Online bingo has become increasingly popular internationally due to its convenience. Mention ‘bingo’ and a few of these things might come to mind. Some would recall the loud sound effects from electronic bingo machines in casinos, designed to draw potential customers. Others would picture the spinning motion of the old school bingo machine filled with numbered spheres, producing clashing sounds while churning out spheres one at a time. Recently, the popularity of online bingo games have been on the rise, in particular, the ones with no deposit. No deposit would mean that players are only required to pay for their bingo cards, without an entrance fee. Regardless of one’s preferred mode of engaging in bingo games, everyone hopes to take home the attractive jackpot prizes. Read on to find out more about simple tactics to increase your chances of winning at bingo. Once you’re done, check out these free play bonuses to put what you’ve learned to the test!

Managing Finances

It is essential for any bingo player to ensure that they track their expenses. Bingo can be an addictive game in nature, and it is common for players to overspend. With great deals in online bingo applications, one can easily purchase more than they have intended. Before beginning your bingo session, draw up a plan on how much budget you would allocate to purchasing the in-game promotional features. A general rule of thumb is to limit the spending within three percent of one’s bankroll for each session.

Determine a Suitable Game

After carving out an appropriate budget, it is best to opt for a game that fits you. There are various bingo websites that you can select from. Some factors to consider include your aptitude in the game, your interest level, and how much you value the particular game. After all these factors are considered, you can then decide on a game that you are willing to spend on, which makes the overall experience a rewarding one. For starters, consider joining a bingo game whereby its entry fee is at most 10 percent of your bankroll.

Calculate your Winning Odds

Some might be put off by the idea of having to do Mathematics for a bingo game. Fret not, as they are merely simple calculations. All you have to do is divide the number of bingo cards you have with the total number of cards in the game. For instance, if you own 10 cards and there are 100 cards in a particular game, your chances of winning are at 10 percent. If you have selected no deposit bingo, your expenses will merely be on your bingo cards. This mode of calculation might be more tricky when playing in bingo halls. You will have to do a headcount to find out the total number of people present, and the figure would correlate to the number of bingo cards in the game. Do note that there is an exception when playing progressive bingo games as there is no guaranteed winner in these games.

Play During Non-Peak hours

This point is rather intuitive. During non-peak hours when there are few players, your chances of winning largely increases. Whereas, during peak hours with larger crowds, the jackpot might be bagged by another player. If a player were to participate in bingo during a Monday morning as opposed to a Sunday afternoon, his chances of winning will be higher when there are fewer players online. In this case, Monday morning would be a safer bet, considering that more people would be at work during a Monday morning, rather than spending time on bingo. This applies to both online and offline bingo.

Purchase more Bingo Cards

To increase your probability of winning, you could buy more bingo cards. Take, for example, the total number of cards in a game is 100. If you had purchased five cards, your chances of winning go down to five percent. On the other hand, if you had purchased 20 cards, your chances of winning go up to 20 percent. Furthermore, you could take advantage of the previous tip by purchasing several bingo cards during non-peak hours. This could maximize your chances to win. If you have the choice of selecting your bingo cards, avoid duplicate numbers. As far as possible, try to have cards that look different. In fact, if your cards have numbers within the same range, and do not get called, it would put the rest of your cards at a similar disadvantage. Having a wider spread of numbers increases the chances of your number being called. Therefore, even if the outlook of one card is bleak, the rest of the cards could possibly have a better fate.

Are Common Bingo Numbers a Myth?

In short, yes. Common bingo numbers are a myth. There is no way of knowing which are the winning numbers unless the game has been tampered with. Nonetheless, some players might still subscribe to the belief that certain numbers will be picked more often than others, and it is an understandable train of thought albeit inaccurate. One might have been playing bingo for five hours and noticed that the number 49 has come up thrice, while 34 has not been called at all. From the players’ perspective, it would seem logical to select cards with 49 as they believe that there is a higher chance of it appearing again. However, this belief is inaccurate. In actual fact, the number of times which 49 has occurred does not affect the next number appearing. The numbers that come up during any bingo game are entirely up to chance, and all numbers have an equal probability of coming up next. That being said, there is no consequence in going for your preferred numbers.


These are a few practical tips that you can consider before your next bingo game. Although these tactics do not guarantee a win, they can still increase your possibilities of taking home a prize. So what are you waiting for? Now that you know these tips on how to win bingo, it’s time to put your skills to the test!


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