Tips and Tricks to Become a Pro Player in Brawl Stars.

This article will share useful tips and tricks that help you become a pro player. We have collected these tips from our personal experience and players’ reviews. If you follow these tips and tricks, it is 100% sure that you will become a pro player of Brawl Stars. So read these steps carefully and follow them.

Always Play 3V3

If you want to become a Brawl Stars, professional player, you should always play prefer 3V3 battle. Always play with 3V3 game mode like Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, etc. When you play 3V3 battle then, you have to make a strategy with your team members. In this way, you need to use your mind to protect and support your team members. And you become a pro player by utilizing your abilities. You can just push trophies and rank in the showdown, but to become a pro player, you need a 3V3 battle.

Aim Perfectly

To become the best player, you have to improve your aiming skill. Always aim perfectly on your opponent. In this way, with perfect aim, you can give great damage to your opponent. It helps you to win the game and increase your rank. So the perfect aim is necessary for the best player of Brawl Stars. To make your aim perfect, you should play Brawl Ball.

Select the Best Brawler

The selection of Brawler is the first and foremost part of this game. Before starting a match, you have to select a character known as Brawlers. The Brawlers have a vital role in the game. So you have to choose the best Brawler to win the game. Each Brawler has its abilities and features. Also, for each game mode, different Brawlers have different functions. Some Brawlers may perform best in some game modes, and in some mode, their performance may be average. So select the Brawler wisely. By selecting the top Brawler, you can win the match, and also you can become a pro player.

Take cover and hit your Opponents

In the Brawl Stars map, you can see walls and obstacles. Some players do not have an idea about these walls. These walls are very helpful in-game. You should use these walls. Hide behind these walls and hit on your opponent. In this way, you can protect and cover yourself behind these walls. Your opponent cannot hit you when you hide behind the walls. For this purpose, the Gem Grab map is best.

Use your ability perfectly

If you want to be a pro player and master of Brawl Ball, you should use your ability perfectly. You have to make the right decisions. These decisions help you to win the match. If you waste your abilities by using them at the wrong time or space, it becomes difficult for you to win the match. To use your ability perfectly, you must have complete knowledge about the abilities of Brawlers.

 Keeps juggling

When you are playing Brawl Stars, then it is necessary for you that you should always move on the map. Do not stay in one place. Always move after hitting your opponent. When you are moving, then it becomes difficult for your opponent to make lake aim at you. Instead, when you stay in one place, the opponent can easily hit and kill you.

Protect your safe

In Brawl Stars, when you are playing with Heist game mode, then you have to protect your safe from enemies. Remember that your safety is your property, and try to protect your safety. Hit on the enemy safe wisely. It will help you to destroy the enemy safe without any damage to your safe.

How to Play Brawl Stars on PC?

As we know that Brawl Stars is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. So you can download it from any app store on your Smartphone. Some Brawl Stars lovers want to play it on their laptop or PC. The problem is that some gamers have no idea about the playing of Brawlers Stars on PC, and they think that they cannot download and play this game on PC. But it is the wrong concept of these people. The Brawl Stars lovers can download and play this game on their PC or laptop. They just have to install an android emulator on their PC. There are many free android emulators available, but the best one is the LDPlayer – – free android emulator.

Introduction to LDPlayer

As we discussed in the above paragraph that LDPlayer is an android emulator. It is considered the top emulator for PC gaming due to several reasons. Behind the popularity of LDPlayer are the lighter weight and its 3D graphics. It has fantastic graphics with a 3D display. This android emulator has a feature that allows the external gamepads to make the game easy for the players.

How to download LDPlayer?

We discussed the features of LDPlayer in the above paragraph, and now we discuss the basic steps of its downloading process.


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