And Vibe crew showed this when they formed a group of 18 pre-teens aged from 10-15. Modeled around the format of the TikTok houses, made popular by influential groups like the Hype and sway houses, they are known for their dancing videos. When TikTok and Instagram influencers took the world by storm, it was the only thing people became obsessed with. In whichever direction you turn your head, you would see someone making a TikTok video or someone scrolling through the videos on their phone. And so started the fascination with the content-creation houses; people either want to join one or themselves want to start a new one. So while teens were creating the buzz with their dance moves, pre-teens thought, ‘why should adults have all the fun’ and joined them with double the sass.. You don’t believe me ?? have a look Since TikTok was the only thing people talk about, you definitely would have heard all the latest stories and updates. But somehow, if you have been busy and want someone to fill you up with all the juicy details.. I guess I am the one you were looking for. Though hype was the first content house to be formed, the Vibe crew LA became the first children content house.

What Is The Vibe Crew??

Vibe Crew is a children’s content creation TikTok house made up of eighteen popular young creators for creating viral content for the group while exploring their talents. The members’ age from 10 to 15 years, including both boys and girls. Most of them have appeared in some or the other shows, and you might recognize them once you get to know their details… All of them either have their special unique talents, such as dancing, singing, and acting, or have their own substantial social media platforms where they create amazing content for their fans every day. Who knew even kids’ life could be this fun..!! This social media collective is blowing up TikTok and Insta with catchy songs, iconic photoshoots, trending dances, and the bonds of friendships we’ve never seen before. Also, read The Wave House: Drama and Mystery Of Masks!!!

When Did The Vibe Crew Start..??

The Vibe Crew was started in 2020 at the beginning of August in LA. It was a group of 18 cute pre-teens, and who doesn’t loves kids?? They received love and admiration from all over the world. Within a few months, they have already gathered over 80 thousand Instagram followers, and 300 thousand TikTok followers. Woah, I remember when I was 12, I wasn’t even allowed to make an Instagram account..! They were best known for posting dance videos to their TikTok account vibecrewla Surprisingly, the group earned about 1 million views on an Aug 12, 2020, TikTok video where Merrick Hanna performed a solo dance. 

Where Is The Vibe House Located..?

The mansion and the base of this group is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. There is ample young talent in this house: while various members were contestants of the TV show Dance Moms, others are models, actresses/actors, and artists. The group isn’t focused on any one person, and in their videos, it is quite evident that they love making videos together. On multiple occasions, they have been spotted together hanging out casually or supporting each other. Their friendship is much more than a TikTok video or an Insta IG; unlike many other houses members, they actually enjoy each other company.

Members of the Vibe Crew

Following the trend and getting inspired by the teenagers, these little kiddies were not only talented but something extra-ordinary. Shortly after forming, the group had their first photoshoot, wearing matching school uniforms for the shoot. The whole world seemed to love these young creators and showered them with affection. All the kids became crazy with them and wanted to be one of them…

Who Are The Members Of The Vibe Crew..??

And get to know them personally- with their intriguing answers in a Girls’ Life interview.

1. Txunany

Age: 12 years  Birth date: March 23, 2009. Facts:

Txunany is known for her styling sense.She has a huge fanbase on social media platforms popular Youtube channel with astonishing 2.61 followers, Instagram as 3.2 million followers, and on TikTok 1.3million followers.She loves dancing and has started doing it professionally for the last three years.The first song she ever sang was “Let it Go” from “Frozen.”Her dream collab is Selena Gomez!

Also, read The Journey From ‘The House Nobody Asked For’ To “ The Ending Nobody Asked For” Describe yourself in 3 words: “Artistic, kind, honest.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “Do what makes YOU happy. Don’t change for anyone—the right people will like you for who you are.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “Boom Boom.”  Fun fact—“I’m a lefty!”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“We are all genuinely great friends. I remember when we were filming our Thriller video, I was partnered with Madison to dance and I totally blanked on my dance moves. It was so funny.” 

2. Lilly Ketchman

Age: 13 years Birth date: June 23, 2008 Facts:-

 Ketchman is a mixed genre dancer and is proficient in dance forms like ballet, contemporary, lyrical, jazz, tumble, and hip hopAppeared on various reality shows like Dance Moms in season six.Lilliana holds 1.6 million on Instagram, 1.6 million whopping followers on TikTok, and 1.28 million subscribers on her Youtube Channel Lilliana KetchmanThe first song she ever sang was “Royals” by Lorde and still remains her go-to song! Her favorite activity is skateboarding.Her favorite thing to do is hang out with friends and swim in the pool Lilliana is a brand ambassador model of Jo and Jax dance wears and Body Wrappers dancewear

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Funny, kind, active.”  Advice for readers? “Be yourself—you are perfect in your own way.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “Boom boom boom!”  Fun fact—“I love skateboarding.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“It’s so cool to get to hang out with friends and create fun content.

3. Enzo Lopez

Age: 14 years Birth date: 16 November 2007 Facts:-

Enzo is famous for being the brother of famous internet and Tik Tok star Addison Rae. He was inspired to begin his own career in content creation by his sister Known for the movie Chicken GirlsOne of his secret talents is cooking.His go-to pizza topping is pepperoni. And his favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.His favorite restaurant is Texas Roadhouse.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Kind, chill, respectful.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “Be the best you can be.”  Fave TikTok dance rn: “Renegade.”  Fun fact—“I collect Funko pops.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“It’s so fun when we get together as a whole squad.” 

4. Stefan Benz

Age: 15 years Birth date: September 26, 2006 Facts:-

Stefan is originally from South Africa!He released his debut song on his sister’s birthday on August 16th, 2019. And the first song he ever performed was “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars.He first started his youtube channel in 2019 on which he uploads different cover songsOne of his songs ‘Cool 4 Me’, was a massive hit and it became a number 1 hit in South Africa.He is the youngest artist in the history of ZA to have #1.His favorite restaurant is Flame Broiler.His secret talent is that he can move his eyebrows around

Did we get our next Justin Bieber..!!! Describe yourself in 3 words: “Responsible, funny, caring.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “You gain nothing by giving up, but open up a world of opportunities by pushing through.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.”  Fun fact—“I’m originally from Africa. English is my second language, Afrikaans is my first.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“I love being surrounded by big dreamers.”

5. Elliana Walmsley

Age: 14 years Birth date: June 23, 2007 Facts:-

Elliana can be recognized from “Dance Moms” seasons 6, 7, and 8; “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” and “Chicken Girls.”The versatile star is an actress, model, and dancer who features in Chicken Girls, and Boss Cheer.She is one of the popular young stars at the young age of just 13and holds 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 752 k followers on TikTok, and 92.3k subscribers on YouTube.She performed as a soloist with the Radio City Rockettes on the largest stage in the world!Her dream collaboration is with Youtube Gamer and Vlogger, Leah Ashe.Her secret talents are rock climbing and snowboarding.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Vivacious, understanding, unpredictable.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “‘The baby who doesn’t cry for the milk, won’t get it.’ From my grandfather. It taught me to always stay motivated and go after my goals. Dreams don’t come true without hard work.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “New Thang.”  Fun fact—“I am part Colombian.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“We all respect our individual projects and have developed lifelong friendships through our mutual respect.” Also, read The Clubhouse: All The Facts and The Updates..!!

6. Akira Akbar

Age: 14 years Birth date: October 2, 2006 Facts:-

She is featured in some of the popular movies & Tv shows such as Captain Marvel playing the role of Monica Rambeau & CBS’ Criminal Minds.Prior to her acting career, Akira was also a model. She has already modeled for some high-class brands like Levi’s and Nike.She studied ballet from ages four to nine.She’s very passionate about learning how to do hip hop!During quarantine, she’s kept busy by learning how to skateboard!

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Creative, laid-back, friendly.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “Never give up. Keep trying because you will succeed in the end!”  Fave TikTok dance rn: “Hit the Quan.”  Fun fact—“I can hear dog sirens.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“Everyone is so genuine and I love hanging out together. It’s always so much fun.” 

7. JD McCrary

Age: 14 years    Birth date: July 18, 2007 Facts:-

He is the voice behind Young Simba in the 2019 remake of the classic The Lion King.JD shares around 15 movie credits and two voice actor credits. Some of his popular movies are Atom (2014), Disney K.C. Undercover, Teachers (2017), Black Is King (2020), Little (2019), The Paynes (2018), I’m Dying Up, and so on.He has his own show, The Paynes, where he plays Kenny Payne. JD runs an interactive and fun-filled Youtube channel with 26.5k subscribers.He has previously performed at the Grammys!One of his first roles was in “K.C. Undercover” alongside Zendaya!He’s been teaching himself Japanese because he loves Anime! “My Hero Academia” is his favorite.His dream collab is Tori Kelly.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Humble, hardworking, happy.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “Dream big and never give up.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “I actually have a song on TikTok called What I Do.”  Fun fact—“I’m very shy.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“We are all friends, even outside of what you see on IG or TikTok. We love to group text.” 

8. Ava Kolker

Age: 14 years    Birth date: December 5, 2006 Facts:- 

The stunning Gen Z sensation Ava gained her stardom after her popular role in Scary Movie 5 released on April 11, 2013She also worked on popular TV series like Girl Meets World and Disney’s Sydney to the Max.She has three original songs on her YouTube Channel.In addition to her acting career, Ava has a super-fun fashion line called “Ava by Pol Atteu.”Her dream musicals to perform in are “Mamma Mia” or “High School Musical.”

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Loyal, hardworking, persistent.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “To stay the course and keep working toward your goals, even when you’re not experiencing success.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “New Thang by Redfoo.”  Fun fact—“I am training for my black belt in martial arts.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“Each member is so talented in their own right and we support each other. We’re so close already and we have each other’s backs. Everyone respects that I have to quarantine while Sydney to the Max is filming and they still include me as much as possible. They knew I was sad to be missing so many events, so they drove to my house, decorated my front lawn with Halloween decorations, and dropped off a basket of my favorite candy!”

9. Lexy Kolker

Age: 12 years    Birth date: August 17, 2009 Facts:-

The young sensation is an actress known for movies like Freaks, Shooter, and For Nothing.Lexy began her acting journey back in 2015 when she was just five years old.She also worked on season 5 of Marvel’s “Agents of Shield.”She gained prominence after her hit role in the action thriller “shooter” for playing the role of Mary Swagger, where she plays the role of Ryan Phillippe and Shantel VanSanten, daughter.She has around 138.7k fans on TikTok, 135.3k followers on Instagram, at such a young age.She was inspired by the cinema by her older sister Ava Kolker and wants to follow in her footsteps.Her all-time favorite fast food restaurant is Taco Bell

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Spunky, stubborn, passionate.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “I was taught by Bruce Dern to stay true to my vision of the character while acting and to follow my instincts. I think that’s good advice in anything you do—stay true to your convictions and instincts.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “Everybody Talks by Neon Trees.”  Fun fact—“I was the youngest girl to swim with dolphins underwater, never letting go, at the age of four.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“It’s such a cohesive group. Everyone has incredible talent that I admire so much. I was surprised that even though some people knew each other before joining Vibe Crew, there were no cliques. It’s grounded, fun, inclusive—one for all and all for one.”  Also, read The Sway House: All The Gossips and The Drama..!!

10. Evan Hernandez

Age: 15 years    Birth date: 2006 Facts:-

Alongside his sister Lexi, Evan started dancing professionally at eight.His favorite ice cream flavor is mint chip.His secret talent is that he’s really good at math.His biggest LOL on-set moment happened when he and his friends went outside for a break, and accidentally got locked out of the building!Evan’s favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Chill, athletic, crazy.” Best advice you’ve ever heard? “Believe in yourself. It might sound corny, but it’s true. You have to believe in yourself in order to push forward and achieve your goals.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “Do my dance.”  Fun fact—“I don’t know how to ride a bike.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“It gets super loud and crazy sometimes when we’re hanging out because we’re having so much fun all together.” 

11. IndiStar 

Age: 14years    Birth date: December 12, 2006 Facts:-

Indi Star is one of the creative and beautiful members of the group. she’s an actress, singer, dancer, and social media star She has a huge fan base with 542k followers on Instagram, 597.2k followers on TikTok Indi is famous for her roles like Henry Danger, My Haunted House, and Betrayed. Indi is also famous for some viral hit songs like ‘Just Might Dance’, and TikTok’s viral hit song Lulla Bye Bye.She loves skateboarding and gaming with her friends. She’s obsessed with spicy food and always puts sriracha on everything.She loves pineapple pizza!! Really? Okay, she’s not normal..!?!Her relationship with Walker Bryant is full of dramas, sacrifices, and of course heartbreaks. That’s why it has always been in the news.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Creative, kind, adventurous.” Advice for GL readers? “I know it’s hard, but try not to listen to the hate. People who hate on social media are just trying to bring you down, so you need to stay strong.”  Fave TikTok dance rn: “What’s Up Bre.”  Fun fact—“Ever since I was little, I always wanted to learn how to sew. Recently I got started and even made my own mask.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“I love making cool content, but especially love just hanging out and going to dinner with everyone. We have so much fun and create the best memories. It’s important to create that real bond so we have that chemistry when it’s time to make content together. We are all actually really close and I love that. We also love to play Among Us!” 

12. Walker Bryant

Age: 14 years    Birth date: September 26, 2006 Facts:-

As an actor, Walker holds credit for ten acting credits, which are mostly shorts movies like  Jack, The Plastic Man, Lauren Park; I Wrote This for You.He played Young Jack in “Station 19”.His fave ice cream flavor is cookies and cream.His dream role is to play a lead character in an action-based feature film. With those looks, I mean that’s definitely a possibility. C’mon do comment, what role you think will suit him. (I think something like mission impossible..!!)He’s popular with 972k followers on Instagram,768.9 k followers on TikTok and 799k subs on YouTube.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Funny, risk-taker, energetic.”  Advice for GL readers? “Never give up on your dreams.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “Anything by Juice Wrld.”  Fun fact—“I’m super ticklish.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“We are all good friends and love hanging out.” 

13. GiaNina Paolantonio

Age: 16 years    Birth date: June 10, 2005 Facts:-

She got her first taste of fame when she was recognized wile walking through Times Square before a two-show day during “Matilda” on BroadwayPaolantonio made her first broadway debut at nine years old with Mariah Carey.GiaNina is also popular for her lip-syncing and was a member of the Lip Sync Battle Shorties cast. Her go-to breakfast is a delicious bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.One of her secret skills is that she can play Fortnite for hours on end.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Genuine, loyal, fearless.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “Not everyone is going to like you and you have to be OK with that. Believe that anything is possible…and stay true to yourself in the process.”  Fave TikTok dance rn: “ALL OF THEM! I’m obsessed with TikTok.”  Fun fact—“I love playing Fortnite.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“I love that I’m making memories with my friends and documenting them so we never forget these fun moments in our lives.” 

14. Artyon Celestine 

Age: 14 years    Birth date: May 1, 2007 Facts:-

Artyon is known as a dancer and gymnast who began his career at the young age of just eight. At only 11 years old, this sensation knows many different styles of dances.He came to prominence after appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show in 2016 and featuring on Dancing with the Star Juniors.He is also noted for her debut on Steve Harvey.He’s also performed on “Dancing With The Stars: Juniors,” “America’s Got Talent,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “Little Big Shots,” “Lip Sync Battle Shorties,” the Billboard Music Awards, BET Awards, and in countless music videos!Artyon dreams to be in the Olympics one day which he shared on the Ellen show.His TikTok account consists of more than 39,000 followers. His favorite ice cream flavor is birthday cake.His secret talent is that he can do some hilarious voice impersonations.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Handsome, talented, funny.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “Stay ready so that you don’t have to get ready.”  Fave TikTok dance rn: “Hit the Quan.”  Fun fact—“I like to knit.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“We have so much fun every time we hang out, especially filming the Thriller video.” 

15. Corrine Joy

Age: 13 years    Birth date: 03 July 2007 Facts:-

She began dancing when she was six but before that, she was actually a gymnast!Like Enzo, her favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.Her dream is to be in a movie with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.Her favorite movies are “Mary Poppins” and “Forest Gump”!Her favorite animal is a duck.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Outgoing, loving, stylish.”  Best advice to give? “Always be yourself.”  Fave TikTok dance rn: “Earthquake!”  Fun fact—“I don’t like oranges.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“The group isn’t centered around any one person. We all have fun and like making content together.” 

16. Merrick Hannah 

Age: 16 years    Birth date: March 22, 2005 Facts:-

Merrick Hannah is a freestyle dancer who became famous after appearing in season 12 of America’s Got Talent. When he was 11-years-old, a video of him facing off in a dance battle went viral on Facebook and earned him a guest spot on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”Merrick began his professional acting career at age nine, performing Shakespeare. His two summer productions included “Much Ado About Nothing” and “A Winter’s Tale.”He has modeled for some of the international brands like G.A.P. Kids, H&M, and Honda.Merrick had made his mark on multiple reality TV shows, like “So You Think You Can Dance,” “America’s Got Talent,” “Lip Sync Battle Shorties,” and “Das Supertalent”!He has a large fan base on TikTok, with 2.3 million followers, 33k followers on Instagram, and 358k subscribers on YouTube.His funniest performance moment was when he totally forgot where to exit the stage, so he folded a curtain around him and stayed there for a whole live act..!! Haaha.. That was soo funny..!!!His guilty pleasure is eating olives. (I am not judging.. but seriously??)

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Dancing robot dude.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “Do what you love.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “Anything by Tiagz!”  Fun fact—“I’m an introvert.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“We had the best time rubbing our Halloween costumes in the dirt to zombie-fy them for our Thriller video. My shirt was disco polyester and the dirt would not stick to it no matter what I did! It was hilarious.”  Also, read The Hype House: All The Updates And The Inside Scoops..!!

17. Lexi Hernandez

Age: 13 years    Birthdate: May 23, 2008 Facts:-

Like Madison, Lexi has always been dancing and started doing it professionally at just six.If she could collab with any dancer, it would be Nick Demoura, who also choreographs for Justin Bieber!Once, while she was doing a live performance of “Cinderella,” they had a real pony pulling the carriage that accidentally pooped onstage! Lexi and her castmates had to keep going and dance around it!Her go-to fast food chain is Chick-Fil-A and her fave ice cream flavor is cookies and cream.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Serious, caring, confident.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “Don’t settle on being a version of yourself that other people want you to be. Stay true to yourself and proud of who you are.”  Fave TikTok sound rn: “Latch.”  Fun fact—“I can head spin.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“Even though we are different, we all get along and love and accept each other just as we are.” 

14. Madison Rojas 

Age: 12 years    Birthdate: January 28, 2009 Facts:-

Madison’s always loved dancing, and he’s been doing it professionally since he was five years old.When he’s not busy creating content, he’s definitely dancing.His dream collaboration is to dance with JustMaiko, AKA Michael Le!His favorite restaurant is Nobo in Malibu.

Describe yourself in 3 words: “Funny, curious, adventurous.”  Best advice you’ve ever heard? “Don’t despise the day of small beginnings. Zechariah 4:10.”  Fave TikTok dance rn: “The recent TikTok adaptation of Hit the Quan.”  Fun fact—“I have been studying art since I was six. My main mediums are watercolor, oil paint, charcoal and acrylic.”  Vibe Crew rocks bc…“I’m one of the youngest members, so everyone has passed on a lot of wisdom and advice. Creating dance projects like Indi’s music video, the Thriller vid, and learning Lexi’s choreography has all helped make me a stronger dancer.” 

The Vibe Crew Halloween

Vibe Crew and Halloween !! that’s definitely something I can be excited about..!! Recently, this Crew got into the -” Spooky Season Spirit and released a recreation of Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” dance routine. Wow, it is worth a watch.. Trust me when I say you don’t wanna miss this. Members of the Crew are seen transforming into terrifying zombies and putting together an artistic creative vision showcasing some of the most recognizable dance moves. Interesting.!! Isn’t it ?? have a look..

Vibe Crew LA Merch

You can’t vibe unless you have the perfect outfit to go with it.. But don’t you worry, the Vibe Crew have you covered with its ultra-cool Hoodies, T-shirts, Caps, and much more. Want to be a part of the Vibe hype? Get your Vibe merchandise… They are available on a number of platforms.. Like redbubble, bonfire, vibeaudio, and many others.

Vibe Crew Social Handles-

Tiktok- vibecrewla         Followers-  268.7k                   Instagram- vibecrew   Followers- 108k               Youtube- Vibe Crew Subscribers- 101k

What Actually Happened To The Vibe Crew..??

Is Vibe crew still a thing? Did the vibe crew end? What’s going on with Vibe Crew? What happened to the Vibe Crew..? All the fans are filled with these questions and yet no one to answer. Don’t worry, I’ll put you out of your misery- Though there has never been any official announcement, the vibe crew has faded out. They haven’t met together for so long..and have not posted anything recently. Their last post on Instagram is on 9 April 2021. Since many of the members had a lot going on in their personal lives, with all their shows, movies, and events, they couldn’t take responsibility for the group. Moreover, due to a large number of members, it was becoming too difficult to handle and organize. As a result, the group gradually faded, leaving everyone, including their members, in doubt about their future. So technically, the group hasn’t split but just moved on with their lives, with many of them still being in contact with each other and some making their way into Hollywood. Elliana, when asked about the group, said,” I don’t know, we haven’t met up in two months; I have no idea if it’s still a thing. If it is, I guess I’m technically in it, but it is just like fading out… there isn’t a vibe crew anymore.” There you go, someone officially said it, well unofficially, but that’s the end of it. No one knows if any change or development will occur in the future, but if it does, you know where to look.. Yesss…!! Right here, I know.. you are my favorite too..!!!

Wrapping Up

How easily people vibed with the Vibe crew is no mystery. The group had over 2,40,000 followers on TikTok in such a short period. They succeeded in almost everything, whether it was a matter of a viral dance, competing in challenge videos, or making trendy content. From normal audience to… Singers and directors, everyone became interested in these young talents. They indeed went through a fantastic journey, and we loved every part of it. Though it’s unofficially over, we still hope for a reunion or rejuvenation with the different cast. Let’s wait and watch.


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