The hacker also gave information about the whereabouts of the data recovered from TikTok. All his claims are washed away by TikTok, saying they are not valid. So, read our article to know the entire news in detail.

TikTok Denies Being Hacked

TikTok denied that a hacking group was breaching it. The group claimed they had data from an insecure cloud server that they could easily access. TikTok has released a statement that its team has investigated the claims and found no evidence of a security breach. Moreover, TikTok always prioritizes the security and privacy of its clients. Hence, they would never allow such a thing to happen. The hacker group released a statement through the breach forums where they mentioned that the server holds more than two billion data. The hacking group even tweeted that TikTok has saved their data in one cloud with a simple password for opening it. It is not sure where the data has come from and if third-party apps also have access to this information. Also read, How to Turn Off Age Protection on TikTok in 2022 (Solved)

Statement From TikTok

The news has been leaked when TikTok faces significant security issues and allegations of sharing the data with China. Moreover, TikTok has given the assurance to its users that they would never put their security in danger. Also, the data leaked is publicly accessible, and no one should worry about it. The Twitter account by the name against the west, the hacking group that released the statement against TikTok, has been suspended. It was even circulated that TikTok did not circulate the breach. Also read, How to Turn On/Off Activity Status on TikTok in 2022

Wrapping Up

Although TikTok denies being hacked but the statement and images released by the hacking group speak volumes against the short video-sharing app. Users may not panic about losing any data right now as investigations are on the said matter. Keep following us for more details on TikTok through our website, Path of EX.


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