This review covers the various features available on the platform and how users will benefit from it. To be at your best while trading, you need a broker that puts your needs first and gives you perks that give you an edge. Here is our comprehensive platform breakdown for more about the TheCoinTrust brokerage.


Diverse Assets

A deep pool of assets is available for users to choose from on the TheCoinTrust brokerage. These assets are available to all users, and they are allowed to trade them using the tools available on the platform. The assets available on the platform include stocks, forex, options, and cryptocurrencies. These diverse assets give traders more options when building their portfolios and allow them to build portfolios immune to market volatility and price shocks. Additionally, the platform periodically adds new assets, meaning users do not need an extra brokerage account to access more markets. 

Zero Trading Fees 

Retail traders on the platform can place trades without paying a dime. The TheCoinTrust brokerage operates a free trading platform and does not charge users for placing trades on the platform. This feature makes it easier for retail traders, especially traders with small budgets. Trading fees are a big barrier to newbie retail traders, and it discourages them from opening a brokerage account; and TheCoinTrust has waived this requirement to be more open and inclusive. Therefore, traders can better handle their finances and make multiple trades without worrying about hefty fees. The feature ensures traders can build their portfolios with ease.

Advanced Trading Tools

TheCoinTrust provides advanced trading tools for users on its platform. These tools help traders enact complete trading strategies and stay ahead of the market. Additionally, these tools help traders take advantage of various price movements and market situations. This helps users get an advantage while trading, and they can build solid portfolios. Users can also use these tools without paying an additional fee, and they are available for all users. Traders who want to be actively involved in managing their assets will enjoy using these tools to trade and manage their portfolios. Some of these tools include stop losses and buy limits. 

No Minimum Balance Requirements

TheCoinTrust does not require users to deposit a minimum balance when they sign up for the brokerage. Therefore, users can open an account and not fund it immediately, which is great for retail traders. Many traders like to get a feel for a brokerage before they commit funds into their accounts. New users can open an account for free and are not obligated to pay any amount when they open their accounts. Users that want a free brokerage account without any limitations are free to open an TheCoinTrust account. This lowers the barrier to entry and encourages more new traders to begin trading.

Mobile App

The TheCoinTrust mobile app is a seamless build with the platform’s full capabilities. Users can monitor their accounts, view charts, place trades, and withdraw/deposit funds. In addition, the app also allows users to trade while they are engaged in other important activities. This helps users that have active lives but want a way to stay connected to the markets. The app is available for all devices and can be downloaded from the website. Alternatively, the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the App store. 


The TheCoinTrust platform allows retail traders to build their portfolios and trade without worrying about trading fees or minimum balances. TheCoinTrust also provides the tools and a large basket of assets to give traders options when trading. Visit the TheCoinTrust brokerage website for more details. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.


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