Having an all-male member group sounds boring if you were in a school, but when you are in an unsupervised mansion, trust me, it’s something to be crossed off a bucket list. Time and again, we have seen the influence and the impact of male-oriented groups… Whether it was One Direction that captured every girl’s attention or BTS who captivated the heart of all the female audience, they all were loved by the audience. So how was it possible that these young boys could go anywhere without the girls swooning over them? We can all admit that looking at their TikTok videos and reading about all the latest drama in their lives has become our guilty pleasure. And if you are secretly creating fan stories about them, there is some information that can help you make your imaginary world…

What Is The Sway House?

Sway house is just like a TV set, full of photogenic background, creative props, complex dramas, and shirtless heavenly-looking boys living in a mansion. Okay, before we lose you to dreaming, let’s get to the facts- Sway house was the second content house created by TikTok influencers for making videos and promoting their handles. Initially, it was a 7,800 square-foot mansion located in Bel Air where a group of teenage boys lived and created content for their TikTok platform. But after some time, the members shifted from their Bel Air residence to a more private home in the Hollywood Hills. The house has become infamous for hosting a lot of parties that were attended by hundreds of people, including many VIPs.  Also, read How To Do Celebrity Look Alike On TikTok?

How Was The Sway House Created?

Bryce, who had 4.4 M followers on Tiktok, was fascinated by the Hype house, and in a journey of proving his worth, he led five other boys to a place where they could freely explore their creativity. Bryce Hall made a group of six content creators who were all apparently handsome… That’s a total coincidence..right?? And moved to a mansion named Sway house. In January 2020, TalentX Entertainment launched The Sway House, also known as Sway LA and Nick Bean took up the role of creative director of the group The members of the Sway house were successful in recreating ‘the college experience without the college’. What else could you expect? With a house full of teenage boys. 

Where Is The Sway House Located?

The residence is a 7,800 sq foot mansion located in Bel Air, in Los Angeles, California, which was initially occupied by six young TikTok creators known as “One Direction of TikTok.” The mansion contained six bedrooms and ten bathrooms because…well, Bcoz they can afford it. Zillow estimated the value of the house to be around nine million dollars.  Also, read 300+ Best Hashtags For TikTok To Get Likes

Members Of The Sway House

Although Sway House has the least number of members, it is still one of the fan-favorite with its delicious members like… Yes, I said delicious!!

The Hype House and Sway House Rivalry!?!

It is intriguing how much these influencers are invested in these social platforms. There is an unsaid tension between the two houses, whether it’s about posting videos, completing different challenges, or just about trending hashtags. There’s almost always something going on between them. Though they always refused to entertain any such gossip, it became evident in March when Josh and Bryce released “Still Scoftish,” a diss Track about Chase. The track dissed Chase for talking to other girls while he was in a relationship with Hype house member Charli D’Amelio. Later Bryce again called out Chase when he broke up with Charli declaring he treated her like “complete s**t.” So much for no drama! Well, who doesn’t love a power battle, especially when it involves angry young boys? Wait, if you thought that was the end?? you are in for a surprise. After some peaceful pretending months..when the two houses pranked their fans into believing that they were collaborating to make an SWYPE house, the drama between the two resurfaced. Chase tweeted that he had kissed Josh’s ex-girlfriend, Nessa Barrett, and Charli replied, claiming that Chase went to her house after that kiss. This led the whole Sway house to side on Charli’s side. On top of it, Chase made things worse by retaliating and exposing other influencers’ past relationships. After all the mess, Jaden got involved and confronted Chase, and convinced him to step down. Also, read Top 10 Male TikTok Influencers In The UK

Drama In The Sway House !?!

Sway house is famous for being an unrestrained group of TikTok boys who just can’t stay away from trouble. Whether it’s repeated fines, drug charges, subsequent criminal charges for constant overcrowded parties during a lockdown, or their own parties that went out of control, it seems as they are always up to something to get themselves into trouble. But whatever the case is, they always end up in the limelight; I guess this is why they say there is no such thing as bad publicity. In August, more drama surfaced when Addison, Bryce, and Eliza Minor engaged in controversy. A Twitter back-and-forth between them attracted a lot of gossips. Bryce again struck towards Hype house with a series of tweets slamming them. “Fk the Hype House… Full of lies and st a** content, literally the epitome of sc*m.” During a mid-pandemic road trip, Bryce and Jaden were also arrested on drug-related charges. Of course, this was bound to happen someday..duh !!

Why Did The Sway House End?

After all the lively entertainment and engrossing drama, the group finally disbanded in Feb 2021. They somehow felt that they have accomplished their goal and were ready to move on with their lives by then. Michael Gruen, the group’s co-founder, announced – “the group set out to shatter the preconceived notion of what it means to be a social media star. Sway is a lifestyle and a mission, and that’s something that will never change. But growth is important, and they are each going in their own directions now,” he adds. “It’s time to move on.” Also, the group member Johnson echoed the sentiments by saying that even after the split up, the group will always be bonded by their time together. Check out Reasons Why These 5 Countries Banned TikTok “We created a message that is actually bigger than ourselves; it’s become a mentality and lifestyle more than just a place where we will. It’s in our actions. It’s impossible to leave it behind.”  “We had this crazy amount of fame that just hit us really fast. And we had the typical LA time, where we just went wild, and we just decided we were over it. We were ready to make the pivot into something more.”

Sway Swaying Their Way Into a Facebook Series..

In case you were heartbroken and devastated by their breakup, well, it definitely felt like a breakup to me.. And somehow want them to be reunited magically, then hold on to your hopes because they are actually reuniting for a Facebook Watch series. This will show the viewers how days in a sway life feels like and will give you an inside scoop into the ‘brotherhood’ world.  Okay, you can do your happy dance now!!!

Sway House Handles

The so-called “ One-direction of TikTok” was successful in recreating ‘the college experience without the college’ and the house became a dream of every boy and the fantasy of every girl. The number of views and likes they were receiving made them famous on different platforms.

Tiktok-  theswaylaFollowers- 5.3M                             YouTube-  The Sway HouseSubscribers- 3.34K     Instagram – swaylaFollowers- 1.7M

Can I Get Into The Sway House..??

Yaa, you wish!! but sorry for the bad news, it cant happen probably because the group is disbanded, but even if it were still working, you wouldn’t be lucky enough…!!  Okay, sorry for being rude; this is just my devastated heart venting out my depressed feelings.

Wrapping Up

Being a part of the Sway house has been a dream of almost all the youth. Boys want in because their lifestyle seems like the American dream, and girls want in because.. well, do I even need to say..?? Boys, parties, mansion, videos… Is there anything else a girl wants? After all, why should boys have all the fun!?


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