Consequently, footballers who are skilled in scoring goals often get plaudits from fans, punters, and analysts. Most especially when they score regularly. They also influence the choices of punters play online betting with Paypal. In this article, we accompany Kate Richardson to find the best goalscorers to have played in the European men’s football international apex competition. Our author is a football expert for several years, and you can access her bio here.

The Best Goalscorers in European International Football

The international scene of European football may be regarded as a caste system. Only here teams are distinguished by the quality of their players. The better your attack and creative fold, the more goals you are likely to score. While a good team must balance attack and defense, the best form of defense is a formidable attack. And the consequence of a formidable attack is goals. Here are the top strikers and finishers to play in Euros since inception.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

This man’s name is now synonymous with goalscoring. As you probably guessed, CR7 is on the all-time list of the highest goalscorers in the Euros. He not only features but tops it as well. The Portuguese captain took his tally to 14 in the final group stage match against France at Euro 2020. Ronaldo is also the only man to have played in five Euro Championships.  He has a goals ratio of 0.56 per match with fourteen goals in 25 appearances. Cristiano Ronaldo currently tops the highest goalscorers list of Euro 2020 with five goals in four matches. That is soon to change, though, as Portugal has been eliminated from the tournament.

2. Michel Platini

The younger football generation may not be familiar with Michel Platini’s on-field goals. However, the former UEFA boss was a gem during his playing days. He scored the fastest hattrick in the competition back in 1984 – the only edition he played at. Platini bagged nine goals across five matches to ensure France went on to win the tournament on home soil. Another interesting fact about Platini is that he won three consecutive Balon D’or awards between 1983 to 1985. He also coached the Les Bleus for four years.

3. Alan Shearer

Newcastle fans will forever hold dear the moments they had with the greatest English player of all time. Alan Shearer featured in three Euro Championship campaigns for England, scoring in two. He played nine matches across both competitions and ranks third with a goal tally of 7. Shearer is also the highest goals scorer in the English Premier League history with 260 goals. He’s joint third with Antoine Griezmann, who also has seven goals in ten matches. Unlike Shearer, Griezmann still has an opportunity to increase his ranking at Euro 2020. 5. No, this isn’t a numbering mistake. As two footballers are tied in third, the following rank is fifth. However, this position on the ladder is even more challenging than the previous one. Interestingly, six footballers are tied on six goals each, making them all joint fifth when ranking Europe’s elite goalscorers.  The footballers are Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Nuno Gomes, Thierry Henry, Patrick Kluivert,  Wayne Rooney, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Nistelrooy made the fewest appearances of this group, with eight games. Fellow countryman Kulivert made nine appearances across three tournaments, though he only scored in two editions of it. In the same vein, nine footballers are tied at five goals. This demonstrates the abundance of goalscoring talent at every edition of the tournament. Of these nine, only Romelu Lukaku and Robert Lewandoski are still active footballers. On the other hand, only Romelu Lukaku and Antoine Griezmann are yet to either retire or be eliminated from Euro 2020. Given the ages of the players still in action, only Griezmann and Lukaku may set a new record.

Euro 2020’s Highest Goalscorers

Though staged in 2021, Euro 2020 is just entering its significant stages. Twelve teams remain in the tournament, in contrast to the twenty-four who qualified. The tournament’s top scorer and defending champions are out, thanks to Belgium. The Czech Republic is turning out to be a dark horse, defeating the Netherlands to advance to the quarterfinals. Cristiano Ronaldo leads the competition’s goalscoring chart, having scored five of Portugal’s seven goals at the Mundial. Patrick Schick is hot on his heels with four goals, and with the Portuguese out, the Czech striker will definitely fancy his chances. Schick is also tied with Ronaldo for the highest shots on target at Euro 2020. The only other players still in the running for the golden boot are Schick and Lukaku. Both strikers are tied on three goals each, so it will be an exciting time for punters. Schick is essential to the Czech’s chances of progressing, with the Bayern Leverkusen player scoring four of the team’s five. However, Belgium has a wide range of goal threats as Lukaku is responsible for only three of its eight goals in the tournament. Like any of these talented forwards, you can also set and score your goals at online betting with Paypal. Since your betting experience is only as good as the information you possess, it is essential to consult valuable resources like this page. You may also subscribe to the Mightytips blog for regular updates and reviews of betting sites. The best part? You get to exchange punting ideas and banter with fellow passionate football fans. Our goal is to make football as enjoyable as possible, and you should join us on this goalscoring journey.


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