Souls like games will keep you super involved and tense every single minute during the game. All progress will be lost if specific checkpoints are not reached in souls-like games. It often involves a high degree of difficulty where frequent player-character death is expected and included in the action. If you can’t handle the gameplay properly, Souls-like games will be abandoned between deaths. Dark fantasy settings, a lack of overt storyline, and extensive worldbuilding are the common characteristics of souls like games. A compelling world is often regarded as being essential to pique players’ curiosity about it. Let’s jump into the list of Souls like games without further ado.

List Of 10 Souls Like Games You Will Love To Play

Through contextual narration, object descriptions, and cryptic dialogue, players are supposed to piece together the game’s lore over time in Souls like games. This is done to heighten the sense of mystery. Despite their grim themes, Souls like games occasionally have elements of comic relief, such as unexpected encounters (like caressing a cat), amusing responses from NPCs, odd clothing and weapons, and bizarre, frequently farcical forms of death, such as being consumed by a Mimic. Let’s see what other action-adventure Souls like games are waiting for you to provide you with the same thrilling experience. Also, read 10 Best Games Like Monster Hunter | Monster Hunter Alternatives

1. The Surge 2

Rating: 7/10 Developer: Deck13 Release Date: 24 September 2019 Available Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC Surge 2 has you covered if you’d like a little bit more sawblade and nanomachine in a Souls like games. Even though the first Surge caused a lot of controversies, people have accepted the Surge 2 much better. Surge 2 can be the answer to your search if you’re looking for Souls like games that don’t focus on traditional or dark fantasy. Features: 

Search for scraps, metal, and parts never end. There are so many weapons to investigate and features to upgrade and improve. Combat takes on a new twist when you may target specific zones and limbs on foes. The game’s twisting levels will have you engrossed in discovery. 

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2. Salt and Sanctuary

Rating: 9/10 Developer: Ska Studios Release Date: 15 March, 2016 Available Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, Vita, PC With one of its main differences being that it is a 2D game, Salt and Sanctuary is fundamentally one of Souls like games. Salt and Sanctuary are the perfect options if you want something that takes the key mechanics that make Souls awesome and transforms them into a sort of side-scrolling 2D party. Features: 

You can bounce around the environment for benefits in boss battles, jump among treetops, and climb the castle walls. Ability to walk upside down on structures in a sort of anti-gravity jolt.There are also some exploration features that entice players to go back to earlier locations. The rather cartoony universe is incredibly bleak because of the abundance of powerful people and the sombre atmosphere. 

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3. Remnant: From the Ashes

Rating: 9/10 Developer: Gunfire Games Release Date: August 20, 2019 Available Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC Our third Souls like games is Remnant: From the Ashes is an interesting Souls like game with an additional shooting feature. When third-person looting and shooting are combined with Soul’s mechanics and features, Remnant: From the Ashes succeeds.  Features: 

Co-op play. Exciting, rapid, and dark.Take advantage of some intriguing benefits, and even create a build as you amp up your weaponry with a teammate.If you want to continue playing the game after you’ve finished everything it has to offer, a roguelike mode is also offered.  

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4. Nioh 2

Rating: 9/10 Developer: Team Ninja Release Date: March 12, 2020 Available Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC Although Nioh 2 is the preferred option if you are searching for Souls like games, the first Nioh is still highly recommended. If you want action, the Nioh Collection brilliantly provides it in every way possible. Nioh 2 owes the Souls series a lot, but it also distinguishes itself as a unique thing with a ton of fun features. Features: 

New weapons, playstyles, obstacles, and generally just a whole lot more of the wonderful stuff. In addition to having a lot of meat on the bones, this dish also tastes pretty darn fantastic. Use the first weapon and really get after it if you’re in the mood for something spicy. 

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5. Demon’s Souls

Rating: 9/10  Developer: Bluepoint Games & Japan Studio Release Date: February 5, 2009 Available Platforms: PlayStation 5 Demon’s Souls is a simpler and easier Souls game to have your hands on Souls like games. In the action role-playing game Demon’s Souls, players assume the role of an adventurer who explores the cursed continent of Boletaria. The gender and look of their character are chosen at the start of the game. Features: 

Demon’s Souls has amazing graphics.The Storm King, an encounter that simply couldn’t convey its intended majesty in the original owing to technology restrictions, is an incredible joy to experience here. The game runs buttery smooth.It has many puzzle/gimmick bosses that are quite simple to defeat.The levels can drag on for a long time without useful checkpoints. 

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6. Dark Souls (Remastered)

Rating: 9/10 Developer: From Software Release Date: September 22, 2011 Available Platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, PC Dark Souls (Remastered) is another Souls like games which will blow your mind with its super interesting features. Whether it was getting run over by a boulder trap or falling over a cliff with an errant sword swing, Dark Souls was happy to let players stumble and find their way, learning from mishaps and mistakes.  Features: 

Intense atmosphereLethal bossesSecret-filled universeAdventurous journeyVarious creative approaches to a single problem

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7. Mortal Shell

Rating: 7/10 Developer: Cold Symmetry Release Date: August 18, 2020 Available Platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox one, EGS, GOG Although Mortal Shell is shorter and less sophisticated than many of the top souls like games, it stands out thanks to two special dynamics. Your sanity and fortitude will be put to the test in Mortal Shell, a challenging action-RPG. Your enemies are merciless, and in order to survive, you must have exceptional awareness, focus, and instincts.  Features: 

By “hardening” your corpse shell, which allows you to take damage while attacking without being wounded, you can charge up a block.You control a ghost that inhabits the bodies of many warriors, each with its own unique weapons and skills. Its eerie atmosphere and tense combat are reminiscent of the Souls games that served as its inspiration. Nothing could be more “Souls-like” than this.

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8. Darksiders 3

Rating: 7/10 Developer: Gunfire Games Release Date: November 27, 2018 Available Platforms: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia Each Darksiders game has had its own distinct hack and slashes flavour. On the other hand, Darksiders 3 was fundamentally a souls like game. Although its fighting is not based on a stamina meter, something that is typically inherent to the souls like games, it nonetheless follows the same kind of meticulous and careful combat that is incredibly punitive for every mistake. Features:

Discover secrets while furthering the plot in an open-ended, dynamic, free-form gaming world where FURY switches between settings. Defeat the servants of the Seven Deadly Sins, which might be either supernatural beings or depraved beings. Sit in awe of Darksiders’ distinctive art style, which features vast post-apocalyptic settings that transport players from heaven’s heights to hell’s depths while being destroyed by war and decay and overrun by nature.

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9. Bloodborne

Rating: 9.1/10 Developer: FromSoftware Inc. Release Date: March 24, 2015 Available Platforms: PlayStation 4 Bloodborne is one of the best Souls like games. Rarely does every facet of a game mesh together like a single Mastercraft work of art. One of the games is called Bloodborne. A single entity of classic Victorian horror giving way to cosmic terrors is created by the fusion of atmosphere, gameplay, music, art, and sound.  Features:

The tension for Bloodborne’s spectacular battles and rides across hellish landscapes is increased by the game’s minor departures from the Souls paradigm, which promotes unrestrained aggression.Bloodborne’s base game and related DLC are among the best games available right now, even though we’re all expecting to play it on different platforms and at 60 frames per second in the future. Bloodborne throws up a feast of horror and whimsy in one single swoop, from snake-filled woodlands where every shadow tricks your sight to nightmares and dreamscapes.

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10. Ashen

Rating: 8.5/10 Developer: Company A44 Release Date: 2018 Available Platforms: PlayStation 4 Ashen is the last one to complete the list of souls like games. The 2018 game Ashen, developed by company A44 and published by Annapurna Interactive, is just the perfect amount of obtuse to encourage players to make their way through its perilous, minimalist world.  Features:

When it comes right down to the DNA of what makes souls like games, Ashen is brutal, merciless, and beautifully bare. Ashen shines in passive co-op multiplayer, where pals can band together to explore and eventually perish in its vast, unsettling universe.

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Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t enjoy playing video games? And when it comes to action-adventure games, nobody can help but play them! Souls like games, the adventure can transport you to the world of fantasy when paired with action. To assist you and provide answers to your queries about Souls like games, we have compiled several action-adventure games like Souls. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are searching for Souls like games. Happy adventuring!! Happy gaming!!


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