living inspiration to those who think social media is all about beautiful faces. This girl has a following of 13.8 Million and has 460.7 Million likes. Net worth: $1 Million – $5 Million Followers: 13.8 Million Also, read Perfect Trending Songs On TikTok And Instagram Reels 2021

11. Rhia👑 @rhia.official | 12.7 M Followers

Rhia is an influencer on TikTok who has become popular because of the lip-syncing videos that she posts frequently. Along with this, she teaches her followers the process she follows to create her TikTok videos. Not only this, but she also sells merchandise from her TikTok. She has 12.7 Million Followers, and 374.3 Million likes by far. Net worth: $1 Million Followers: 12.7 Million

12. Goub @goubtube | 12.5 M Followers

Goub is a Tiktok star that has gained popularity from Instagram in reality. He became famous because of his viral comedy sketches on his Facebook handle and the renowned filmmaker Alex Balcombe. Going into the flashback, Goub was a TV presenter for SubTV, which is an interactive channel. He has also worked for the drive time radio presenter with Westside FM. But, the tables got turned when one of Goub’s videos titled Salt Shaker went viral in 2014. He has 12.5 Million followers and 315.8M Million hearts by far. Net worth: $1-$5 Million Followers: 12.5 Million

13. Zhong @zhong | 12.4 Million Followers

Another fun-loving person who has been one of the top 15 TikTokers is Zhong. He is best known on Tiktok for bringing up the flavor of comedy to his videos. But, do you know that he is not from the UK. Yes! Instead, he was sent to lives in China with his grandparents. The exciting news is that Actress Zoe Colletti has appeared on his TikTok account. Now you can imagine his worth. He has 12.4 Million followers and 382.2 million hearts by far. Net worth: $1-$2 Million Followers: 12.4 Million

14. Thepoolguyml @thep00lguy | 11.1M Followers

If you use any social media app, then you cannot, I repeat cannot miss these most satisfying videos of a guy cleaning pools. Although, he cleans pretty much everything is pool cleaning videos have the highest views and that’s why he named his account, Thepoolguyml. The name of the PoolGuy is Miles. He posts incredible videos of cleaning pools on TikTik and we are totally obsessed with his videos. Miles makes all the filthy-looking pools into a brand new one. On a platform where people post about their makeup transformations, Miles aka PoolGuy uploads his pool transformations. To be true, I find these more satisfying than the makeup transformation videos. Net Worth: $60,000 Followers: 11.1M

15. Luca Gallone @lucagallone | 9.6M Followers

On the list of top TikTokers in the UK here comes another magician, Luca Gallone. His crazy magic videos will make you scratch your head every time. Luca Gallone calls himself a magician and hypnotist but he is also a digital content creator and a social media influencer. Luca Gallone posts his magic videos but he also gives his audience a lot of prank content. Clearly, Luca is super entertaining. If you don’t follow his content up until now, quickly check out all his profiles. Net Worth: $1Million to $10Million Followers: 9.6Million

Wrap Up

So, these are the top 15 followed accounts on TikTok in the UK. Most of them started early and were able to achieve so much popularity at such an early age. But you need to note that Kyle Thomas ✌️ @kylethomas has a lot more followers than the second one. Indeed, he deserves to be in the first position among the top 15 TikTokers in the UK. My fav among all these is Abby Roberts, who has been famous at such a young age. But we want to hear from you in the comment section, which one is your favorite among these top 15 TikTokers in the UK.


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