Every year, the number of problems that mankind faces is steadily growing. The environmental situation is deteriorating, the planet is plagued by constant wars, new diseases appear, and the social gap between people is becoming more and more obvious. While some rent islands and yachts, others work for 50 cents more than 12 hours a day. According to statistics from the Pulitzer Center, for 2020 the death toll from the road accidents has reached 1,240,000. After 10 years, this number will easily double 2-3 times. WHO also has bad statistics, 26,174 million deaths were caused by diseases: diabetes, malaria, HIV, cancer, viruses, etc. It is time to consider the path we are on. Scientific organizations, associations of scientists, laboratories, research institutes are considering many scenarios for helping mankind. It is already becoming clear that global changes are inevitable in all spheres of life. It is not surprising that many scientists are betting on a resource that is already invisibly present in almost all aspects of life and is accepted by humans as a given – neural networks. It is a tool that is the basis of computer-aided learning, one of the foundations of AI development. Theneurosphere LLC is one of the leading organizations in the development of artificial intelligence systems. The project is relatively new, it was created on November 10, 2015 in the city of Belize by experts in computer-aided learning for the commercial use of neural networks. In 2016, just a few months after its creation, Theneurosphere LLC made a significant contribution to science – it implemented the beta functionality of a decentralized computer-aided learning network. Computer-aided learning – exact solution of many tasks The application area of neural networks is impressive – processing and analysis of large data streams, speech synthesis, object clustering, process optimization, pattern recognition, forecasting, etc. Computer-aided learning is widely used in engineering, medicine, geology, telecommunications, agriculture, finance, marketing, etc. Here are some examples of using this tool:

The assessment of neural networks for cardiological and cancer diseases is much more accurate than that of doctors; it can save thousands of patients. Computer vision and video analytics systems are actively used in remotely piloted vehicles to prevent accidents. Since the introduction of the troubleshooting system at industrial enterprises, the number of accidents has decreased by more than 50%.Developers of antivirus systems use computer-aided learning to find and modify threats, as well as identify and prevent new types of data attacks.Industrial robots are successfully used in production processes at enterprises, farms, warehouses.

The development of our planet is entirely related to AI, the computer-aided learning is the foundation of it. This technology allowed mankind to expand the scope of opportunities and became the first step towards a new stage of development.


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