The TikTok Now app is almost a clone of the BeReal app, but the platform has quite different features and uses. Some users have mixed feelings regarding the utility of the app. Hence, both apps have their advantages and disadvantages. So, let us get to know them in detail TikTok Now Vs BeReal. You would get all the information and the reason behind the digital combat of the two similar apps. You also get to know who is superior among them. So, read ahead and share your feedback in the comments below.

TikTok Now Vs BeReal: Similarities

The newly introduced platforms of BeReal and TikTok Now are the same. At any time of the day, you receive a prompt to capture a photo within a stipulated time. When you fail to post on time, you are marked late on your post. You will not be able to see any posts from other users when you do not post your picture. Both the apps use the front and back camera of the mobile to capture the photo. This helps your friends to see where you are and what you are doing. You will not find filters, effects, or editing capabilities in any apps. The only focus of the app is on your genuineness.
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TikTok Now Vs BeReal: Differences

You will find the same objectives in both TikTok Now and BeReal, but they differ in features and uses. Below you will find some of the key differences between both apps. Firstly, you get 2 minutes to capture a picture in the Bereal app. In TikTok Now, you get 3 minutes to pose and capture a decent picture which is more than BeReal. Secondly, on TikTok Now, you can capture a 10-second video or a normal photo, but you can only post pictures on BeReal. However, in the BeReal app, there is news that they may integrate the video feature in the days to come. Thirdly, you would find a significant difference between BeReal and TikTok Now. On TikTok Now, you can simultaneously see both camera selfies and back cameras while taking a picture. Hence, you save time by not taking your pictures again, one after another. Also, read TikTok Launches BeReal: TikTok Now | Click Your Random Moments Now!

Some Unique Features of TikTok Now Vs BeReal

BeReal offers some unique features you will not find on TikTok Now. You will be glad to know that BeReal has RealMojis; they are custom emojis that the users imitate with their faces and gesture. You can also use Real Emojis to react to others’ BeReal posts. It has a unique feature, the ‘Discovery’ feed, where you can see BeReal posts from the world over. Post your BeReal in the ‘Discovery’ feed and make it go public. The most important privacy feature of BeReal is it notifies screenshots. When you click on any BeReal post, you can see who has taken screenshots. Although it is noted that TikTok Now is almost a true copy of BeReal, there are a few unique features in the BeReal app. Users of BeReal can use RealMojis and customize their emoji reactions. Users can take a picture that captures the inner beauty of the picture with the selected emoji. BeReal creators can add emoji reactions to their images in customized versions. BeReal offers two feeds; one is ‘My Friends’ and another is ‘Discovery.’ You can not activate either of them without posting a BeReal photo. Moreover, BeReal does not offer a video posting option. TikTok Now has the same method for their ‘Now’ feed. In TikTok, you can see the followers in the feed and do not need to add a discovery option. TikTok is a video-sharing platform, so the For You Page may not include photos. You would find filtering options in the ten-second videos on TikTok Now. Also, read BeReal Not Working? Try These 8 Easy Fixes

BeReal Vs TikTok Now: Which is Better?

BeReal and TikTok Now both have their own advantages and disadvantages. When you talk about the features and functions, BeReal has a slight advantage over TikTok Now. And BeReal is an OG app; hence it is always in a better position than its competitors. So, when you talk about stability and utility, TikTok Now is better. BeReal is still in the early days of its development, but the app is not so popular among its users for its not-so-good user experience. The BeReal app is surrounded by problems like the inability to add friends bug, not providing BeReal notifications, and the BeReal app does not work properly. Go for TikTok Now when you are looking for a mobile app with one of the best user experiences. You can easily turn off notifications on TikTok Now. But if you choose BeReal then you must be looking for a social media experience that is free. Also, read TikTok Introduces ‘In the Moment’ Spontaneity With ‘TikTok Now’ in 2022

How To Get TikTok Now and BeReal?

In the US, you would find TikTok Now as an installed feature in the main app. You can find the ‘Now’ option in the lightning icon at the bottom of your TikTok app. You may find TikTok Now as a standalone app in different parts of the globe. You can download the app for free is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. BeReal is also available as a similar app for download. You can download the app for free is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store When you feel like using BeReal, look at how to use a BeReal post again and change a BeReal emoji. Also, read How To Delete a TikTok Now on TikTok Now App & TikTok App RN!

Wrapping Up

TikTok and BeReal are both similar apps introduced within a short period of time. You may think that both are an exact copy of one another, but the reality is something different. There are many features on the platform which is quite different from one another. You may like one feature of the app and may dislike the same feature of another app. So, this was all about TikTok Now Vs BeReal similarities and differences along with other details.


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