As we all know, the CPU can show the exact situation of our computer. So, you should start doing a PC stress test with your CPU. There are other components also that you should check, like RAM, Hardware, and GPU. Doing a PC stress test is not that challenging, but only if you have the proper tools for it. There are different tools to do PC stress tests for each component of your PC. So, in this guide, I have included all the tools with their user guide and importance so you can use them accordingly. I have mentioned the best stress tests for PC,  a CPU stress test, RAM stress test, GPU stress test, and even a Hardware stress test.

Top 10 Tools for PC Stress Test

There are a few different tools that can be used to stress test the CPU and GPU. For CPU stress testing, Prime95 is a popular choice. This tool will push your CPU to its limits, testing its stability and performance. For RAM stress testing, MemTest86 is a good option. This tool will test your RAM for errors, helping to ensure that it is working properly.  For hardware stress testing, Core Temp is a good choice. This tool will test your PC’s components for errors, helping to ensure that they are working properly. For GPU stress testing, 3DMark is a popular choice. This tool will push your GPU to its limits, testing its stability and performance. So to use all these tools for your PC stress test, stay connected. Also, read Micro ATX vs Mini ITX | Learn the Difference and Know All the Details

Hardware Monitoring Tools to Use for PC Stress Test

The temperature and load levels on your system should be monitored during stress tests. So, always start with the Hardware monitoring test so you can get the exact idea for your stress test PC. For more information, while benchmarking your computer, use the PC stress test tools below alongside the benchmarks listed below. Also, read RAM vs SSD What is the Difference | Upgrade Your PC Now (Updated 2022)

1. Core Temp

This lightweight CPU monitoring tool, Core Temp, allows you to monitor your processor’s temperature and load percentage in real time. All the Intel users will get the temperature reading for each core using Core Temp. On the other hand, if you are using AMD, then Core Temp will show the overall CPU temperature. So, Core Temp is quite helpful for PC stress tests, whether it is AMD or Intel. You can also get the voltage information by using Core Temp. Furthermore, many useful plugins are available for Core Temp that expand its capabilities. For example, one add-on allows you to sync your RGB lights to the processor’s temperature or load, and another allows remote access. Start using Core Temp for best stress tests for PC. Visit here – Core Temp Also, read 7 Best 120mm AIO Liquid CPU Coolers in 2022 | Use New 120mm AIO Now

2. GPU-Z

In a similar way to Core Temp, GPU-Z monitors your GPU instead of your CPU and gives you the best stress test for your PC. The GPU-Z tool lets you monitor a number of things related to your GPU, including its temperatures, load, clock speed, onboard memory speed, fan speed, memory usage, and clock speed. Additionally, GPU-Z is free to use. Try out this tool for your better PC stress test. Visit here –  GPU-Z Also, read 7 Best 240mm AIO CPU Coolers in 2022 | Cheapest Rates Available

3. MSI Afterburner

For the PC stress test now, I have MSI Afterburner. MSI is one tool to monitor your hardware and graphic card. Since it has so many other features, it calls itself a graphics card ‘utility tool’. As well as offering the same information as GPU-Z, MSI Afterburner also allows you to perform various tasks, such as overclocking your GPU, setting custom fan profiles, running in-game benchmarks, and even taking screenshots or recordings of gameplay. If you are considering the price, then let me tell you MSI Afterburner is free, just like core Temp and GPU-Z. So, you will get the best stress tests for PC. Visit here – MSI Afterburner Also, read 7 Best FPS Counter Apps for Windows in 2022

CPU Stress Tools

If you’re planning to do a CPU stress test, then I will show you how you can do it easily with the following PC stress test tools. Here are the tools you will need to stress test your CPU, whether to see how stable your processor is after overclocking it or to find out if there is a cooling issue.

1. Prime 95

The first CPU stress test tool on the list, Prime 95, was developed by GIMPS. Basically, Prime 95 was found to search for prime numbers results, but you can easily do a PC stress test on it. You can use these tools with the following steps. Also, read Acer vs ASUS Laptops | Which is Better ( Updated 2022 )

2. AIDA64

If I tell you about the AIDA64, then it is the most favored tool by users over Prime95. AIDA64 does your PC stress test more precisely because the interface of this tool covers all the real processes. The one thing which you should remember is that AIDA64 is not a free tool. If you are not doing CPU stress tests frequently, then you should try another tool from this list, not this one. To use this tool perfectly, follow the below-mentioned steps. Also, read Does RAM Affect FPS in Gaming? What is Responsible for FPS in PC?

3. IntelBurn Test

Another tool for testing CPU stability is IntelBurn Test, which will push your CPU to its maximum. Like Prime95, IntelBurn Test pushes the processor for more tests, so many users feel the IntelBurn test is a more favorable tool than the Prime95. Try the IntelBurn Test for your next PC stress test. Visit here – IntelBurn Test Also, read What are the Parts Needed to Build a Gaming PC in 2022?

RAM Stress Tools

Here are some tools to stress test your system’s memory, either for diagnosing RAM problems or to ensure that overclocking is stable. Check out the below-mentioned tools for your PC stress test. Also, read How Long do Laptops Last | What’s the Average Battery Life of a Laptop?

1. MemTest86

MemTest86 tools from PassMark software help you to cover any problems you are facing on your system. The MemTest86+ is also available in the market for PC stress tests, but, as it is not that up to date, it is not meaningful to use it for your CPU stress test. Try out this option for your best stress tests for PC. Visit here– MemTest86 Also, read How Much Does it Cost to Build a PC in 2022? Ultimate Guide to Build a Gaming PC

2.  Prime95 (Blend Test)

As we discussed above, Prime95 is for a CPU stress test. Prime95 blend tool offers a great RAM stress test to you. The Prime95 blend tool does not check your RAM errors properly. So, if you are in search of the perfect PC stress test tool that solves everything, then I will recommend MemTest86 to you. Prime95’s Blend test is a good way to check for stability when you’re overclocking your RAM. Visit here – Prime95 (Blend Test) Also, read Red vs Blue vs Brown Switches: Which is the Best For You?

GPU Stress Tools

Below you will find GPU stress testing benchmarks that will push your GPU to the limits. Check out below mentioned GPU stress test tools to solve your errors. Get your PC stress test done with these tools.

1. Heaven & Valley Benchmarks (Unigine)

As some of the most popular benchmark tests, Unigine’s Heaven & Valley benchmark tests may be run after overclocking your graphics card to test for stability or just for a synthetic benchmark to evaluate its performance. Try out this tool for your PC stress test. You can use Unigine’s Heaven & Valley tool for stress test CPU and GPU. Visit here–  Heaven & Valley Benchmarks (Unigine) Also, read Cheap Gaming PC Build: Here’s How To Build Your Best Gaming PC

2. 3DMark

3DMark is a very popular tool for GPU stress tests. The best part is it can be used on multiple devices like mobile, laptop, and PC. If we talk about the checking factor of the 3DMark, then this will help you to monitor your frame rate, load, temperature, and many more things. Try the 3DMark tool for your next best stress tests for PC. Visit here – 3DMark

Top 10 Tools for PC Stress Test

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have learned everything about the PC stress test. I have mentioned the top 10 tools for your PC stress test, which you can try for your next PC stress test. I have included all the tools separately for each of your PC components like RAM, GPU, CPU, and Hardware. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles and step-by-step guides. Have a great day !!!


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